Set your sights on being the FBI’s best as Lethal VR shoots onto PlayStation VR

Perfect your aim in shooting galleries with weapons inspired by action movie classics

Welcome to VR training recruits! I’m Alex Ward and I’m Creative Director at Three Fields Entertainment. Today we announce our latest game, Lethal VR, a fast action weapons training experience for PlayStation VR.

As a UK based independent developer, we’re excited to be partnering with the brilliant UK team at publisher Team17 for this game, which is targeting a holiday 2016 release.

Lethal VR gives players the chance to test their shooting and throwing skills in a virtual training environment. You will get the chance to step into the shoes of an FBI recruit, and if you’re good enough, you’ll also get the chance to recreate a few scenes from some classic movies.

Lethal VRLethal VR

In order to complete your training, you’ll have to master a variety of different weapons and techniques. You’ll be tested with both handguns and knives, submachine guns and throwing stars. We’ll track how fast your Quickdraw is, but also your speed, accuracy and consistency. Special scores are awarded for both Bullseyes and Headshots. Your scores will be tracked and your performance will be rated in over 30 different challenges spread across 5 simulations. Do you have what it takes to earn a “Lethal” rating in every challenge?

As you successfully complete each Simulation, you’ll unlock some special Bonus challenges. These feature legendary weapons from the world of the movies. Online leaderboards will allow you to compare your scores against your Friends via the PlayStation Network.

You’ll be able to try you skills with the following weapons:

  • A gold plated gun inspired by the weapon in the film The Man With The Golden Gun
  • A very big knife inspired by the knife in the movie Crocodile Dundee
  • A Magnum revolver inspired by the weapon in the film Magnum Force
  • Throwing Stars inspired by those seen in the movie Kill Bill
  • A razor tipped Bowler Hat inspired by the one thrown in the film Goldfinger
  • An automatic machine pistol inspired by the one seen in the film Robocop
Lethal VRLethal VR

As developers, the arrival of PSVR inspired us to think about both the stories we could tell and the worlds we could now allow you to step right into. Lethal VR was inspired by some famous sequences from some of my favourite movies – Point Break’s opening sequence, Magnum Force’s police training range, and the opening from The Man With The Golden Gun (Warning: last link contain strong violence).

These sequences, and many more like that, have always stayed with me, and I’ve always wanted to be able to try my luck on a shooting range like those shown in those movie clips. If you’ve always wanted to – we’re giving you that chance with Lethal VR.

The closest I came was back in 2006. I was directing a shooting title called BLACK for the PlayStation 2 in my previous job as Creative Director at Criterion Games. I spent countless hours watching shoot out scenes from popular action movies. I also spent a few days at a gun range in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had a system that projected DVD video scenes onto a special wall that you could fire real bullets at.

It was designed to train US police officers and tested their skills in a variety of different situations. I spent a few hours studying it, and actually appeared on the front page of the local Las Vegas newspaper firing a revolver at the screen. However, it was nothing like the sort of gun range that Keanu Reeves or Clint Eastwood got to use. Nor did the targets pop up suddenly as either friend or foe. And shooting at real people on a paused DVD felt much more terrifying than entertaining to me.

Lethal VRLethal VR

So I decided to start building the experience I’ve always wanted to play with the small but incredibly talented team here at Three Fields Entertainment.

Paul Phillpot used the power of Unreal Engine to make the weapons feel right in your virtual hands. Chris Roberts authored all 31 weapons challenges using his deep knowledge of action movies (Chris was the first person to dual wield our handguns in VR).

Phil Maguire and Alex Veal took on all the programming side of the development. Phil worked on tracking controls with the Move Controllers, and really nailed the feeling of throwing a virtual knife through the air. Alex has the fastest Quickdraw time in the office.

Simon Phipps created all of the front-end screens, artwork, and FE flow. His fast drawing talents really nailed an almost 1970’s comic book style for the targets.

Lethal VRLethal VR

All sound effects and title music for the game were created in-house by John Guscott. John was inspired by Simon’s early 80’s “Hollywood computer” style of presentation – influenced by movies such as “WarGames” and “Blue Thunder.” The audio design captures not only the energy and intensity needed for each weapon, but also the larger-than-life style we wanted to accomplish.

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The Lethal VR development team is here and online at the PS Blog for a few hours. We’re happy to try and answer any questions you might have!

After playing the shooting range on vr worlds I thought to myself “playstation vr needs a shooting range game”! Box ticked! We’ll done

Looks fun :)
And as you already have the gun from Robocop..
Is ‘the skirt shot’ from Robocop hidden somewhere in there ?

Thanks Madison74 – brilliant minds think alike! Hope you enjoy!

@sentry-23 You’ll get to feel powerful on PSVR!

Hello Three Fields Team,

From your previous work at Criterion I have kept an eager eye on your projects since forming your new company. I have had great fun with Dangerous Golf (Which would be nice if it got PS4 Pro support to iron out some of the framerate drops) and I am very much looking forward to this game. I got my PSVR on release and have been loving it! It was the first time I had ever experienced VR and it is most definitely something I urge people to try.

In your blog post you mentioned about getting the chance to ‘recreate a few scenes from some classic movies’. Any chance you could share what films these are from? Will they tie in with the special weapons that can be unlocked?

Maybe a little early but any chance on a price at this point?

Thanks for reading

– MjA –

Hello there,

Throughout the game there are rounds inspired by scenes from different movies. The main weapons for the game are Handgun, Throwing Knife, Double Handgun, Double Knife, SMG, Double SMG and different weapon combinations. At the end of each “Simulation” – you unlock a Bonus Weapon.
As for PS Pro support – you’d get a higher resolution but not a higher framerate. We’re a small team and and as yet, have no plans to patch the game for that hardware.
Hope this answers your questions!

This looks fun, but i hope it has a decent amount of ‘normal’ levels like training/obstacle courses people use in real life for target practise, instead of just floating targets in space. Then again i’ve realised it’s really hard to see if somethins is fun or not in VR unless you’ve actually experienced it yourself.



For starters, it’s really hard to make a 2D video capture a VR experience. There are some different experiences in there within the environment. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Looks fun, is there a thread that ties the scenarios/ranges together or are they completely seperate?


Each challenge is points based with a high score leaderboard for each one.


What, no lightsaber?

Hello Alex, I am a huge fan of most (bar 1 fps shooter) of your former projects and yes i am one of those who’ve waited for BLACK 2 since a week after the first came out :-).
Huge fan of Burnout (yes, the whole series) too.

Will i buy Lethal VR? ,OFCOURSE , i need more VR stuff :)!.

PS:I hope the money goes towards a Black or Burnout sequel ;-)

Thanks Amigaguru. Not sure I understand your comment – you’re waiting for Black 2 but you didn’t like the first one? Maybe I’m missing something. Thanks for your support – it won’t support sequels to those titles you mention. We don’t work at Electronic Arts anymore. We chose to form our own studio instead. PS – buy “Micro Mart” magazine – it still has a monthly Amiga column!

damienmcnugget 21 October, 2016 @ 10:50

I think Amigaguru is saying: Since Black was so great, many of us have been waiting for a sequel ever since. I know I have!
And I think I know which FPS Amigaguru isn’t so keen on ;D

But I’m sold on this new game any which way, looks like great fun and the perfect VR title.

rayna-monique 21 October, 2016 @ 11:04

Well it’s about time you put a full on shooter game on vr I know we have PlayStation vr worlds and until dawn rush of blood but please make this a full game not a 15 pound game all I want to play is a stand up shooting game

rayna-monique 21 October, 2016 @ 11:04

With a story

A Three Fields game? I’m in. :)

It would be cool if there is quick draw section in this game like in ‘Wild Gunman’ from the NES.

If the studio is looking for other game ideas for their next project, please make something like the Wii title ‘Boom Blox’ in VR with multiplayer. That would be an awesome experience!

@ThaBEN_NL Yes there is! The first Round in each “Simulation” is a QuickDraw challenge. We score you on just how fast your draw is.

But how accurate can you be? There are Bonuses available for all Headshots or all Bullseyes.

We will look our for your name on the PSVR Leaderboards.

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