PS Plus Double Discounts start today on PlayStation Store – save up to 70%

Grab savings on Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Street Fighter V, more

Greetings, bargain hunters. We’ve got two new PlayStation Store promotions kicking off today for you. First up, the new Deal Of The Week is acclaimed stealth sequel Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – don’t delay, you’ve got until 9th November to snap it up.

Deal of the Week

Also starting today is the return of our Double Discounts promotion, in which PS Plus members can take advantage of additional savings on a range of big titles, including Ratchet & Clank, The Order 1886, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Street Fighter V. See below for the full list of discounts, and click through to see pricing in your region

Double Discounts Sale

PS Plus Double Discounts* (until 24/11/16)


*Some titles may not be available in your region

Save up to 60% on PS3 and Vita games

And that’s not all. We also have a new set of PS3 and PS Vita deals going live today, including savings on Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Battlefield Hardline, Gravity Rush and Psycho Pass. See the full list below and click through for pricing details.


PS Vita

Digital Discounts

Finally, we have a range of new discounts for select digital-only titles starting today. Save some precious pennies on the likes of Axiom Verge, Super Meat Boy, Dangerous Golf, Jotun, Virginia and Shadow Complex Remastered.


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Nice Xcom 2! Been waiting for this to drop. Loved the first.

There was an XCOM 2 here.
It’s gone now.


Same here but we have to forget it. This is not the first time it happens.

Nice sale,i’ve picked up a couple of games. What’s happening with Necropolis on the store Fred? The link on the webstore doesn’t work. Searching on PSN has shown nothing. Can you look into it please?


Presume it’s still updating… clicking on the Deus Ex deal of the week banner brings me to a yahoo mail sign in page… weird…

Nah can’t still be updating after more than 24 hours… I’m guessing the release date is wrong… Tweeted the dev, no answer.


Why do I have this strange feeling that the main titles will be Playstation Plus games next month.. hmmmm?

My thoughts exactly! I was between Bound (to have a PSVR title to play ) and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture last month and decided to go with the latter only to see it is free on ps+ this month. I think I will leave these sales from now on. No more impulse buying for me!

how much is the discount on witcher 3?

hithwen_feadur 02 November, 2016 @ 12:12

It’s been removed from the list along with xcom 2 -.-



Very sad the discounts weren’t up when first posted , so I came back and now games are gone from the list .

That’s fail ! Sony !

Ok alright. I got it, I will have a ponder about the enticing prices.

So when do the sales actually start? Seems daft putting this post up when most of the stuff isn’t discounted in any way.
First 3 games I check out; Deadpool, Spiderman and XCOM2 are not discounted so I gave up looking at anything else.

Very silly to post it when it’s not up , even more silly to re post it on forums when it isn’t up.


Give it a a few hours and it’ll update.

Now they’ve all been removed from the list of PS4 games.
Good show!

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My already massive backlog is about to get even larger……

Very daft , even dafter to re post it on the forums , might be only avalible to one psn store lol

Deadpool is still marked as £44.99??? when will it be reduced.

Apologies its the PS4 copy im looking at ignore me lol

Carnivius_Prime 02 November, 2016 @ 10:06

Nice. Already got most of my fave ones here such as SFV, Mad Max, Uncharted, R&C but I’ve been meaning to get Ultra SFIV (for completions sake but also for characters not present in SFV) and Alienation looks to be entertaining especially for that price. Cheers!

Remember if a game is faulty in anyway PlayStation will not offer you a refund as you are entitled to be the Consumer Rights Act 2015 so don’t give them your money. Buy physical!


Has anyone ever bought a game from PSN and it hasn’t worked? I mean actually hasn’t worked, not just been a bit glitchy or buggy, which tends to be par for the course these days and usually gets patched.

The only time I’ve ever had to take a game back to a shop for being irretrievably busted it was because it was second hand and the disc was scratched to *rude word*. That, unsurprisingly, has never happened to me with digital.

Yup, I have No Mans Sky and it locks up my console every hour without fail so much so I have had to stop playing it. I want a refund but Sony are refusing.

Being buggy and glitchy to a point where the game is unplayable is not acceptable and is covered by UK Consumer Law.


Sony is breaking the law, get in touch with Trading Standards.

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Hey Fred, have you read my other post concerning the mislabeled PSOne Classic and the first episode of Minecraft Story mode in the latest Store Update blog entry?


The Playstation store on Browser seems VERY slow. only way I can get it to work is open in new tab. I can imagine a LOT of people are going for these deals.

Come on, are you serious about removing X-COM 2 from the sale?

We get the same old sales as usual (how many times these titles have been on discount?) and they remove X-Com 2. Really wanted to buy it.


I and many others still cannot download Rapture from this months Plus, please can we have this corrected!

damienmcnugget 02 November, 2016 @ 11:27

plisken1979: Add the game to wishlist, go to wishlist, add to basket, and checkout.


@Fred @Franzess

Is it possible to get a discount on on the upgrade of Ultra SF4 for ps3 instead of always the full game?

I have started realizing that certain items are removed fromthe store. I noticed thanks to this sale that the Jojo’s bizzare adventure for ps3 had a complete version (all DLC included). it was the version I was waiting on to be discounted and now its completely missing form the store. In addition exclusively for PS Plus there was a Driveclub game and season pass bundle at a discount price of 15,99 pounds that is now also missing from the store. Could you guys look into these please.


Why isnt Gran Turismo 6 and its special edition ever discounted. Come on SONY, I am BEEEEEEEGGGGING.

Never mind a discount; if there was one game from the entire PS3 library crying out for a remaster it was this considering it come out a week after a lot of us invested in PS4!

So the one game from the list I was going to buy is now gone?! What the heck? XCOM 2…

Why in a million years would you buy the deluxe version of DA:I at that price when you can get the GoTY edtion cheaper in the same sale and even get the Deluxe upgrade with the standard version cheaper


Weird that the sale lasts 3 weeks, it’s usually been 2 except for special ones (Summer, christmas, etc).
Wonder if the games that were removed (like XCOM 2, Witcher 3) are gonna be part of a new wave of deals on the 2nd or 3rd week of this sale

Hey guys, is anyone else getting the “This item is not available right now.” on Everybody’s gone to the Rapture when trying to get it from PS+? The rest of the games can be “purchased” just fine…

It’s working now


Wait why were Xcom 2 and Deadpool removed?


Becouse you told us to wait ! Lol I blame it on Sony and you angry-gamer.

CoolRichy007UK 02 November, 2016 @ 18:02

Punches deadpool and xcom2 till they return to ps store

Might be a nice sale, except for the fact titles I’m interested in are unavailable and I can’t access store in any other way than clicking the links above, after which I get to the game’s page but can’t buy anything. Money saved I guess.

Assetto Corsa when up from $56nzd to $67nzd overnight. What’s up?


Sony marketing strikes again :)

CoolRichy007UK 02 November, 2016 @ 20:21

i seen better sales on boats if i was incharge of sony ps4 id put all games in the sale at £1 :D

When will the sales be live? There’s a bunch of good games on here, but I don’t know how much they are!


Mmm some good stuff in the sale, although I think some titles have been slightly cheaper before. Still waiting for Rocksmith tracks and Arcade Archives games to go on sale.

Whent down and obtained second hand games , on blue ray , Sony didn’t get a cent , including Witcher 3 wild hunt , and xcon 3 , and a few others that were taken off the list :) .

Your loss Sony :)

Xcom 2?

Now could be the time to invest in Street Fighter V for me as I picked up a Venom arcade stick recently and need a reason to upgrade it to Sanwa buttons and stick! Good price on the Deluxe bundle.

Why has Street Fighter V been increased in price by £2.50? Yesterday it was £15 for standard and £22.49 for Deluxe and now they’re £17.49 and £24.99!

Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY for £11 is the bargain of the year for me. That is a lot of game for the money.

When I click onto one of these games, it redirects me to the PS Store but instead of taking me to the page for that game, it says “you are not allowed to view this content”. Why does this happen? Does it happen to any you as well?

If you’re coming from the US, as your flag indicates, to access the UK or other european store only using a proxy or a private browser page.

Ateliers on sale for PS3 but not for Vita. Nice…

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