Alienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and more

Plus a new difficulty level and more ways to personalise your loadout

Hi there, it’s Tommaso from Housemarque here. At the beginning of July, Alienation saw the addition of two widely requested features: local co-op and ranked leagues, among a variety of novelties such as extra weapons, bullet colours and other minor improvements.

The next update, that is hitting your PS4 today, unleashes an array of new exciting features. Let’s start with the stuff every Alienation owner will get free of charge: Weekly Missions! These are missions to be played with unusual rules for an additional challenge – beat them within seven days and you’ll get a reward! And since we’re talking about rewards, it’s definitely worth mentioning that we heard you loud and clear: you can now loot and collect armours with different modifiers (for example, an armour that recharges your rush faster, but makes reload slower), and even customize their colours provided you collect enough of the 42 different paints available…

Other free additions to the game include an extra difficulty level (named “Legend”), six new Trophies and increased Hero Level cap.

Alienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and more Alienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and moreAlienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and more

Along with the free content we’re also releasing more paid content: new arsenal, with the secondary weapon Devastator and the heavy Collapser, respectively resembling a sort of deadly laser ray and a cannon with bouncing projectiles.The Armour Paint Pack features three exclusive armour paints, and the Veteran Heroes pack, which allows you to start with characters at Level 15 and access to World Level 2.

You’ll be able to purchase the Weapon Pack for €4.99, the Armor Paint Pack for €0.99, the Veteran Heroes pack for €4.99, or buy each individual item separately. Needless to say, owners of the Alienation Season Pass get all of the above without spending a single extra dime.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to PlayStation Store and grab one right now!

Alienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and moreAlienation adds weekly missions, new weapons and more
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Have you increased the drop rate of 12 slot weapons yet?
I keep reading how ridiculously low it is.

Tranquil-Fury 23 August, 2016 @ 15:45

Yes they have, i was at Hero Level 250 for ages before i got my first 12 slot but since the patch i have had 3 12 slot weapons recently.

psychotechninja 23 August, 2016 @ 15:51

Checking my region, ignore this comment please…

Looking forward to getting back onto Alienation and I will return with every new content drop….just busy with NMS at the moment ;)

For an update on Alienation wanted
* more story missions
* new insane (but playable) difficulty
* more valuable weapons that can be earned in game
* remote play ps vita support, having at least (by default) R2 “swapped” to R1

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