Samurai action RPG Nioh gets a second demo next month

Return to Team NINJA’s dark-fantasy world from 23rd August

Hi everyone! Back between 26th April and 5th May, Team NINJA released the alpha demo to give you the first glimpse into the world of Nioh. In just 10 days, over 850,000 gamers around the world took up the challenge and we collected valuable feedback through an online survey. Team NINJA team has read through the feedback and is working on improvements to the game.

Today, we’re happy to reveal that the second downloadable demo will be available for download and play via PlayStation Store from 23rd August until 6th September! After this period, download and play of the demo will be disabled.


Within the beta demo more of the rewarding (yet dangerous) gameplay from the alpha will be present. A new dojo stage will feature an intense training session which teaches the basics of Nioh’s fast paced combat system. Players will also be able to explore a yet to be announced stage. A selection of new Katana, Spears, Axes and Hammers will be available to collect to uniquely suit their gameplay style.


Nioh follows the tale of the first western Samurai, William Adams, and his journey to Japan, players will discover a deep, enticing world enriched with lore. They will face daunting and overpowering creatures, and have to learn how each fights to successfully defeat them, with rewarding gameplay which will encourage them to learn their enemies’ tactics to gain the advantage in battle.


The protagonist, William, is not alone against the perilous Yokai – he will be accompanied by a diverse cast of characters which will aid him on his travels across Japan. Hanzo Hattori, the head of the ninja clan retained by Ieyasu Tokugawa, is William’s guide through the country.


Ginchiyo Tachibana (wife of Muneshige, the head of the Tachibana clan), also helps William on his quest with her skilled fighting abilities. she has her own Raiken as a guardian spirit, creatures which control the element of Thunder, that come together to perform a devastating special attack.

Scheduled for launch in 2016, Nioh is in development exclusively for PS4. For more news and more information about Nioh, please follow the official Facebook Page:


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GrumpyMcGrump 19 July, 2016 @ 15:33

cant wait :) already looooved the first demo :3

Chin Soon Sun 21 July, 2016 @ 15:33

Thanks! Less than 5 weeks until the beta demo comes out :)

Hype! Always happy to get a new difficult game and the first alpha demo felt really promising. Of course it also helps its a Team Ninja/KT game :P Cannot wait!

Chin Soon Sun 21 July, 2016 @ 15:32

Thank you for your support Rawanz :)

No, thank YOU Chin and the KT team for keep pushing these games out here! ♥

DevaizterISR 19 July, 2016 @ 15:44

Will the players get a 2nd chance of obtaining “The Mark of the Conqueror”? For those who didn’t managed to get it in the Alpha Demo?

yeah that would be great if we could….I mean some of us not only needed more time to manage but didn’t have time to do it.

GrumpyMcGrump 19 July, 2016 @ 23:45

that would kinda devalue it :P

Can’t wait to play this again played the last demo to death. Also are you folks gonna do a collectors edition like Dark souls did? also why not do a Beserk game in Dark souls style instead of the lame Dynasty warriors hack and slash your making.

Chin Soon Sun 21 July, 2016 @ 15:34

Both are by different teams.

For the Collector’s Edition, we don’t know it yet.

dark_angel69 19 July, 2016 @ 17:15

I really enjoyed the first demo so I’m looking forward to the second! Didn’t get to spend enough time in the first so I’m a bit confused with the co-op. I got as far as having a random player joining me but what I was hoping for was to play with my own friend. Is that possible at all in the game? Would it be possible in the second demo?

Chin Soon Sun 21 July, 2016 @ 15:34

Here’s the list of the improvements that you can expect:

GoldenBobbyOlden 19 July, 2016 @ 18:51

Can’t wait to have at this again. Loved the alpha

F me sideways I’m still recovering from the alpha.
Oh well another demo to play >10 hours of. Ho hum.

Onimusha’s spiritual successor, no thanks to Capcom and their ridiculous obsession with Resident Evil. Thank god for Team Ninja.

Really looking forward to this game, think it’s gonna be a hit. Have a question though; can I play as Ginchiyo Tachibana for the whole game? She looks way cooler than William.

Chin Soon Sun 21 July, 2016 @ 15:31

Ginchiyo Tachibana will be assisting you on your quest. :)

Really enjoyed the alpha demo and can’t wait to get my hands on the second demo! <3 Thanks so much!

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