New video explores how the PlayStation VR display creates total 360˚ immersion

Watch the second in our series focussing on how Playstation VR came together

UPDATE: The second episode in our series of videos looking at how PlayStation VR was created is live now. Whereas the first episode (watch now at the foot of this post) looked back at the early days of development, this time the focus is on how the headset’s display creates total 360˚ immersion for the player. Check it now:

Original Post: Today we’re kicking off a video series going behind the scenes with the teams behind PlayStation VR, charting the headset’s journey from its earliest prototype stages right through to its impending launch.

The first video, which you can watch above, glances back at the project’s early days, while future instalments will look at how development teams have harnessed the headset’s innovative display, 3D audio and intuitive control inputs to create truly immersive gameplay experiences.

New episodes will arrive regularly over the coming weeks – follow us on Twitter for first word on when they go live.

For more on PlayStation VR, head on over to the official site. Also, we’re currently showcasing one PlayStation VR game every week across PlayStation Blog, YouTube and Twitter. This week the spotlight is on PlayStation VR Worlds – head on over to Storify for a round-up of all the coverage.

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Thesnipergecko 25 August, 2016 @ 17:05

Got mine pre-ordered. Can’t wait to try Tomb Raider VR. I’ve grown up with Lara Croft. To be able to immerse myself in a world with a character I’ve known for 20 years… words cannot describe.


Hi, probably not the right place to say this but thanks for putting the PS2 classics back under it’s own tag on the store. Can even chose PS3 or PS4 :) Now all I will ask about is the PS1 classic tag back ^^

Thank you very much <3

Got mine pre-ordered too along with RIGS. Can’t wait for the Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience either.

Got two on preorder (just in case one got cancelled or delayed for whatever reason lol, wasn’t leaving it to chance). I’m really excited to try VR, I’m really hopefully it will be a huge success. Resident Evil 7 has to be the biggie though, from what I played of the demo, that game in VR could be one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

I think VR worlds should have been a pack in sold with the headset.
I tried VR on my iPhone last night and while it was terrible it only makes me excited for the real deal.

VR on a phone isn’t real VR. It’s a just a silly phone stuck to your head.

Got it on preorder, first game I will play is “Batman Arkham VR”.

I hear people who have tried it and most of them think it’s an amazing experience…BUT the image is very blurry. Because I’m very sensitive of the sharpness of a display and the fact I can’t try it because there are only 3 cities in the Netherlands where I could preview, all of them a long commute and bad parking conditions I won’t buy it yet.

… still have mine pre-ordered, but getting doubts about release titles…

… no sign of EVE of on the store, or Rez, or any kind of meaningful update in the VR section… (for months) (Robinson? Eagle Flight? Thumper? 100ft Robot Golf?)

… it’s reminding me of when Move first came out there was a big splash and then zero support afterwards (and funnily enough Tumble was available then too…)

… where are the games?!!? prices?!? where are the videos (not even then 10 games on the store have videos to them)… where’s the coverage in-store?

Got mine preordered and I cannot wait :)

I’ll ask again – where and when can we experience PSVR? I just returned from IBC in Amsterdam and was very disappointed not to see even a single PSVR there. Where can I try it before I decide to buy? I live in Poland.


It would only be at major events like Gamescom, Eurogamer and EGX.

It wouldn’t be in Poland.

@MaxDiehard That’s an interesting approach. Do you really think people will buy PSVR without trying it first? I know there are fans who placed pre-orders without ever seeing it in action but… I would never purchase a product without really knowing what it is about!
Any other piece of hardware – PSEye, PS Move, Guitar Controller – you can imagine what it’s like by watching others use it (eg. on YouTube). But VR – you have to experience it. There’s no other way.


If you were really interested, you would take the risk, as I have.

Got mine pre ordered, IV been waiting since I was 14 (when I first tried it) for VR to become commercially available, now its on ‘PLAYSTATION’…1 month to go. Ps, I’m now 36!!! LOL.

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