#PLUSMOMENTS October challenges are now live

Show off your skills at FIFA 17, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and The Division

Challenges are now live for October for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta which is available for those who have pre-ordered the game, EA Sport FIFA 17 and The Division:

FIFA 17Best long range goal in online multiplayer#RANGE
Best build up play to score in online multiplayer#TIKA
Best set piece goal in online multiplayer#SETPIECE
CoD IW BetaBest headshot in online multiplayer#SCOPE
Best use of a killstreak in online multiplayer#STREAK
Best throwing weapon kill in online multiplayer#BOOM
The DivisionBest kill of a Dark Zone boss#DARKBOSS
Best defence of an extraction point in Dark Zone#DARKDEFEND
Best hijack of an extraction point in Dark Zone#DARKATTACK

To get involved and enter, share your clips to YouTube using the PS4 share button. You’ll need to include the hashtag ‘PLUSMOMENTS‘ and the challenge hashtag, separated by a comma, in the tags section. You’ll also need to include your PSN ID. So if, for example, your clip is for the ‘Best long range goal in online multiplayer‘ in FIFA 17, you need to share to YouTube and include ‘#PLUSMOMENTS, #RANGE in the tags section. Don’t forget that #PLUSMOMENTS is only open to PlayStation Plus members in the UK.

If you don’t have these games, don’t worry! We’ll be using different games every month and you can still share clips from any game to the site for the rest of the UK to see, as long as they are from online multiplayer, whether they are your best bits or your funniest fails.

Head to for more details and to check out the competition. Get gaming with PlayStation Plus and share your clips!

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Nice idea but I’m too busy playing my games to bother filming them. Who buys a PS4 to muck around on YouTube?


Well PS4 records for you so….


I guess boring people need stuff like this…?


Certainly not my cup of tea but keep in mind a lot of people would deem gamers as boring for sitting around playing games… so to each their own :)

These challenges should be limited to the games given on plus, best zombie kill or something.

I have a challenge for you SONY, try to buy a game in your Buy 2 get 50% off sale. I’d like to buy something, but I can’t. And nobody can tell me why. Do you know why you put on the store games people cannot buy?

A suggestion for the people who are running the blog. If something is only available in certain countries then maybe include it in the headline, or the very first bit of the blog.

Beside seems not many cares about this, at least not UK people who are apparently the only one that can participate.

jason-bridges 16 October, 2016 @ 12:52

I think it’s a cool idea, just waiting for those games i’ve actually got to come around :D

Gwir_Gwalchmei 17 October, 2016 @ 17:26

Hey, any previous winners heard from Sony yet? I’m still waiting…

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