Free-to-play PvP action game Kill Strain launches today for PS Plus members

Jump into San Diego’s asymmetrical multiplayer team shooter

Loading personal brief… Important release statement for Kill Strain – OUT TODAY FOR PLAYSTATION PLUS MEMBERS (And all other players on 19th July).

Welcome Merc! Let’s get you caught up on the action.

Since the Strain’s appearance, Chromacode has helped lead the way to new and exciting technologies and advancements in human genetics. As a preferred vendor of freelance security services, we’d like to extend an offer to work with other highly respected security personnel in one of our harvesting locations. As you know, there is always an element of danger from working in these areas, including the presence of contaminated assets, but Chromacode has the utmost confidence that you will help deal with this mission in an efficient, discreet manner.


This mission will take you to our secure facility in the Arctic. The attached reference should show you the locations in the facility that need to be secured. We need you to complete the following tasks:

  • Secure the miner and repair its harvester
  • Once the payload has been loaded into the ARCC canisters, deliver them to the processing station (also known as the drop-off) and secure this location
  • Deliver as many canisters to the station as you can

Prior to processing, these ARCC canisters can be volatile when exposed to the Strain. The energy created when they come in contact can be explosive. While Chromacode does not officially condone the use of ARCC canisters as IEDs, we understand that there can be… collateral damage.

Remember that we are in direct competition for this precious resource – you will no doubt encounter resistance from other mercenaries under the employ of different companies. It is your job to maintain the security of the drop-off location while harvesting.

During this mission, it is also likely that you will encounter contaminated individuals at the arctic location. Do not come into physical contact with them and do not allow them to drag you (or any other contracted Chromacode Personnel) into the Strain. We do not know the full impact that this has on human tissue when exposed at this level. In the event that you are in any way compromised, Chromacode will disavow any knowledge of your presence or involvement in the recovery process.


In the course of recovering our resources, you are allowed to engage the competition and any contaminated individuals that present a risk. We trust that you will use your best judgement in engaging the enemy.


As usual, compensation will commensurate with the completion of Chromacode tasks and bonuses are paid to those who complete secondary objectives. These will be transferred digitally to your account. As part of your compensation package, you have been given access to our mastery and augment store, accessible in your WISP interface. You can use these great products to enhance your effectiveness in the field!

Good luck, Merc!

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Hey, I didn’t unlock siphon.


Me either, can only choose Diesel (whom I bought)…


This is one of the most horrendous games I’ve ever played. Screen tear is driving me crazy. Gameplay is terrible and it is terribly unbalanced.


You need to play Hawken, really surprised that got past Sony’s QA.

dee4life4444 13 July, 2016 @ 11:19

Thought that I would hate this but it’s actually really addicting. I do think that it is very difficult to defeat the strain and I am not sure that I will ever do it….

Katana_Strikes 13 July, 2016 @ 12:02

Is there only 1 map? I played the beta a good few times too and it’s the same map over and over. That can’t be right surely??

Other than that I think it’s a canny game but severely limited if there’s only one map. I kind of feel bored of it already now.


There are some nice ideas but matches are a bit long, the infecting Merc team is a nice touch. Just overall it feels a bit samey.

Siphon has not unlocked for me?

Game is fun enough but only has one map, and most teams are currently made up of multiples of the same character. I played for around 2 hours and have around 2400 silver coins, but it is 6000 for the next character I want and I only got to 2400 because of the match boosts, now silver coins has slowed right down to a crawl (only got 70 in my last, admittedly poor, match!)

Winning doesn’t seem to get you anything, just a premature ending to the game. The graphics aren’t great and frame dips and tears are quite common.

I’d like to support the game, but think the community will drop off rapidly.

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