#PLUSMOMENTS July challenges are available now!

Find out which players won big last month in the PS Plus competition

PlayStation Plus members submitted hundreds of videos for June’s #PLUSMOMENTS challenges. A big thank you to everyone who took part and, of course, congratulations to all our competition winners below!

GameChallenge #PositionPSN IDs
Uncharted 4#down1wardragon989
FIFA 16#volley1TipTup360
CoD Black Ops III#head1eddy3535

We’ll be reaching out to all the winners shortly with details on how to claim your prizes, so watch out for an email from us.

In July, we’re throwing down the gauntlet to Overwatch, Destiny and DOOM players with a brand-new selection of prizes, including Overwatch Collector’s Editions and 5000 Destiny Silver! All July’s challenges are available now, so what’re you waiting for? Blow us away with your best performance in any of the following:

GameChallenge 1 hashtagChallenge 1 detailChallenge 2 hashtagChallenge 2 detailChallenge 3 hashtagChallenge 3 detail
Overwatch#ITSHIGHNOONShare your best action with an Offense hero#HEROESNEVERDIEShare your best action with a Support hero#GETBEHINDMEShare your best action with a Tank hero
Destiny#DestinyHeadshotBest headshot in crucible#DestinyGrenadeBest grenade kill in crucible#DestinySuperBest use of a super in crucible
DOOM#DOOMAIRBest kill while in the air in online multiplayer#DOOMMULTIBest multikill in online multiplayer#DOOMREVENANTBest revenant kill in online multiplayer

To enter, simply share your clips on Youtube using the PS4 ‘Share’ button. Make sure to include the hashtag ‘PLUSMOMENTS‘ and the individual challenge hashtag, separated by a comma, in the tags section. You’ll also need to include your PSN ID.

If, for example, your clip is for the ‘Best kill while in the air in online multiplayer‘ in DOOM, you’ll need to tag your YouTube clip will the hashtags ‘#PLUSMOMENTS, #DOOMAIR‘. Please be aware that #PLUSMOMENTS is only open to PlayStation Plus members in the UK.

If you don’t have these games, don’t worry: PLUSMOMENTS will be featuring different titles every month and you’re welcome to share clips from any online multiplayer game to the site for the rest of the UK to see, whether they are your best bits or your funniest fails.

Head to for more details and to check out the competition.

Get gaming with PlayStation Plus and share your clips!

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madmanwithabox12 19 July, 2016 @ 11:09

Big competition last month? First I’ve heard of it. And of course it’s only mainstream PS4 games.

It was posted on here a couple of times and sent out to all subscribers by email.

QuietlyWrong 19 July, 2016 @ 11:47

You should compile all the winning videos into a single presentation video. People will be more likely to watch one video than hunting down all 25. (Or is there one that I’ve failed to spot?)

Jacko_the_lad 19 July, 2016 @ 14:18

I don’t even know what video I won for. :D

PS Plus is not just about competitive FPS’s, please don’t make this the focus in the future.

“Please be aware that #PLUSMOMENTS is only open to PlayStation Plus members in the UK.”

Oh that’s why I didn’t see it before, only UK? Huh.
Well doesn’t matter much.
Make a blog for UK, this is eu blog. I don’t see you post the specific competitions that PS DK has made in the past, I only know about them because I follow them on Facebook.

Either make this a blog to include everything from every country, or only stuff that is relevant to everyone. That’s my opinion.

Twinkling82 20 July, 2016 @ 00:39

Agreed. Feeling pretty [DELETED] off every time I see a competition for limited customers, when PS surely would be able to send out the codes and merch to people in whole europe if they wanted to be inclusive. If they didn’t want to send out merch, then a code plus some lootboxes for Overwatch would suffice as a prize in case I would win and not live in the UK.


We are supposed to live in an age were the world should be closer together, however that’s not reality.

We see it way too often with Sony’s competitions they exclude countries, maybe because of laws in the country. That could be a fair reason.
However in this type were they choose to only do it in 1 country and then announce it on the blog belonging to the entire eu then it’s like putting others down. Send an email to those members of said country don’t announce it on a blog belonging to tons of other countries as well.

Would it not make more sense for the challenges to be for the games given away on plus this month?

Has anyone of the winners got an email yet? I haven’t.

SplinterQuake 24 July, 2016 @ 11:01

Me neither.

When will the winners be drawn and where can we find out who won?

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