PS4’s 4.00 beta starts tomorrow – get a sneak peek at upcoming features

Folders, new UI, updated menus, Trophy changes and new personalisation options

Our beta for PS4’s upcoming 4.00 update, codenamed ‘Shingen’, rolls out tomorrow for everyone included in the public beta program. If you signed up and were selected, be on the lookout for an email with instructions on how to download.

Whether you’re in the beta or not, we wanted to give everyone a glimpse at some of the new features of this system software update. 4.0 will allow you to personalise your PS4 experience and enjoy a more streamlined interface with new ways to connect and share – we’re refreshing the system UI, adding Folders, updating the Quick Menu, and much more.

UI refresh

We’ve made a lot of adjustments and improvements to PS4’s main UI. That includes a range of changes, like revised pop-up notifications, updated system icons and new system backgrounds to choose from. As a whole, it all adds up to a more refined and easy to use UI.

Quick Menu

As you know, pressing and holding the PS button on Dualshock 4 brings up the Quick Menu. We’ve overhauled this menu to make it faster and easier to use. One big change is that the menu now only covers a portion of the screen, meaning you don’t need to leave gameplay entirely.

While still offering a range of feature options such as viewing trophies for the game you are playing, you can also customise the Quick Menu to add shortcuts for the features you want immediate access to. For instance, you can add Online Friends to your Quick Menu that will show the online status of your friends, as well as shortcuts to your Favourite Groups and Communities and lots more.

Share Menu

We’ve given a similar overhaul to the Share Menu, which appears once you press the Share button on Dualshock 4. Like the Quick Menu, it only covers a portion of the screen. It will save the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots to and allow you to share screenshots directly to a Community wall, making the process of sharing a screenshot or video a bit faster and more streamlined

You can also upload longer video clips to Twitter (was 10 seconds, now up to 140 seconds).

Folders and Library Organisation

One of the big requests we get from you is for more options to organise content on PS4. With this update, we’re adding functionality to create folders on PS4’s content launcher and library. This will help collect your favourite games and select apps in one place for quick and easy access.

We’re also making some pretty big changes to the Library. We’ve added a new tab called Purchased Content, which will show all of the content you own while your main library will only show content that is currently installed on your PS4. If you’ve downloaded a lot of games, demos, and game betas over the years, this should really help de-clutter your Library.

There are some new sorting tools for your Library as well allowing you to sort content by purchase date or install status. Also you can search for specific games and apps via text input.

Trophy Improvements

This update brings the ability to view Trophies offline. You’ll see a new ‘offline mode’ option if your system is unable to connect to the network, letting you view your entire trophy collection without an internet connection.

We’ve also added a button that will let you reveal the content of a Hidden Trophy. The trophy will still be hidden by default, but you can now choose to show the trophy name and info.

Lastly, we’re changing the icons that show how rare a trophy is. Instead of four boxes that fill, the icon looks like a pyramid with the ultra-rare trophies at the top.

User Profile

We’ve updated the look of the User Profile, making it easier to see relevant info for a player at-a-glance. For instance, you can now see your trophy progress compared with another player right from their profile. You can also add a background image to your own profile selected from the screenshots you took in your favourite games.

The 4.00 update has even more features that won’t be available in the beta, so stay tuned for additional info on what to expect. We’ll be back with more info on 4.00, including its launch date, in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy the beta and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

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Whoop Whoop Folders!!!!

GrimReaper6116 15 August, 2016 @ 14:37


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! #Folders

Good news. Hooe it all works as planned!

DaddysHere_4_U 15 August, 2016 @ 13:08

When will usernames be able to be changed?


There’s always one.

I can see why you would be wanting that service, Daddy…

CoolRichy007UK 15 August, 2016 @ 15:29

Not gonna happen:!!

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This update is most welcome.

Folders and longer Twitter videos is pretty much all i had hoped for in the next update, especially the 10 sec twitter videos has bothered me for the longest time. Glad to see it improved!

Neo, FW 4.0, BF1, Last Guardian, Persona V, GR2, Cod4 Remastered, GT Sports, FF XV HOLLY [DELETED] SONY JUST STOP!


Half the stuff you mentioned have nothing to do with Sony, also it’s Holy, not holly and you are allowed to swear on the internet

Sounds like a lot of much needed improvements which is a nice change from previous updates which have been focused on adding social features. Now we just need the most requested feature of all time – username changes!

Finally folders, still missing status updates on user profiles though. Like the last time somebody logged in and showing non gaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YT, PS store. Thry have it on the PS3 and vita.

This sounds like an incredible update.
Great work and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

More players in the party , please

Looking at these features, I think it is an amazing major update, and you guys say the actual thing will have even more features?!
Man, I can’t wait for it to be released!!!


“Got something to say ?” of course ! how can I get this 4.00 beta


Too late. Sign-up was ages ago, [DELETED]

Gamesgbkiller 15 August, 2016 @ 13:19

Is this REAL ? Finally, 140 seconds video on Twitter!!!!!

Looks like a great update! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!


Excellent. I’m getting a strong feeling the update will be released on September 7th. Same day as Playstation Meeting and will finally announce changes to names as well as other features in advance of the Neo. Excited!


Please have namechange, lol. Mine needs a good changing.


Looks promising.


This is a genuinely good update, fair play


Sad that there is no audio improvement to transcode DTS to Dolby digital on the fly. PS3 did it :'( #sonos #playbar #owned

Will be nice to try out the folders, but wow, we seem to get more than expected. Really looking forward to trying out all the features tomorrow :)


Yeah, FINALLY FOLDERS!!! Really guys, how was this not a thing to have from the get go? But I don’t hold grudges xD

Now the only thing keeping my PS4 from being superior to the PS3 is having Videos storable right on the console, but since I dont see that ever coming in the age of streaming (which I dont hate, but I still prefer a 100% uninterruptable quality experience when watching stuff), the PS3 will probably live forever under my TV xD

Sounds like we’re finally getting a useable UI. Hopefully it will let me hide all the paid TV apps that clutter my screen that I don’t even have installed. Now just need a way to change the usernames and we’re finally catching up to all the other game services out there.

This update is Very good

Looks good but I really would like 2FA to be implemented soon

Still no Videochat :( Skype or OovoO when?!?


Skype is owned by Microsoft. It will never happen.

And before you ask, It was already on Vita before Microsoft bought it.


NoaxDieHard, Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, the Vita didn’t even launch until 2012!


Great news! Can’t wait for this

I want to see how many hours I have spent in some games :(


Yes even I want

ThroughTheIris56 15 August, 2016 @ 13:42

Sounds great, thank you for finally getting round to this.

I still miss that it can playback my old audio cd’s…….

Looks like a good update. One thing that is still missing is the ability to sort trophies alphabetically. This was available on PS3 and it was so much easier to find the game in your trophy list. Will this be implemented in a future update?

Sweet, this looks like a great update

uss-star-trek-en 15 August, 2016 @ 13:59

do we know when the cross platform will happen

Allow us to put are trophy list in alphabetical order ^_^

PRAISE THE LORD!(or SONY) :D Custom Folders at last :P I have been waiting 3 years for that so COOL :P + View Trophies off-line is cool to. Nice 1 SONY ;) Now if SONY could make the PS4 read different types of external hard drives to then that would be cool to.

Lord__Harding 16 August, 2016 @ 16:02

Thanks for the praise. I deserve it.

And the Lord said; it is very good.

I never knew I needed that 140s Twitter clip, but now I know :O

Still no way of using external hdd for installed games so more of the delete game to install a new one.


I like everything i hear but the whole quick menu taking up a bit of screen sounds really pointless it’s not like you can control the game when your in the menu and i get the feeling it’ll look really ugly like that too hopefully not though

Nothing that makes me wet myself.

How about audio CD’s being compatible with ps4?

On a side note, and I know it’s got nothing to do with FW…a search function for the store’s download list would be appreciated. If that list contains a lot, it get’s a pain in the behind to find something, especially when it already got delisted from the store, like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Vita (which I only yesterday realized was gone from the store). And on ps3 it’s beyond behind-pain, it’s nigh impossible.

damienmcnugget 15 August, 2016 @ 14:31

I’m with you, plus one on the download list search function!

we should be able to play some ps3 titles on ps4 like old call of dutys and stuff like that

How about a update to the PS Vita UI Sony ;)

Update sounds great.

Any chance of using trophy icons as avatars at some point in the future?

Folders – finally!

I’ve been wanting, and complaining about this since first buying a PS4. It was always a no brainer and I have no idea why its taken so long. Thanks for finally listening to everybody requesting this.


Folders was all I ever wanted! Thank you for finally adding this feature! The other features sound cool too – great update!


Excellent, hopefully the headphones that doesn’t mute the TV entirely could also be something in works.


I want this so much! My PlayStation Wireless Headset becomes useless when I’m streaming with a dedicated capture card. (and vice-versa).

Please, Sony, give us this option.


aww amazing from you guys thank you a lot for the 4.0

damienmcnugget 15 August, 2016 @ 14:29

YAY!! Folders and customising the quick menu! :D Some good news indeed! :D:D:D

GrimReaper6116 15 August, 2016 @ 14:31


They didn’t mention trophy organising in alphabetical order etc but I hope they put that feature in aswell just like the ps3 ui did it. It was better than now.

JediKnight246 15 August, 2016 @ 14:43

Great update. I like the addition of folders and the changes to the library. Also offline trophies are good to have since it makes the PS4 less reliant on an internet connection.


“view Trophies offline” – That ONE off my list:


But the big question remains when will the update be rolling out ?

It literally says “Tomorrow” in the title. Unless you mean non-beta

GrumpyMcGrump 15 August, 2016 @ 17:05

the beta usually last for about a month

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