Dark psychological horror Here They Lie is a PlayStation VR launch title

Enter Tangentlemen's terrifying, surreal virtual world on 13th October

Hello everyone! Cory Davis here – back from the Tangentlemen dev cave, and I’ll be the first to admit… we’ve been a bit cryptic with the details since we announced Here They Lie at E3 2016.

Here’s the thing. Back then, Here They Lie was still oozing out of the subconscious like a tide of terror, washing over our reality, and dragging us further into its’ dark realm. It took everything we had to stare directly into the void… It had to be done in a shroud of darkness.

But that time is past. Here They Lie is coming digitally to PlayStation VR on 13th October (with a physical release to follow on 2 November). We can’t protect you much longer…

The line between reality and madness is wearing thin. There’s soot in my mouth. Singes on the tips of my fingers. Lungs all black and choked with ash.

And HIM.

He’s just out of the corner of my eye. Or is that my shadow? The longer I go without sleep, the closer he gets to me. Almost like I could make him go away if I would only let him in. A little closer. Just a bit?


Find me a sigil or a rusty piece of sheet metal. Nail it to my body. Anything to hold HIM back.

Here they Lie

The walls have cracks and the foundations and slipping. I can hear the bones rattling on the masks. They are watching me with their filthy, mud-plastered eyes. They are watching all of us. I don’t look the same in the mirror anymore. None of us do. She must know more than she lets on. I can still see her yellow dress through the fog. It looks almost peaceful.

Dana are you there??

Here They Lie

We here at Tangentlemen can’t wait for you to take a trip down the rabbit hole and find out for yourself when Here They Lie releases next month. But there’s one last piece to this puzzle. To help prepare for the experience, the Daedalus Project has invited us all to participate in a study of TIME and the mechanisms of universal TRUTH and SIMULATION.

It’s free, non-toxic, painless, sanitary… I promise.

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Okay, I need this. Looks amazing!


Yeah, this looks super promising. I guess I have to buy a VR headset now!

playable without VR?
I wont buy VR, ever.

Emperor_Mordred 28 September, 2016 @ 16:19

More VR for the rest of us!

Dont get me wrong, its not cause it cant be good, its cause i cant do anything else but that if i use it. I cant see my wife or the other tv if i wanted too. Difficult to communicate. I dont like to do just one thing. Thats why i cant see me using VR ever.

So just as 2D and 3D movies i hope all VR games can be played without the headset.

Sorry, some games are VR only. Not sure about this one, though, but seems like it.

That looked just fascinating! Too bad I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to play horror games on a regular screen, not to mention in VR.

I have exactly the same problem. I’ve been thinking about a chance of a heart attack with VR horror games.

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