Celebrate N7 Day with a new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer

Take a closer look at the next entry in Bioware’s acclaimed sci-fi saga

N7 Day is a celebration of the Mass Effect universe and the game’s amazing community. Today, we’re extremely excited to take our fans far beyond the familiar boundaries of the Milky Way and into the depths of the Andromeda galaxy.


We’ve got a new trailer to share that shows off the latest chapter in the series, a tonne a great giveaways, and we’re also launching the Andromeda Initiative to help make sure you get all the training you’ll need to succeed in your mission.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll take the role of the Pathfinder, leading humanity’s search for a new home in the uncharted and unforgiving region of an entirely new galaxy. You’ll experience a deeply customisable progression system as you lead your squad through undiscovered alien worlds, and utilise advanced weaponry as well as a host of special abilities.


To top it all off, the critically-acclaimed Frostbite engine, which powers Mass Effect: Andromeda, will bring all the visuals, action, emotion and worlds of Mass Effect to life like never before.


Keep your eye on PlayStation Blog and for all the latest on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and sign up for the Andromeda Initiative for pre-departure information and training.


We hope you enjoy the new trailer, and Happy N7 Day!

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Still no gameplay. Why are you still teasing us Bioware?

And just to annoy the Sony fans, across the way MS just gave the Xbox One owners the original trilogy Backwards Compatibility… Any chance there’s an equivalent option for PS4?

Playstation Now? I think it has access to at least parts 2 and 3

Unless your an alien from the andromeda galaxy, u will clearly know Sony didn’t do backwards compatible like microhard as they never scared all their new customers away liveth xbox division lol


Why is the most unintelligible English on this blog more often than not accompanied by the Union Jack? Come on, son.

and no release date? Camon

I will not be satisfied until I see some actual gameplay. We have waited long enough and deserve to see some action.



But then you’ll see it’s a game….
Just take a step backward, be thankful that they’re not throwing you all this footage of their best set pieces. It’s a nice change if they go this dark till launch day when the curtain lifts and everything is ruined.

Nope not for me sorry. This and every other game for the next year or two will have to contend with Red Dead 2.
This is just more of the same (drivel)
I will pass.

Sooo hyped!!! This one requires moar Blasto!


Come on folks! Maybe no gameplay demo but Mass Effect was and is a classic!
Even if it is the same game play as before with its amazing story driven play it will be one of the games of the year (even with red dead coming out). I for one will be placing my pre order the second I can!

I expected a bit more from the trailer to be quite honest.

The original Mass Effect was unprecedented in terms of scale and attention to detail, but the series progressively lost its appeal to me as the conventional third-person shooter gameplay took over and relegated space opera to the background. I actually gave up on the third game after playing the combat-heavy demo on PS3. So far, what I’ve seen from Andromeda doesn’t make me feel particularly optimistic. The environment and technology design is still unparalleled, but… guns, guns, guns! Wouldn’t it be great if Bioware gave us a proper Sci-Fi exploration game after the disappointment of “No Man’s Sky”? There’s also the question on how good it will look on the aging PS4 (“pro” or otherwise) compared to PC by the time it is released… Console gamers could get a sub-par experience.


Any known issues with latest Frostbite game (BF1)? It looks great on PS4.

I’m reasonably excited, but that trailer looks too sleak to be honest.

Hopefully with the new Steam regulations in place, we’ll soon know if those graphics are the real deal or just [DELETED]


Will it be fully playable offline? Dragon Age: Inquisition (another BioWare/EA game) had some items that could only be found by playing the multiplayer mode. I don’t have any interest in that mode and I wasn’t about to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, for some Skyhold decorations that can only be used in single-player anyway. Will Mass Effect: Andromeda fix this?


Won’t be the same without FemShep ;(


But still excited!

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