Heavy metal inspired action title Slain: Back From Hell unleashes on PS4 this week

PS Plus members get 10% off gothic action title first week of release

Sharpen your steel, harden your heart and get ready to headbang in honour of the Great Horned Metal God, because on 21 September Slain: Back from Hell is set to carve a bloody swathe onto PlayStation 4, with a 10% price discount for all PS Plus members who buy the game in its first week of sale.

Set in a dark and archaic world, you take the role of the doomed hero Bathoryn, a grizzled warrior dragged reluctantly from his mortal slumber. He must slice and dice his way across the blighted realm of villainous Lord Vroll, vanquishing his many gruesome underlings and twisted boss lieutenants along the way.

Comprehensively augmented and refined for its release on PS4, the game blends brutally intense melee combat with unforgiving platform action (so the faint-hearted had best steer well clear). Our aim was to blend the best of classic 90’s-style hack’n slash games with modern gameplay dynamics, but freed from the wimpy hand-holding that has blighted recent mainstream efforts.

Your tools are a trusty sword, a flaming blade, an axe made from ice
and powerful mana magic, all of which you will need to employ strategically to avoid being eviscerated, immolated, skewered, burned and butchered.

Bathoryn has several powerful new abilities to help turn the tide against the foul hordes:

A charged-up Brutal Attack that requires careful timing to unleash its lethal force:

Slain: Back From Hell

A Parry and Critical Strike riposte that deftly turns an enemy’s blow against them and inflicts massive damage:

Slain: Back From Hell

A fearsome Mana Bolt that cuts through your massed foes with ease:

Slain: Back From Hell

And a screen-clearing Mana Blast that wipes an area clean of the enemy.

Slain: Back From Hell

The striking pixel art visuals of creator Andrew Gilmour bring your favourite metal album covers to gory, gothic life whilst the action is accompanied by a brooding soundtrack of purest heavy metal, penned by Curt Victor Bryant (formerly of the infamous band Celtic Frost).

Alongside the PS4 release, we’re aiming for Slain: Back From Hell to launch on Vita at the start of November.

May fire, ice and steel prevail!

Slain: Back From Hell

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I thought this game were also coming for Vita

StevenJamesHyde 19 September, 2016 @ 16:19

Yeah, everywhere else seems to have it listed as a “PS4 soon – Vita later” release, it seems strange that isn’t mentioned here. Though if the Vita version is as much later as New ‘n’ Tasty/Axiom Verge/Salt and Sanctuary/etc., then perhaps not mentioning it is the best idea

The Vita version has a release date of 1st November, guys :)

I REALLY wonder why don’t you mention the Vita version? Do you feel ashamed of it? Why? Why everyone act like there is not a handheld called Vita in existence. Is it so hard to build a sentence like this; “It is also coming to Vita a little later”. See, it is not that hard to build this sentece.

The Steam version has too many problems that even with 3 or 4 patches I think, the problems remain! And now they are going to release it on PS4 and later on PS Vita? I think it will be a mistake!

Christian Bliss 20 September, 2016 @ 14:11

Hey mistac – check out the user reviews – they’ll allay your fears. The Vita version is coming as a Cross-Buy on November the 1st – apologies for it not being a simultaneous release, we’re only a small team so had to concentrate on getting each format perfect individually.

Is it cross buy? if so I’ll get now

Christian Bliss 20 September, 2016 @ 14:13

Yep! The Cross-Buy Vita version will be available November 1st.

FallingStickman 20 September, 2016 @ 12:10

Looks fantastic. Seems like a perfect game for Halloween. Definitely getting it.

Looks cool and now you have confirmed cross buy and Vita support my mind is made up!
Will pick this up tomorrow even though it’ll probably get most play on the Vita when it’s out in November!

I need this in my Vita!

Carnivius_Prime 21 September, 2016 @ 11:02

Celtic Frost. I heard the intro to ‘The Heart Beneath’ many times especially during the 90’s where it was used as the Manga Video intro music. Good times. :)
Nice to see this on PS4 and Vita.

H-Hello guys

Do you think you guys would team up with LRG to release a physical copy of the game. :(

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