Limited Edition Final Fantasy XV PS4 available this November

Full details on two new Final Fantasy XV bundles due later this year

I’m delighted to share with you news that a very special, limited edition Final Fantasy XV style – and slim – PS4 will be available on 29th November.

This limited edition bundle will include the FFXV themed 1TB PS4 system, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and the immense Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition. In case you’ve missed it, Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition is a Steelbook including Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray disc, the full-length CGI animated movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray disc, and bonus in-game content. In other words, it’s unbeatable value for any Final Fantasy fan.


In addition to the limited edition bundle, we’re offering a standard edition Final Fantasy XV PS4 package. This includes the new, slimmer PS4 system and DUALSHOCK 4 controller in Jet Black, as well as a copy of Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray disc.


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Make it a Pro and you have my money.

Same here, I pre-ordered the PRO on Amazon, but I’d love to have the Luna Edition, but I won’t spend money on two consoles. :(

Yes, this would make it worth waiti g for the Pro another 19 days. Would also want the Luna edition with Pro.

Yeah a PS4 Pro LE would be awesome and would sit nicely next to my FF Type-0 PS4 :)


I’m sorry but this seems insane to me.

Would you guys really buy a new version of the PS4 for some minor spec changes? I have my day 1 PS4 and it would like a giant waste of money to buy a new PS4.

Is it just a case of having too much money to spend? Or am I missing something?


The PS4 struggles to play most games at 1080p 60FPS, the pro I’m hoping can. Though of course it depends on how each specific game is optimized, they might go for better visuals instead, which is still a plus.
Final Fantasy XV specifically though, the development team have been struggling to make the game run as they’d like on a standard PS4, it’s the main example where I feel a Pro will really help keep the game running well.

A fancy image isn’t going to make the Slim or Pro look any less cheap or rubbish than it already is.

You got to be kidding, the slim is actually very beautiful, not only that but it is silent and very low power consuming, it’s actually the best PS4 you can buy!

My PS4 is the best to me, because it doesn’t look tacky.

Like the other guys are saying, make this pro and il insta order.

Why no pro bundles yet ?

Awesome, i wanted a PS4 Slim instead of Pro will just wait for PS5 for that proper power leap.
Improved 5ghz/ac wifi and smaller, quieter, cooler, less energy makes a Slim worth it compared to the OG PS4.

Hope you don’t charge such a higher extra charge just for skins. Xbox one s limited edition skins ones hardly raise the price much most of the time

Would also buy if this was the Ps4 Pro, since it’s not, I won’t bother.

Just to add to the feedback loud and clear, also agree this needs to be a Pro bundle before I’d buy.

Prororororoororororororororroooo please :)
psst, that means I want a pro version…please ^^

I was so happy to see the title since I’m waiting for ps pro limited edition version and I wanted to buy the FF Bluray and game so it was perfect! then I click to go inside and was disappointed that its only for the ps slim :(
my money here waiting for the ps pro but I refuse to buy the regular one so I wait for the limited edition, and if there is nothing soon so I will order the FF separate, what a shame, sony check every comment here and you will see that I’m not the only one.

Haha is it even a Pro model? I’m pretty sure enthusiasts that would have been into such a thing would have bought a Pro also (after reading some/all of the comments, yes that does indeed seem to be the case).

Now they won’t touch it at all. Why play on this special PS4 console based on this game when you won’t even be able to get to standard 1080p resolution on it? Even the delay on this game made it ready for the release of the Pro too. So much incredible fail.

Why is is not a Neo! That is an easy sale. jk I’ve never studied business analytics.

Really needs to be a pro. All the demos of the game including the unplayble ones have frame rate drops and if PS4 Pro is supposed to up the fps in games then this game is one that really needs to be played on a pro.

To have a ps4 slim to struggle to play the game that it’s bundled with is gonna be so bad for sony and SE.

P.S. id pre order a themed ps4 pro right now if it existed

Where can I pre-order this? I want to secure one or maybe two…

I have been waiting for this game for 10 years and I did not buy a ps4 yet cause I was waiting for a pro bundle. So yeab make it a pro and Ill buy it :)

Takehaniyasubiko 14 September, 2016 @ 18:56

Boys, pricing! Give us the pricing!

Wow, that is by far the most beautiful theme I’ve seen on any console since the Darth Vader PS4.


I would have bought the Pro version of the Limited edition, no doubt. What a missed opportunity. That and low CPU specs and lack of UHD drive…

I would have bought a PS4 Pro with a 2.4ghz CPU and UHD drive at 449€ so easily.

I want this with a ps4Pro as well. Otherwise I’ll just get the game.

20 are currently taking orders for the Limited Edition FFXV edition PS4-slim (UK customers)

From what I’m hearing, it’s $450 for the bundle. Slim 500 GB PS4 = $300. Deluxe FFXV = $90.
So you are essentially paying an extra $60 for an extra 500GB, AND you are sacrificing a game
like uncharted 4 or COD…..I feel like I’m not really saving much by buying this bundle.

I feel like if it was a PS4 pro for $450, then it would be more reasonable. PS4 Pro = $400. Deluxe FFXV = $90.
You save $40.

We’ll see what happens.

Spewin it’s a slim, no optical sacrifices my 400 dollar headset, going to have to pass

Deathwolf132613 02 October, 2016 @ 18:54

ok so u all talking about wanting the pro yeah I wanted it too until I found out its not going to play blu ray movies and seeing that I been renting my ps4 system for the last two months I could have just bought a system sony ur getting greedy and that’s exactly what kept me a ps follower but maybe I should get a steam box

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