New Robinson: The Journey video focuses on character, creatures and curiosity

Crytek unveils some of the beasts roaming its wild VR world

We recently announced an 8th November release date for Robinson: The Journey, and after all the hard work the team has put in, it’s an incredible feeling to know we’re now only a few weeks away from launch.

Today, we’re sharing the third video in our dev diary series to give you a closer look at how we’ve populated the rich game world you’ll soon be able to experience for yourself.

Right from the outset of development, we wanted to capture the childlike wonder of imagining a world filled with dinosaurs. VR gives us the power to bring that feeling home in spectacular style, and it was up to us to think creatively about how we could invoke a sense of awe not just when you pull the PlayStation VR headset on for the first time, but right throughout the Robinson universe.

We focused on filling our setting – the extrasolar planet of Tyson III – with a huge variety of creatures – some big, some small, some harmless, some… not so harmless. We wanted this world to feel rich and alive, worthy of your curiosity at every turn, so we’ve made sure there’s plenty of diversity in the ecosystem.

We’ve also invested a lot of energy in the interplay between your two most trusted companions – AI unit HIGS and baby T-Rex Laika. HIGS has something of a “two’s company” ethos where Laika’s concerned, and the give-and-take between the three of you adds an extra layer of depth and personality to your adventure.

As we approach launch day for Robinson, everyone on the team shares the feeling that the game has exceeded our original expectations. Exploring how the power of VR enables us to sustain a wow factor across every inch of Tyson III has been an exciting, eye-opening experience – and we hope the journey of discovery we’ve been on will shine through when you fire up the game and play for yourself in a few weeks!

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A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!! This journey looks very promising. Hopefully it is immersive as it is presented. Almost Nov 9

This is one of my most anticipated games for PSVR. The guys at Crytek obviously spared no expense.

What is the control method for this? Will it use the Navigation Controller and Move?

Only dualshok 4. Which is why i won’t buy it until they release patch with move controller support


I wouldn’t buy it if it was move controller BECAUSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANY FOR SALE. Which obviously means I can’t buy many of the games on PSVR yet.

There will be new moves in stores. By the end of November i think

pedrorochatorres 28 October, 2016 @ 01:12

i like :)

Big issue is a movement!! It should be just on the analog stick, and you should be just using your head to look around!

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