Tricky Towers brings frenetic multiplayer action to PS4 on 2nd August

Watch the developer livestream on 4th August for a taste of what to expect

Hi everyone, Niels from WeirdBeard here. We have some exciting news! Tricky Towers will be released on PS4 on 2nd August, and to celebrate we’ll be doing a livestream to show you all the game and answer any burning questions you might have.

We’ve been quite busy over the last year both developing and showing Tricky Towers off at events around the world. We’ve had a great response from players – we really enjoy engaging with gamers and being able to talk about the game and the work that has gone into it. Livestreaming seems like a natural step for us to take, and it allows us to show you Tricky Towers and answer your questions no matter where in the world you happen to be based!

The livestream event will take place on 4th August at 7.00pm BST/8.00pm CET. You can already register for it via Events in the PS4 menu – make sure you’ve connected your Twitch account so you’re ready to send in questions when the stream starts.

For those who need a bit of a refresher – Tricky Towers is a physics-based tower building game. Using tetromino bricks you must build a tower higher, faster and better than your opponents. You can also cast magic spells to either stabilise your own tower or sabotage those of other players. When your tower is swaying and magic spells are flying thick and fast you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, cheering and jeering along with your friends!

We’ve added quite a bit to Tricky Towers since our last blog post. There’s now a whole new mode called Puzzle which is all about fitting as many bricks as you can below a destructive laser line. Smart building wins over fast building in Puzzle mode, so if you’re looking for something a bit more zen then this is the mode for you.

Along with that we’ve added different difficulty levels for all three modes, online and offline (local) multiplayer, a huge number of single player trials and a single player endless mode where you can compete with players around the globe for the top score.

We’re really looking forward to releasing Tricky Towers on PS4 and letting you all in to play. See you in the livestream on 4th August!

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Brilliant aha




I can’t remember which platform i played Tricky Towers on (It’s been a while) ! But i am looking forward to picking this up as part of PS Plus. :D


Yeah, me too ☺.


This does look like a spiritual successor of sorts. You were probably playing this one on your phone



Yep that’s the one! Same game just a different name. Thank you for jogging my memory :D


oohhh.. local multiplayer! Say no more.


99 Bricks the PS4 version :D

Honestly: Im really looking forward to giving this a go, not so much for any single player gameplay but more because the multiplayer can be played online! Something a lot of couch-multiplayer games seem to forget to add (looking at you Overcooked!)

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