Mantis Burn Racing brings high-speed top-down racing to PS4 on 12th October

Everything you need to know about VooFoo’s upcoming racer

Hi everyone, I’m Sean Walsh, Marketing Manager at VooFoo Studios and I’m really proud to exclusively announce that Mantis Burn Racing will be coming to PS4 on 12th October, 2016. If you’re a fan of really fun, highly competitive racing games we’re hoping you’ll be as excited by the news as we are.

Mantis Burn Racing is an arcade style top-down racer with stunning visuals, a comprehensive single-player career mode and a deep, RPG-style upgrade system.

This is a game that we’ve wanted to make for a long time and, as the first game we’re publishing ourselves, we’re super-excited to be finally nearing our launch date. Those of you who know us will know we’re a small but passionate team who strive to make games that are among the very best in their genre; our intentions have been the same with Mantis Burn Racing. As with all our previous titles, the game was built using our own in-house game and graphics engine, a fact that always seems to pleasantly surprise, and dare I say it, often impress people.


We set out around 18-months ago armed with a life-long appreciation for many of the classic top-down racing games that some of you may know and love, and a determination to create a game that takes the genre further by introducing what we believe are some really great modern updates.

We wanted Mantis Burn Racing to be a credible, visually impressive, top-down racing game that is really fun to play competitively with friends, so we’re offering four-player local split-screen racing. We’ve had many conversations with gamers at events like PAX West, Gamescom and EGX and we know this is a feature that many people really miss from games, so we’re happy to be bringing that back, along with multiple online modes for up to eight players.

Whilst Mantis Burn Racing is certainly an arcade style racer, we use what we term ‘fun physics’ to add depth and an element of real-world physics to the vehicles’ handling that makes each of the three classes of vehicle in the game feel and perform differently. Lightweight dune-buggies accelerate fast and feel agile, mid-weight road-racers have better grip and are more versatile and our mammoth six-wheeler trucks are heavy and strong and are able to smash through barriers to create all important short-cuts.


With such diverse vehicles competing side by side in the same race, the racing is fast-paced and highly competitive as you jump the sand dunes of sun-scorched Sand Town or burn rubber on the asphalt city streets of New Shangri-la.

One of the other stand-out features of the game is the progression system. You earn XP in all areas of the game including the comprehensive 20-hour single-player career, this unlocks both visual and performance upgrades for your vehicles using a RPG-style slot system.

Each vehicle has up to 18 upgrade slots available that allow you to customise your vehicles’ suspension, gear-box, engine, tyres and boost. With thousands of possible vehicle variations, the game allows you to fine tune your vehicles to your exact preference and playing style.


We want Mantis Burn Racing to challenge every aspect of your driving ability so there are nine different event types, including Knockout, Accumulator, Overtake and Time Trial that are all playable in both the single-player campaign and online. We can also confirm that the game will be running at 4K on PlayStation Pro and at 60FPS for crystal-clear High Definition racing! We don’t know of many (any?) other games that have confirmed that, so far.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’re excited for the launch of the game and we look forward to seeing you out on the tracks from 12th October! If you have any questions please let us know in the comments and we’ll do our very best to answer them.


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No video to share yet?

Looks and sounds good, though. MicroMachines/MotorStorm RC on PS4!


Hey, thanks for your comments! There are lots of Mantis Burn Racing videos on our YouTube channel:

Certainly caught my attention since it reminds me of Motorstorm RC.

Carnivius_Prime 04 October, 2016 @ 16:58

Looks very nice!

This is pure racing? No guns power ups on the track etc..?

SaucyRedRacer71 04 October, 2016 @ 20:07

That’s right, pure racing with realistic (but fun!) handling physics..


I’m with you Hokkus. I’m dying for a game like this but with some Micro Machines/Mashed style power ups!


Table Top Racing: World Tour is a reasonable battle racer, very much in the Micro-Machines style.

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This looks really cool but with PSVR coming out the day after, this might have to wait. Sorry.

How much will it cost?


EU pricing should be in the region of: £12.99 / 15.99 Euros.

Number of tracks?

Seems odd not to mention that…


Hey, there are 8 reversible tracks at launch (16 in total) – with more to come.

Looks very nice, will buy for the local multiplayer.

It’s actually odd, how hard it is to make good top down racers, or at least they are indeed rare these days. I have bought my share of bad or just ok ones.

So I really hope this one will do the trick. Looking forward to your game Sean.

And for those mentioning Micro Machines, I totally agree, why hasn’t there been a new MM ?? I loved that epic game.


There has. It’s a ftp online bastardisation of what we once loved.


Hey, thanks for your kind comments! Hope you enjoy the game.

Very good news!!! Please let the gameplay be nice….

The first screenshot made me think that this was a modern day Skidmarks (from the Amiga).

Any chance of VR compatibility? I love the idea of looking down on a tiny beautiful race in VR, like an interactive diorama, and I don’t really see myself playing any non-VR games for a while after the 13th. Or whenever mine turns up.


Hi there, no plans for VR right now… but we wouldn’t rule anything out, completely. Especially if we receive a significant amount of requests.

Are there leaderboards and ghosts in the single player time trials?


Hey, the answer is yes to both!

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