“Self-inflicted bullet hell” shmup Laser Disco Defenders hits PS Vita next week

And there’s a PS4 version to follow in the coming months

Hey PlayStation players, my name is Alexander Birke and over the last year I’ve been developing Laser Disco Defenders. The core mechanic? It’s self-inflicted bullet hell! Each laser beam you fire in the game stays in the level, so you have to stay on your toes if you want to succeed in taking down the evil Lord Monotone and his minions.

I’m happy to say that Laser Disco Defenders will launch first on PS Vita on 26th July and will launch later this year on PlayStation 4. There is Cross Buy between the two versions.

Laser Disco Laser DiscoLaser Disco


We had a lot of fun coming up with enemies that fit with the game’s groovy ’70s music and pulp sci fi aesthetic. Here are some of the baddies you will face in the game.

Chord Choppers

A not too bright enemy that will chase you down with his keytar axe and try and chop you to pieces like a broken piano. They are easily dealt with but since each shot you fire stays in the level you need to be strategic about when you take these guys out.

Laser DiscoLaser Disco


Trumpet Troopers

Originally made by Monotone to play the backing tracks on his nefarious music, they also guard his lair. They also seem to suffer from a permanent cold but instead of blowing their nose they prefer to blow lasers at whatever moves. If left alone too long, they can quickly fill an entire room with lasers!

Laser DiscoLaser Disco


Laser Lancers

One of the hardest enemies in the game, these robotic knights use their LP shields to block incoming lasers. When they are blocking, their visibility will be reduced – use this to your advantage!

Laser DiscoLaser Disco

It’s important to note that while we are still developing the PS4 version, I may make some changes or additions that will be released for PS Vita as an update in the future. If you’d like to leave any feedback after playing the PS Vita version get in touch with me in the comments below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

Laser Disco Defenders will feature a significant sale for its first week of launch so hurry up and get it while it lasts! I’m looking forward to seeing how you take on these minions and see the high scores you can rack up.

Laser Disco Laser DiscoLaser Disco
Laser DiscoLaser Disco


2 Author replies

A bullet hell on Vita first? That’s so rare to see. Good to see some developers do release a vita version of their game before the PS4 version!

Depending on the price I might bite just for the Vita version. Also it looks kinda awesome with the artstyle. Not to forget it’s bullet hell game. We don’t get enough of them!

Alexander Birke 20 July, 2016 @ 17:19

Happy you are excited about the game. I’m looking forward to have people play it :)

HomessaHomem 20 July, 2016 @ 15:15

Good news for my Vita!

Anthopatate 21 July, 2016 @ 02:59

I have a question because I’m very interested about this game. If I buy the ps vita version, would I have the ps4 version for free several months later (crossbuy)?

reel_big_kris 21 July, 2016 @ 08:42

Hi! I’m the producer/product manager for the game (I don’t have a fancy Sony log in at the moment, but I’m sure Alexander will come back soon to confirm the below)

If you buy the PS Vita version now, you will be given the PS4 version for free via Cross buy when it launches. Thanks for your interest! :D

All the best,

Alexander Birke 21 July, 2016 @ 09:22

Yup just to confirm what Chris says is true :)

Anthopatate 25 July, 2016 @ 00:07

Thanks for your answer :-D I will buy your game on my vita when it launches!


Thanks for supporting Vita with this awesome game


Thanks for the Vita love, guys! Really looking forward to playing this on the OLED next week! I’m sure it’ll look double gorgeous!

Yeyyy vita games :D

This actually looks so good. I don’t often impulse-buy brand-new indies, but I might bite for this one in particular.

jwserunjogi 24 July, 2016 @ 19:19

I’m gonna pick this up. Like the character diversity.

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