Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation are coming to PS Plus on 4th October

Mad Riders, From Dust, Code: Realize, Actual Sunlight also inbound

Hey PlayStation Plus fans, we hope to help you get in the Halloween spirit with the line-up for October.

First up, we have Resident Evil. What better way to get excited about Halloween and the upcoming Resident Evil VII than by going back to the original game in the series? This year Capcom is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, and this remastered HD version is the perfect way to enjoy the game that started it all. So whether you are getting reacquainted with old friends Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, or trying the series out for the first time, get ready to learn the secrets of the mansion that lies on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Next up is Transformers: Devastation. Drawing on the talents from the original Transformers TV series for the story and voice work, the game should feel pleasantly familiar to fans. Fabled developer PlatinumGames also delivers a fun and rewarding combat system with their signature fast-paced action. With your choice of five Autobots, get in there and battle against the Decepticons and Insecticons to save earth from Megatron’s evil plans.

Here’s the full line-up, available for download on 4th October:

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Wow, nice choices!

Not bad! :-)

Nice , thx :)


Very nice! :-)



Its not Halloween yet


Woo 2 gd games i dnt own yet gd job sony will keep me happy till Mafia 3 7th October


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Good choices, although for me personally a bust as I own both titles. Bought Transformers for a tenner months ago and never played it. Guess I could download it and keep the other copy sealed, might be worth a few pence in the years to come!

I’ve come so close to buying Transformers and Resident Evil so many times.
Two BIG thumbs up from me!

hahaha me too! I actually had them both in my cart even for awhile but decided not to buy. So I am happy indeed :)


Same here with RE. I’ll sure play Transformers for “free”, too!

I’ve wanted the ps4 options but never got round to buying them, I enjoyed from dust but have no idea about the other games…. overall I’m happy.

I don’t like visual novels and a bit strange to see a second in a row, but tbh at least this one seems to have a story that I am interested.

What is the visual novel?

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Good month, I already have res evil but will give transformers a try. Good to see an increase in quality the last 2 months


Thank you, this is a great month! :D

I almost finished the evil within and now i can play after 20 years to resident evil and for free :D


Fab month.

Woah. For real? I’m impressed for once. Already played Transformers but been wanting Resi for a while.

Another VN for vita?! Thank you! Please keep them coming for as long as you can! :p


I pray that this will urge the developer to localize more VN for Vita

Sony is on a roll baby, two good months for me so far. :)

A good lineup, but how about fixing PSN itself? I know of at least 2 friends (and me, but I got around it) who couldn’t add a credit card or paypal to their account, errors kept popping up. Those friends decided not to buy those games and that’s a loss for you, I bet. I also pay you for this service, to “improve it” but several times last week, I couldn’t sign in and play online, many people had these issues as well…


You really need to speak to customer services, whinging about it on the blog won’t help.

I know PSN can be annoying though :D

Just buy those PSN topup cards. Can get them from many places like Sainsburys etc I get mine online from CDKeys since its cheap there its simply a code you redeem on PSN and you got that topup.


I had the same issue, usually when adding via the web app. For some reason adding a card on my Vita is the only surefire way of getting it to register as a real card. Paypal is my enemy

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Whoa, a good month!

I’m very pleased at Resident Evil and Actual Sunlight being included.

Transformers is good, but I’m not a fan of the franchise.

Another Visual Novel is pretty cool as well and I hope you keep this up, but unfortunately for my tastes it’s an Otome game again.

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m actually going to play some PS+ games next month. It’s been a year since I last felt compelled to do so.

My thoughts exactly. Hurray for more VNs on the Vita, but another Otome one makes me a sad panda.

Shame on you. Mad Riders and From Dust are on sale now. This is the 2nd time Sony is doing that kind of thing, the previous one was with Dragon Age. Very nice, keep it up.


Funny to see that most persons are happy here. Except one that doesn’t have PS+. Looks like a good sign to me ;)

Yeah very shady putting both those games on sale on the 21st September and then a week later announcing they are a part of October’s line up.


That’s not Sony’s doing, that’s the games’ own publishers/developers doing that. Sony can’t put games up for sale as it pleases, it’s by permission / request of the game owners.

X_Blood_Curse_X 28 September, 2016 @ 16:46

This month is actually really good. I haven’t said that in about 2 years lol. Nice one


Not bad at all. Intrigued by Resident Evil so will be good to play that and I nearly bought Code: Realize in the last Big in Japan sale so all in all, thumbs up from me!

PS+ is damaging indie sales etc.
People will keep thinking that game will be on PS+ eventually so they won’t buy the game anymore.

When PS5 comes out and to give it a big boost of morale say ‘Free multiplayer’ PS+ now optional.


You’ll also find a lot of people think that indie games are damaging PS Plus.

What’s your solution? Ban all indies from Plus? That way, we’ll all know they’ll be safe to buy.


“Free multiplayer’ PS+ now optional.”

Yeah right. Like THAT’s ever gonna happen….


Actually ps+ is supporting Indies.
Rocket League for example sold millions of Times because it was in plus. Since it was free people could try it, thought it was great and inspired other people to buy it.
People are usually too close minded to buy indie games they don’t know.


erm…havent we already had from dust. Is this another duplicat error?
I own from dust and i would never have bought it , so i must have got it in an old ps plus line up.


where the hell did i get that from then , ive defo got it , its the god type sim thing right?..maybe somebody gave me a code then. its not bad so ..enjoy. :-)


@mistachicken If you’ve been on the blog for a long time, I know it’s been offered a couple of times in the old Weekend Debates here on the EU Blog. Maybe you got it from there? Or maybe just from a sale? :)


Guys , have we not already had From dust? , i own it and would never had bought it so it must be another duplicate. Am i going mad?

DieFliedermouse 28 September, 2016 @ 16:54

Ummm, no. You can check previous titles here:

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Dust: An Elysian Tail?


oops no pun on the duplicate

CookieMonsterES 28 September, 2016 @ 16:49

Really good month for me, the only one I already had is Resident Evil.

Nice selection, Greg! Keep up the good work! :)

Not bad ps4 games.

Been tempted by resident evil a few times.

Played transformers and didn’t like it personally but good to get a retail game even if it is a budget release

Vita lineup pretty decent again, I am impressed!

Carnivius_Prime 28 September, 2016 @ 16:56

Couldn’t care less about Resident Evil. Never liked that series at all despite having owned several of them in the past.

Transformers Devastation is a great game and hugely fun but I already bought it a year ago in a PSN sale. If I hadn’t then I’d be jumping in joy at the freebie. Either way I’m still happy with my Plus sub. :)

Wot no Watch_Dogs?


Congratulations…you can read

Be glad. Watch_Dogs is utter_tripe.


@RustyM1982 Was there any need for that snide comment? It was a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek joke as people have been saying Watch_Dogs will be coming for the last few months.


Another Idea Factory visual novel, another Ubisoft/Techland title and another two PS4 games I already won, whelp, nothing for my PS4 this month.


Great Month for PS4. Two games that i had almost bought many times.
The Vita offerings are really not for me though…

The PS4 games alone make this month worth the money for me. No way would I ever have bought those games myself, but they should make for a fun afternoon sometime.

Nice! Was thinking of buying Resident Evil HD and have not played Transformers.


2nd good month in a row! for ps4 at least :P
i d prefer only one retail for ps3 than 2 indies every time

Hmm.. not bad!

Nice choices this month. Thank you.


Very happy with the PS4 selection although it’s a bit naughty that both PS3 games are currently on sale and so a few people will have wasted their money.

Get the feeling that the non-PS4 games are pretty much just plucked out of thin air at random these days….

You too?


Wow! And yet again I’m really happy with the lineup. Code: Realize being the highlight for me. Please do keep those Visual Novels for Vita coming! :D

I’ve also wanted to play Resident Evil Remake for a while, and I’ve heard Transformers: Devastation should be fairly good and short (which is sort of a positive for me, currently :P ), so I’m very happy with the PS4 games too :)

I’ve heard some good things about From Dust as well, so I’ll definitely give that a go. I don’t really know anything about the last two games, but I may give them a try.

Really good lineup yet again this month in my opinion. Keep it up :D

Wow an actual good month for the PS4, for once PS+ is better than GwG

great line up this monthfollowing on from a solid september

Great choice but shame I brought RE: hd the day it came out

Nice! Thanks!


Looks good
Good reason for buy plus


Good ps4 lineup. It really is about time you just drop the ps3/vita offerings though.

Emperor_Mordred 28 September, 2016 @ 19:35

They should replace the ps3 games with VR games.
I enjoy some Vita games during my commute from time to time :-)

As someone who owns all 3 consoles I disagree.

Good choices two months in a row, is Sony turning things around with these plus offerings, i like it.

Resident Evil and Guardian of Rebirth for me this month, not bad!


Props to Sony for an amazing month! I’m now really jealous in compare of what we are getting on Xbox, you did a great job for PS4! :) Nicely done! I’m really happy for PS4 owners! :) Enjoy!

Now a question, did anyone else noticed that Ubisoft pattern on the games we are getting? The same happens with Xbox as well, we get at least 1 Ubisoft title in every month :)


Just means they’re sponsoring it I suppose. Their less known or older titles get revived attention in exchange.


PS4 looks amazing, PS3 looks okay… Can you please stop giving us psp games and visual novels for the vita. You actually have a stellar library of vita games, use it! (would like Minecraft, Terraria, Severed, volume, little big planet vita, Tearaway, or child of Light)

I’m completely ok with Visual novels thanks, they also happen to be pretty pricey whereas all those games you’ve said are cheap (very cheap) and go on sale frequently.

wow, best month for PS4 by far! fantastic selection. PS+ coming back with a bang ;)

finally a good line lineup 10 months later :)

Nice. Was hoping Resident Evil would appear at some point.

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