New on PlayStation Store: Resident Evil 4, Fallout 4 DLC, Battlefield 1 beta, more

Plus, Strike Vector EX, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Moon Hunters, more

There’s plenty to be getting on with this week on PlayStation Store. One of the finest games ever created – Resident Evil 4 – returns on PS4; Bandai Namco’s action JRPG sequel God Eater 2 Rage Burst lands on PS4 and PS Vita; there’s an open beta for Battlefield 1; aerial combat shooter Strike Vector EX debuts; and there’s new DLC for Fallout 4. See below for all this week’s new releases.

PlayStation StoreOut this week






  • Livelock
    31st August

  • Four-Sided Fantasy
    31st August

  • Claire: Extended Cut
    31st August


  • Zheros
    1st September

  • Star Hammer: the Vanguard Prophecy
    1st September




  • Wanderjahr
    31st August


30th August

31st August

  • Table Top Racing World Tour
  • Tropical Ice Pack

2nd September

  • Minecraft
  • Battle Map Pack 3

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Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in August

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Many thanks for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X! Unfortunately, some things aren’t quite right….

-It is labelled as a PS VR game.
-Snow Miku 2010-2015 is supposed to be a free download until September 30th.
-Racing Miku 2016 module is missing.
-P4 Dancing All Night module is missing.

Can this be looked into?
Also, why is the Vita version so much cheaper?

Best regards.

crimsonidol-de 30 August, 2016 @ 12:42

The price difference is similar to the one between Project Diva F (PS3) and f (PSV), which are also digital-only in Europe. I guess Sega did this on purpose.

Project DIva X will have a VR update once PSVR comes out.

Yes, but F had the extra songs that f didn’t have, which explained the price difference. As far as I’m aware, this was not the case with F/f 2nd and X.

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crimsonidol-de 30 August, 2016 @ 12:40

One question about the Project Diva X DLC:
According to one reliable news site ( Sega said that the following DLC would be free for the first month:!/cid=EP0177-CUSA05748_00-YUKI39021CROSSBU

Do you have any information if this promo does only apply to the US-region or does it also apply to our region?

Try this site, which is much more official:
Gematsu contains errors about DLC release dates.

crimsonidol-de 30 August, 2016 @ 14:21

Thanks. Didn’t know that the official site had an DLC-overview. Now the only question is:
Does that overview apply to both US & EU or US-only. I still remember the trouble with all the DLCs for F 2nd. That was just a mess in Europe. :\

September PS+ list?

X_Blood_Curse_X 30 August, 2016 @ 14:03

I’m gonna guess…

PS4 – Some indie game set in space
PS4 – Some other indie that’s been on sale a lot

PS3 – Retro/grade
PS3- Ancient Sony owned downloadable worth £4 tops

Vita – Sony owned PSP title
Vita – Cheap cross-buy Curve Digital game that’s on sale every other day

StevenJamesHyde 30 August, 2016 @ 15:02

One of the games has already been confirmed as “whatever indie game I bought most recently”

Can’t blame staff responses decreasing, really can’t.

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Arthurlantern 30 August, 2016 @ 12:49

Attractio ?


How about a discount for those of us who have previously purchased Resident Evil 4 digitally on PS3?

DieFliedermouse 30 August, 2016 @ 13:48

Wishful thinking, old chum!

Hahahaha nice one. Capcom see you comment and laugh. Greedily.

Is there any improvement from the PS3 version? It seemed like a direct port of the PS2 version, even the textures were the same. They better have made some effort 3rd time around on PS4.

Where’s Final station ? for ps4 release date was 30 August please can u let Us gamers know

Carnivius_Prime 30 August, 2016 @ 13:09

ick. Didn’t really like Resi Evil 4 when I played it on friends Gamecube, but gave it another shot during a sale on PS3 and found I still didn’t enjoy it so I’ll skip this version too. Nothing else here appealing to me yet so I’m gonna look forward to the PS+ freebies next week. I’ve really enjoyed Tricky Towers (had been after a fun competitive puzzler like it for a while) and Rebel Galaxy has entertained me a fair bit too despite not being my usual kind of game.

Any new sales this week?

StevenJamesHyde 30 August, 2016 @ 13:31

There should be a new Deal of the Week, but not much else. The titles that went on sale last week are on sale until September 7th, so that’s when I’d expect to see a large batch of new titles

StevenJamesHyde 31 August, 2016 @ 11:27

New deal of the week is 40% off Dark Souls III, by the way

Zheros and Star Hammer is out what date?? :-D

Francesca Mead 30 August, 2016 @ 15:49

1st of September – the July date is incorrect and will be amended :)

Is Zheros got delayed? Don’t see it in store.

RodrigoSharingan 30 August, 2016 @ 13:35

Where’s PS+ games list of Sep? I want to be disappointed with the amount of games that no one wants or that already been given years ago..

Give me my refund for no mans sky!!!

DieFliedermouse 30 August, 2016 @ 13:51

Did you open its digital wrapper? If you did I’ll be amazed if you get one. Guess you should have bought it physically, huh?


I don’t think I’d ever pre-order a big A or AAA game online unless it was a big saving on the disk version. If you don’t like disk version you have a better chance of getting a refund or can sell it for s small loss or depending on offer a small profit


I sure paid my dues to Sony on this one. I’ll not make the same mistake again. From now one I’ll buy all Sony exclusives as physical releases. Xbox on the other had – pure gold (pun not intended but gave me a chuckle).


What was the point of us signing up for the Battlefield 1 beta when it was just going to be open anyway?

The code I was sent this morning is practically useless.


Early access. If you got code today then you can download it today ready for when servets go live as opposed to the masses trying to download tomorrow.

It’s live now


Nice clarification Jim.

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Did ps bog ever reply too anything on here anyway if poss please can u post info on The Final station for ps4 should been release 30th August

DieFliedermouse 30 August, 2016 @ 16:48

They’d probably be more inclined to reply if you would take the time to develop some level of literacy.

Status of Kerbal is still a secret?


Sssshh, you’re meant to have forgot about that.


Does anyone else find it amusing that a remaster, a DLC and an unfinished game make it into the headline, rather than… you know, some of the *brand-new* *finished* games?


I just find it obvious as they are big names.

spikewestphal 30 August, 2016 @ 15:07

Resident evil 4 gonna be awesome and now hours of fun with nuka world

homerthegreat 30 August, 2016 @ 15:15

So, any update on the Rock Band 4 exports or the rivals pre-order? Or an ETA on when mystery tool is going to be fixed? Been nearly a year now…


Getting res4 on PS4 on disc waiting dead riseing 1 and 2 come on disc .


Not happy with ps plus September since be indie crap again if so fans should take serious action with ps plus games . Time everyone stop paying ps plus to take action on this indie crap free games.


It’s not been announced so how can you moan about it yet?

Preemptive moaning, what a clown


No fallout4 mods again need reply what hold up because sony problem wake up please responed to bethsda to fix problem . Fans and me sick waiting if Sony care about fans than money .


I want refund on my desus ex mankind dlc since pay twice to upgrade and didnt work:[. Dont buy dlc its broken .


Shut up

Hmm.. Where is Bears Can’t Drift?..


Bears Can’t Drift won’t be releasing in Denmark at this time.

RetroDaddySlim 30 August, 2016 @ 19:30

Why is Batman TellTale Series Episode 1 for PS3 removed from EU stores?
You announce it, put it on stores, then remove it without any explanation.
People plan, buy psn cards, you know?
And you still keep the game listed under ps3 releases. Great work, NOT!

HereComesTrouble 30 August, 2016 @ 19:44

Have they just let slip one of the September PS Plus games is Endwar for the PS3, as it wasn’t in the original August lineup.

No endgame was to replace the game they gave before so get it while it’s there as it will be gone on the 6th

HereComesTrouble 30 August, 2016 @ 20:41

Cheers, grabbed it earlier, I could have missed out on that one.

MCorePrincess 30 August, 2016 @ 22:13

Still no Rock Band 4 updates. Surely you must know if the Rivals expansion pre order is ever going to happen for eu customers? It’s pretty shocking that the continued unavailability of this means that eu customers can’t get the same pre order bonuses as the rest of the world…..

jackeffect666 30 August, 2016 @ 22:15

Rock band rivals pre order? Remaining Rock band exports? Follow me down? Remaining entitlement fixes?



Can someone explain why Gran Turismo is no longer available on the Saudi Store for Pre-ordering, and why my Final Fantasy XV pre-order was cancelled and I am no longer able to pre-order it, nor can I see Rise of Tomb Raider?

Why is no one giving out any official news about these disappearing items from the store?


Soooo…… any word on No Man’s Sky refund yet? I’d like to give it back.


Where is BF 1 open beta?? I have a PS4 but I dont know how ı get the open beta. Please help.


Where is Claire: Extended Cut? It’s not in Finnish PS Store.


Neither is it in the UK store.

Eu/Finnish store also missing Binaries, UK and US had it though.

Where are the remaining exports for rock bands 4? (RB2, Lego, Green Day and AC / DC), it’s been almost a year now and SCEE users are the only ones who do not have access to our content that we have paid for.
Is this is due to the tool that is broken and when it will be fixed in that case?! We are tired of waiting.

I am now considering to make a notification to the Swedish Consumer Agency for false advertising, because the game clearly says that we were supposed to have access to our content that WE PAID for in previous rock band titles including the exports!


Do not consider, just do it. Seriously. And I think everyone should contact someone about this. It’s clearly Sony’s fault, they should inform something about this situation.


Agree with the above, your comment will likely get deleted as mine did when I mentioned reporting them to Watchdog in the UK, they obviously want to hide the controversy this is causing so it would be more effective to just take action.

But hey, seriously, where’s Claire? “Claire: Extended Cut
31st August”. Nowhere to be seen. How is this even possible? You list games here with their release dates yet the game is nowhere to be found. PS Store feels like an amateurs club compared to Xbox Marketplace or even Steam. Get a grip, will you? These kind of mistakes I’d understand if this would be a new thing “Hey, look, we opened this new store for you guys, still trying to figure things out and fix something” but PS Store has been UP FOR YEARS! YEARS! And still these kind of things happens? Trust me. PS4 is the last Sony console for me after this show.

@Francesca where is Claire: Extended cut? Answer, please.

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