Darkest Dungeon creeps onto PS4 and PS Vita on 27 September

Will your brave party of adventurers survive the horrors lurking below?

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”
― Albert Camus

Ruin has come to our family… and the terrible task of restoring your estate to its former glory falls to you. It brings us great pleasure to finally announce the upcoming release date for Darkest Dungeon for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita: 27th September 2016.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic turn-based dungeon crawler about the psychological stresses of adventuring. It draws heaps of inspiration from classic tabletop RPG experiences. Heroes are human, and Darkest Dungeon will push them to their very breaking points. It’s only under great duress that true heroes are born. Success isn’t guaranteed and many adventurers are likely to die along the way. However, with equal parts planning, strategy, and ruthlessness, you will conquer the horrors below!

Since we last gave an update on Playstation Blog, we’ve added even more content to the game that will be included for release. The Stagecoach is brimming with new hero classes (15 in all) who will find themselves at the Hamlet for redemption, glory, or fortune. Over 40 different Town Events add variety to your campaign… including a chance encounter with the nefarious Vvulf and his Bandit Raiders, who seek to destroy the Hamlet.

On September 27th, we finally get to share years of hard work and passion with players on Playstation.

Darkest Dungeon

The game will feature both Cross Buy and Cross Save – meaning you’ll buy once and share your Estate between your PS4 and your PS Vita.

PlayStation Plus members can also expect a 20% discount off the game, and pre-Orders will start for European customers this week.

Be sure to keep your eye on Playstation Store and prepare yourselves, because there can be only madness…in the Darkest Dungeon!

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Super excited to play this on my vita. Hope the port is good.

cross buy AND cross save AND 20% off for ps plus users?!? YEAAAAAS

howboutthisthen 03 August, 2016 @ 16:25

Perfect for Vita, but cross-save is still really cool.

LieutenantFatman 03 August, 2016 @ 16:29

Excellent, this looks really good. Always nice to have cross buy and cross save, nicely done! Will definitely play this on my Vita.

Finally Vita!! Any news on the KS rewards?

YES! Sweet baby jesus, been waiting for this announcement. <3 Can't wait to play it on my vita, thank you!



WitheredBlossom 03 August, 2016 @ 18:50

My Vita AND PS4 have both been waiting for this a looooong time. Cannot come out soon enough. Looking forward to playing it in September!

Thank you for not only bringing it to the Vita but have it release with the PS4 (same date!!!) with all the cross function goodness. It’s a fantastic game and I’m looking forward to have it portable.

It’s refreshing to have this happen instead of a Vita version delayed and then no one says anything about it.

noodleboy1972 03 August, 2016 @ 19:31

Been looking forward to this since it was announced.Thanks for sticking with the Vita.Few other indie companies gave up on us.(Isaac afterbirth and don’t starve)

I played the Beta when I was visiting a friend and oh man… This game is so freaking GOOD. I couldn’t put it down, sinking hours upon hours even though I had limited time available. I’m pre-ordering for sure!


You bring the Vita port out day one like you promised……. I’m gonna have to reward that with a day one purchase! Thank you <3

VERY excited for this. Been waiting for more news on this one. So glad it’s for Vita, and even better that cross-play. Well done guys!


Awesome news! I’ve been waiting for this Vita version of Darkest Dungeon for the longest time, but not too much longer to wait now. Day one purchase for me :)

[NOTE]: Like others have mentioned above, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for bringing us the Vita version alongside the PS4 release. As far as many Vita gamers are concerned, that in itself is deserving of a day one purchase!

Thank you for keeping your promise. Day one buy. ;) What an awesome game for the Vita, and cross save/buy + 20% is the cherry on top.


Nice! I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you for PS Vita-version! I can’t wait to play this game in my bed, in the dark!

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