Welcome to the World of Final Fantasy’s TGS 2016 trailer

The latest footage plus news on the Day One and digital editions of the game

Will you… or will you not accept the consequences? In the new trailer for World of Final Fantasy, released at Tokyo Game Show 2016, discover more about the twins Lann and Reynn and their roles in Grymoire as Mirage Keepers. Check it out below!

In World of Final Fantasy, you take control of the twin siblings Lann and Reynn as they step into the vast world of Grymoire to learn the truth about their pasts. Here you will discover that stacking things on one’s head is perfectly normal and you’ll do battle with iconic Final Fantasy Mirages by stacking them to form strategic (and adorable!) Mirage towers. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan then you’ll encounter lots of familiar faces from the franchise in super cute, chibi form and if you’re new to the Final Fantasy series, don’t worry, you’ll get to know these beloved characters as you journey through the game.

World of Final Fantasy

Last time we spoke here on the PlayStation Blog, we announced the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition, which is now sold out in Europe! I hope you managed to pre-order one but for those that weren’t so lucky, don’t worry, you can still pre-order the Day One Edition which comes with a bunch of awesome content on both PS4 and PS Vita.

In the Day One Edition of World of Final Fantasy you get the game (obvs), plus Sephiroth as a summon to aid you in battle, the Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle Mirages as well as the Japanese voice over.

World of Final Fantasy

If you’d rather get the game digitally on PSN, then you can totally do that too as we recently announced the PS4 Digital Version of World of Final Fantasy! This version gets you the same content as the Day One Edition, but we’ve also managed to throw in a couple of exclusive extras too. You’ll also get the Cactuar Johnny and Crimson Armour Mirages as well as a static theme, a preview of below:

World of Final Fantasy

You can pre-order the Digital version of World of Final Fantasy from PSN right here.

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We hope you’re looking forward to stepping into Grymoire when World of Final Fantasy comes out on 28th October, 2016!

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madmanwithabox12 15 September, 2016 @ 10:46

Rydia and Tifa, good times. Gilgamesh going to be a usable summon then? Are we getting more villains (I know about Sehiroth) or is it just heroes?

I was glad to hear from the Gamestop Expo that you can change the battle music, wasn’t digging the normal battle theme in this game.

The Japanese voice track should be a standard option, not a preorder bonus! Looking forward to the game, seems like a lot of fun.


It actually is :D
SE announced Vita would get proper voices patch :D


Mmmmmm who prices these games? £33 for the physical copy of £49.99 for digital? It’s a tough choice. I honestly expected it to be a lot cheaper.


I can but the physical releases of the PS4 and Vita versions for £8 more than the digital version. If anyone pre-orders this on digital they’re daft. We all need to boycott pre-orders and over priced digital games or they will continue ripping us off forever.


*buy not but

The game looks so adorable. Already have the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered for PS4, and gonna get the Vita version as well. Really hope this turns into a big success so we might see more of this kind again. So excited for the game! :D

Digital only preorder bonuses need to go away, just like retailer specific preorder bonuses. I am buying your game, don’t punish me for not buying it from a particular retailer!

Also, £49.99 digital vs £33.99 physical. No brainer!

P.s can’t wait for the game. Need an actual final fantasy game again, been too long since FFX!

hey hey! XII was great, don’t you dare look down on my lovely Balthier, Fran and company!
Plus XIV is truly great as well….to bad I don’t really have time for an mmo :(

XIV is fine, but not really FF in its true form.

I played XII years ago, and didn’t much like it. I’ll probably give the remaster another go at some point.

Would it be possible for you guys to make a home theme of this game for Vita, as well?

So excited for this. Day one edition already ordered physically. Is this the last big Vita release on cartridge in the West?

Ask Bandai. I think we’ll probably see more from them.


Big release meaning from AAA companies?
Nah, there will more.

And obviously weeb games will keep coming physical.


So much cute!
So much moe!
So much Japanese!
So much Vita!
So much awesome!

Those “exclusive extras” better be included in collector’s edition too.

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