Get creative with PlayStation colouring book, Art For The Players, out today

Add your own creative twist to classic gaming art

Since the PS one first came into our homes, PlayStation has always been a symbol of quality gameplay, pushing the boundaries of entertainment. Across its 20+ years, PlayStation has been home to some of the best-loved and most iconic video games of all time.

One of the unique factors which has made it such an exciting platform for players is the incredible creativity and eye-wateringly good art at the heart of the games.

Whether it’s the dark Gothic world of Yharnam in Bloodborne, or the crazily colourful world of Ape Escape – PlayStation games have always looked as great as they play.

As you may have heard, the colouring craze has been taking the world by storm as people of all ages embrace the fun of bringing to life designs with their own unique creative spin.

PlayStation colouring bookPlayStation colouring bookPlayStation colouring book

The team here at Kings Road Publishing wanted to help PlayStation fans celebrate all their favourites and bring them to life, which is where Art For The Players comes in!

Get creative with PlayStation colouring book, Art For The Players, out today

Now is your turn to colour some of PlayStation’s best-loved games as you imagine them. Whether you’re a fan of classics such as WipEout and Lemmings, or prefer the more modern gaming experiences found in God of War and Tearaway, there is no denying they all look better with a splash of colour.

From the desert oranges and dusky reds of Journey, to the shadow emeralds and indigo jungles of Uncharted let your creativity roam free. It’s time to bring the games to life.

This is Art For The Players, and it’s available from today. You can order your copy from Amazon and all good bookshops. Enjoy!

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Lt_Fed_Brusque 03 November, 2016 @ 14:07

Oh please… I’m a grown-up.


Don’t judge me :P

I soooo want one!

Just to be clear, will prob only be able to get one in ZA along with Paragon release…. grrrr

Why not turn it into a game?….

For the dutch people .. its on for 15 euro

Dudes looking down at their shoes

H3inzPrueller1 04 November, 2016 @ 08:12

This would be so cool in VR. Painting with the move controllers. Community added designs. Pretty please?

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