Introducing the Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor

Now you can connect a PS4 controller to your PC or Mac

The Adaptor – available from 15th September, allows you to connect a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to your Windows PC or Mac via Bluetooth. Simply insert the Adaptor into a USB port on your computer and then follow a quick pairing process to connect your controller.

Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor

You can then enjoy wireless play with compatible applications – such as PlayStation 4 (PS4) Remote Play, with access to all the same great DUALSHOCK 4 features and functionality*: buttons, analogue sticks, touch pad, light bar, motion sensors, vibration, and stereo headset jack.

You can then start streaming your PS4 games to a PC or Mac – so you can keep on playing, even when you’re away from the TV.

Dualshock 4 USB Wireless AdaptorDualshock 4 USB Wireless AdaptorDualshock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor


The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and Adaptor are also compatible with the PlayStation Now subscription service on Windows PC, available on 24th August in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands.

Players can download the PlayStation Now app to gain instant access to an ever-expanding library of over 300 classic PlayStation 3 titles, streamed straight to your computer.

Introducing the Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor

Find out more about the DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adaptor here.

* DUALSHOCK 4 functions subject to application and game support.

Availability of the DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adaptor will vary by country, so please check with your local retailer.

You may also be able to use the Adaptor and DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with some Windows PC/Mac games, but we cannot guarantee compatibility.

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Price? Also why is it so damn long???

$25 according to US PS blog so i’m guessing it will be 25€ (25£?)

Won’t be paying £25. Would rather use a cable if it’s going to be that much!

GrumpyMcGrump 24 August, 2016 @ 00:10


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Nice! Any word on price for the wireless adapter? Hope this works with most/all of my controller compatible PC games too!

Is PS Now coming to Mac as well?

Very strange that the Remote Play app, and this new USB adaptor supports Mac, but you only mention Windows for the PS Now app.

I think PS Now supports MAC too. Why else would they also make this support MAC.

No Mac support at the moment according to a reply on US aversion of this blog. It’s “being considered”.

Also does this support more than one controller?

jason-bridges 23 August, 2016 @ 19:39

good question, i would imagine not though

Tofu_Blaster_86 23 August, 2016 @ 22:40

“The adapter only supports 1 DS4 connected. You can connect another DS4 via cable for multiplayer PS Now games.”

The answer was given in the US version of the blog. :)

Sooooooo… PS Now on PC before releasing the service in others countries for, you know, people that purchased a Sony system… Huh…

Really annoying when my TV shows playstation apps I can’t use. Firmware updates doesn’t even remove it so I… Nah it’ll will never release in Sweden. Or any other small country.


According to the Irish Examiner PS Now appeared in the Irish Ps Store last month but has since disappeared. Probably a mistake by SCEE, though; they’ve already proved that they care little about the smaller SCEE regions.–ps-now-has-appeared-on-the-irish-playstation-network-342854.html


My bad. That article was from July *2015*.

Even worse.

So will the ds4 work in other applications outside of ps now? Or will we have to go fixing that ourselves?


Agreed. I have to use DS4ForWindows to make the dualshock 4 work with my PC but native controller support for other games would be fabulous. Rumble and touchpad for PC games please!

jason-bridges 23 August, 2016 @ 19:38

“You may also be able to use the Adaptor and DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with some Windows PC/Mac games, but we cannot guarantee compatibility.”

make it free for ps plus and im in :)


Or at least some kind of bundled price that maybe gives you PS Now at least half its solo price.

LINUX support when ???

If Wine doesn’t work I usually use a wm.
But these days I dual boot for work stuff.

Probably in the upcoming Year of the Linux ;)


I want this as much as anyone – Linux has been my ONLY PC OS for the last 15 years – it’s probably never going to happen.

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Remote Play on PC also works with a wired DualShock 4. Will PS Now on PC also have that option or do I need this adapter, even if I don’t mind using an USB-cable?

Without seeing it 100% confirmed, I’m gonna say cable works. Basically, I’m basing it on the service launching this week and the adapter not until mid-september :-)

Does this mean there will be native support for Ds4 on pc games with controller support?

ganjoushishou 23 August, 2016 @ 19:41

Is the adapter necessary? As the DS4 can already be connected to a PC with a Bluetooth adapter. All that should be needed is an official DS4 driver for Windows.

But then… where’s the money for Sony? :>

Valentine_Meikin 23 August, 2016 @ 19:55

I suspect this includes the official DS4 driver, due to it being effectively Sony’s closed-source implementation of the Bluetooth stack in a dongle.


Yes, the current hacked together drivers for the PC are awful.

I thought this was already possible? Seems a little pointless if so, maybe as a luxury for some. I still plug in an 8 yr old 360 pad.


windows 7 enough to play PSNOW?

Most likely not, they use some newer libraries for that streaming stuff and i think the client will be like Remote Play.

GrumpyMcGrump 24 August, 2016 @ 00:12

win7 with sp1 is supported

Please make PS Now available in more countries.


They won’t. And you won’t get a reason why either.

michaelleemac 25 August, 2016 @ 14:55

The reason should be obvious. Infrastructure.

Shockingly poor from Sony to release a service onto a non-Sony platform before rolling the service out to other regions. But, hey, considering the track record SCEE has in this area (the promised Video Store for mother countries anyone?) can we really be surprised?


It’s a great idea. Get more use from existing infrastructure in those rather than build new server bases in countries where every one wants everything for free….


Wow, Sony gouging much for a $4 part? Will our USB stick work from the PS headset?

will sony add a feature too the dongle so it can be plugged into the ps4 to connect the dualshock 3 to the ps4


You don’t need a dongle, it works wirelessly native….


So what’s preventing PS Now service to be available to all european countries. I live in Portugal, and this is pretty much playstation land, one of the countries with the biggest user sony user base per capita in the world. Also we have one of the best internet connections in europe and in the world….So WHY?????


You will not receive a response from SCEE on this topic. I’m pretty sure they have an internal policy not to publicly mention their failure to roll the service out.


Portugal is in recession.

Just joking, though they would gladly take your money if they could.


I know you were joking but just to mention that Portugal is no longer in recession.

Still only a few countries. Still no Linux support. Two reasons i can’t use those things, great job!

Lol i bet there wont be any “Linux” support (maybe workarounds)… U Linux freaks overdid it on ps3 and killed any love from Sony for all times…

screw PSNOW, i want this adaptor for my PC in general, for gaming and wireless audio, replace my dumb XB1 controller, but im an aussie and no PSNOW, so probably no adapter

Will the audio jack work for full game audio? Is so, sold! If not, I’ll stick with my cheapo generic Bluetooth dongle.


I wonder if this USB would work on the PS3. Well it would be something to at least try out.


You can already use a DS4 wirelessly with a PS3…. Why would you need it?


I was wondering the same thing and when u pair a dualshock 4 to the ps3 some of the buttons don’t work like the home button


Wait a sec, why is this even necessary? Why doesn’t the regular Bluetooth do the trick? What is a regular Bluetooth adaptor missing that this fixes? Bluetooth is just a protocol so new hardware is required because????


Because money

Because just using bluetooth, not everything works because you need your controller to immitate an xbox controller, so things like the touchpad and the 3.5mm headphone jack won’t work.


My touchpad works fine using DS4Windows and rather painlessly can imitate a mouse cursor making it one of the best pc controllers on the market… Some games work natively with the DS4 as we speak too. So no, that is not always the case at all.

Carnivius_Prime 24 August, 2016 @ 07:29

I already use my DS4 with my PC (I even make games that use it) but I guess this is much easier to set up for wireless use? I dunno.

Will party chat work if we use this? Currently mics don’t work with the DS4 on PC remote play.

With the USB adaptor everything on the controller works, including the 3.5mm headphone jack. so the mic will probably work aswel



Next country:Sweden Please!

Seriously? Asking 25 euros for a Sony-branded Bluetooth dongle?

There are much cheaper alternatives to use a wireless DS4 on PC.

iPad remote play coming soon :)

You’ve got to be kidding me. Why can’t I just use my current bluetooth connection? I’m using my DS4 on my PC fine right now, just not for the remote play application because it’s not compatible wirelessly for “reasons”?.

The reasen your controller works is because your pc/laptop thinks it is an xbox controller. so ofcourse it won’t work with remote play because playstation uses another input method than microsoft


I’m sure they could come up with an official driver solution instead of us needing to buy another dongle to take up space on our PCS just for it to work.

Really annoying :(

Give us PS Now in the rest of Europe already!

If want to connect more than one controller for ‘local’ multiplayer, will it work? Would I need to buy one adapter for each controller if it does?

So what time does PSNow become available on PC in the UK? and Where do I go to get it?



theflashback02 24 August, 2016 @ 14:28

I’m Belgian and we are the 24th of August, where do I download the PS Now ?

PS NOW user here, is there a more precise time estimate? And when can we download it?

Good job Sony :D

lo-ILLUSION-ol 26 August, 2016 @ 15:45


Why that large? i already broke it and iI didn’t have it.

I has test it by 10 game (Stream game) only 2 game support…’snot a good idea if you Guy need to buy it for playing PC game.

Why can’t we buy it or other ps4 made stuff?

Just got one: it still doesn’t support the headset and the device pairing annoyingly overwrite the console one.. Not good.

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