New PSN toolbar available now on

Keep track of friend requests, messages and game invites while away from your console

Starting today, if you head to and log in to your PSN account, you’ll see a new toolbar in the top right where you’ll be able to view Notifications, Messages, Friends, and your own mini-profile — all from your computer’s web browser. This makes it easier to stay connected when you’re away from your console.

Your Friends list will be fully accessible via the toolbar, giving you a snapshot of which friends are online before you hop into a game. The Messages tab includes the ability to send and receive stickers, images, text, and voice messages all from the web.

You’ll also be able to keep track of friend requests, Party invitations, and game invitations from the Notifications tab until you can get to your console. Head over to to check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments.


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Makes sense. I’ll be honest, I virtually never visit as it seems to have traditionally been an inert collection of basic information I already knew so it’s good to see the site getting more feature and purpose.

Nice, I like it. Pretty nice to be able to check who is only, without turning on your PS. Also a good way to check messages if you have access to a PC, but not to a PS.

Finally, thank you.

While a nice addition, it would be even nice to have this as a stand alone app.

Either we need one central PlayStation site with regional pages, or things like this need to be introduced simultaneously across all of the current sites.

Personally, I think the single unified site is the better option. There are too many differences, even down to the PSN ID Cards offered by the US/EU sites. Which, by the way, need to be worked on more quickly, or scrapped altogether; at the moment, they’re a half-assed attempt which seem to be being worked on forever, with no real progress.

A basic API for us to show our own figures on our websites or make our own cards would be wonderful.

I never managed to figure out why has a completely different layout.

If you seen the URL recently, ALL US and EU sites have instead of (regioncode), except the Asian and Japanese sites for some odd reason.


Yeah, but they’re still run as separate sites, as evidenced by the fact that they tell us to go to – even though we’re actually already on – the bar should be global across all of the domain.

If you go to you should get the same page wherever you are, with global information applicable to all – and the option to click through to a regional area *if you want to*. For the most part, the current format just leads to a duplication of information.

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Nice copy and paste from the US Blog, without the pictures :)

Nice : )

Or just use the iOS or Android app on your phone :)


Yeah. But the problem with the app is… when it crashes once, it does keep crashing after every restart. Deleting app data to perform a clean installation doesnt help. So, the app just stops suddenly working and is then dead forever. …Im using my Vita now for messages. But I must say its very annoying that, even though I configurated it that it should just flashs the powerbutton when a new message comes in, its always flashing for multiple dumb reason nobody asked for… Why does nothing work as intended when its from Sony? =/

What’s the performance improvement when compared to using the apps? On average across all portables.
Seems great to me as anything on PC always feels good and fast.

And why don’t you use this toolbar here on the blog too??? *head scratch*

Question… why can I sign into and get access to my friends, messages etc without being prompted for 2 step verification, yet I can’t even ‘like’ or comment on the PS blog without reaching for my phone??

So how do we force update our gamercards now? Before I could go to mypsn/nvrhere and click on gamercard to refresh it, now that page no longer allows me to even view the card at all. Typical Sony, make a change in one place and break something in another.

Not only is useless, it doesn’t even work with Firefox nor Chrome. The irony.

But can it finally remember my login for a decent time?

devil_spawn666 14 November, 2016 @ 13:28

I would use the toolbar above if it actually functioned properly. It shows a counter of how many friends are online, but when I click the icon it says 0 friends online and a search icon to add more friends. I’ll just stick to the app on my phone when away from my PS devices instead, I rarely come onto PlayStation blog and site as it is.

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