New on PlayStation Store this week: Final Fantasy XV, Steep, How We Soar, more

Plus, Hue, Holoball, Rainbow Six Siege DLC, Titanfall 2 DLC

With December firmly in our sights, 2016 only has a few more big releases left in the pipe, but they don’t come much heftier than a new mainline entry in Square-Enix’s storied Final Fantasy series. Years in the making and arriving on the back of strong reviews, your adventures in the land of Eos kick off today.

Also on the virtual shelves this week: Ubisoft’s open-world winter sports extravaganza Steep, elegant PS VR adventure How We Soar, and fresh DLC for Titanfall 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. See below for the list of new arrivals.

PlayStation StoreOut this week






  • Industry Giant 2
    30th November

  • Red Faction
    30th November

  • Destroy All Humans! 2
    30th November


  • Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
    30th November

  • Pinball FX2 VR
    30th November

  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – Festive Edition
    1st December


  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – Festive Deluxe Edition
    1st December

  • The Dwarves
    1st December

  • We Sing
    1st December


  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition
    1st December

  • Need for Speed Deluxe Bundle
    1st December

  • Steep – Gold Edition
    2nd December


  • Steep
    2nd December

  • N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure – Deluxe Edition
    2nd December

  • Battalion Commander
    2nd December


  • The Keeper of 4 Elements
    2nd December



  • Hue
    29th November

  • Neon Chrome
    30th November

  • The Keeper of 4 Elements
    2nd December


  • Battalion Commander
    2nd December



28th November

29th November

30th November

  • Titanfall 2
  • Angel City Callsign Pack
  • Angel City Camo Pack
  • Ion Art Pack 1
  • Ion Prime
  • Legion Art Pack 1
  • Northstar Art Pack 1
  • Ronin Art Pack 1
  • Scorch Art Pack 1
  • Scorch Prime
  • Tone Art Pack 1

1st December

  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
  • Festive Edition Upgrade
  • War Thunder
  • Naval Pack S-204 Lang

2nd December

  • Steep
  • Season Pass
  • Credits Base Pack
  • Credits Bronze Pack
  • Credits Silver Pack
  • Credits Gold Pack
  • Credits Diamond Pack

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in November

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Got a question about Hue’s cross-buy.
I bought the game on PS4 thinking that when the PSVita version would come out, it would automatically be available for me there too.

Now the Store doesn’t even show me having the PS4 version (it is on my downloads list)… What’s up with that?



I’ve had the same issue for the past twelve hours. It seems as though Sony Europe removed the PS4 only version of Hue from the marketplace and replaced it with the cross buy version, but they didn’t transfer the licenses for people who bought it on PS4 before today.

StevenJamesHyde 29 November, 2016 @ 13:38



SNAP! Same here, guys!

Also had the exact same issue with Slain: Back from Hell, which came out on Vita last week. That’s still not fixed either.

With its Vita edition due in the coming weeks, I was going to pick up Lichtspeer as it’s on sale, but after the Hue / Slain issues (and previously with the likes of Towerfall Ascension), it just isn’t worth the risk.

It’s a real shame when indie sales figures rest with customers having little to no faith with SCEE regarding something as simple as PS4 / Vita crossbuy :(

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Sorry to be “that” guy but Is the EU ever going to get taco master? Or that terrible mayonnaise game?

Been watching Kinda Funny?


My name is mayo is just 45 mins of hitting x to get a platinum. Is anyone that desperate for a platinum trophy??


If the leak is genuine it’s very disappointing as both games are unlikely to be popular choices and are likely to be cheap.

Stories is a great game but the PS plus free games aren’t exciting anymore.

I remember getting bioshock infinite, crysis 3,sleeping dogs, dead space 3 etc free on ps3 not that long after the games came out. Doesn’t seem to happen anymore :(

Can you PLEASE fix your outdated mobile web store???

TerrorOfDeath86 29 November, 2016 @ 12:23

FFXV is banned in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the new regulatory board :(

Those haircuts should be banned everywhere.

I have to be honest, and I hate to say it, but I’m regretting buying VR. The “support” has been rather shocking since release day and there has been no real drive on sales or offers on the ludicrously priced AAA full games. I’ll be holding out for the X-Wing VR mission then flogging it.

You could at least have some kind of release map outlined.


If you want to know how Sony plan to support VR look to how they supported the Vita. Move and 3dtv compatible games.

Sadly saw this coming a mile off. Sony never back up new tech with actual software, especially when it’s a bit ‘gimmick-ey’

We’ll probably see the first decent VR titles in about 2 years time. By which time there’ll be at least 3 hardware revisions rendering the launch tech obsolete.

I was fine with Move on PS3. I only think they should’ve released more arcade-y rail shooters. Darkside Chronicles and Deadstorm Pirates were the **** with it.

PS+ games?


(Potential spoiler): It’s most likely going to be Invisible Inc, and Stories Path of Destinies for PS4. There was a banner up on the PS Store briefly last night.

Cheers for the intel, KaneTheGoth :)

Hope that’s not true, they don’t look terrible but would have liked something better for the Christmas plus.

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And why is the FB link in the web store hyperlinked to the PS UK UNOFFICIAL PAGE???


It’s been like that for ages… really, really unprofessional,. They can’t even link to their own damn page.

LOL really?! No wonder Sony get trolled and hacked so often, they’re oblivious.

Can we please be told whats holding up the Persona 5 free theme we were promised? we were supposed to have it on the 24th…

Not that i expect any communication from this blog.

AussieOutsider 29 November, 2016 @ 12:37

I don’t want to be that guy again, but Rock Band 4 Entitlements? Come On… at least give us some feedback.

Any news / timeframe regarding Slain: Back from Hell’s crossbuy?

The dev’s said it “should be done tomorrow” … Last week. (obviously not)

Dear Fred, sorry for insisting, but the description for the game “Warhawk” (PSOne Classic) still says it’s compatible with Vita and PSTV. But the EU version isn’t and i’ve tried.

Also the Gold/Silver Pass DLC for the game “Ridge Racer” are supposed to give two “medleys” among other content, however, these two medleys are unavailable outside of Asia.

Contacting both the Sony support and Namco Bandai gave no results. Please fix the descriptions in all regions, it’s paid stuff.

And one final thing: according to various reports, the “Trials of St.Lucia” DLC for Dante’s Inferno no longer works, they apparently shut down the servers without a notice. Since the DLC is priced, please get in touch with EA (we already tried, to no avail) or tell the Store department to delist it.

Might be worth taking this further – looks like they don’t care enough to respond.

Maybe alert places like Eurogamer etc, or reach out to Shuhei, Gio Corsi etc on Twitter or other known, popular industry influencers.

You wouldn’t get this silence from other big social media outlets – it’s becoming a disgrace!

“Influencers”? Eurogamer? They probably don’t even know what i’m talking about. Except for the Dante’s Inferno problem (i read about it like yesterday night), all the others require a simple edit in the store description, it’s not something more complicated like the Rock Band fiasco…

Also why certain avatars are still broken in the Blog?

I didn’t say Eurogamer were influencers, that was more around Shu/Gio.

But Eurogamer have covered the failings of the PlayStation Store before, and you could reach out to any other sites that may run a story on it to get it more coverage and help it gather more attention.

Maybe even create a thread on NeoGAF, someone will surely pick it up – it’s clear we are being ignored on here.

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Hi will there be any final fantasy xv avatar on ps store?

Where is the free Ryuji theme and avatar set that was supposed to be arriving on the 24/11/16?

Deepsilver are not talking.

You won’t get any answer here. Sony doesn’t do the Persona 5 theme, they just release it. Atlus/Deepsilver does. And yeah, Deepsilver and Atlus both are saying nothing. But we just need to keep bugging them about it.


Feeling exactly the same way, where the hell is the Ryuji theme?? I thought they said the Phantom Thieves wouldn’t forget about us, EU fans… hopefully they’ll offer it to us one day cause US fans weren’t the only ones sad about the delay of the game. So Add me to the “Let’s bug Atlus and Deepsilver about it”-brigade.

When was the last time anyone replied on here? Should get a counter going…..

Pretty rude of the Blog staff to just ignore all of their customers.

Manners cost nothing, an acknowledgement would be nice


At least back in the day Jawad would reply.

Cross buy has been available for some time, on many games. For the most part it has worked well. Today there are 3 malfunctioning cross buy games. Hue is asking me to buy it again, slain back from hell versions are priced differently and now neon chrome wont let me buy it. It says i own the game (wont let me buy the new cross buy version) because i downloaded the demo for ps4. So it is kind of the opposite problem, atributing entitlements i DON’T have. Sigh.

StevenJamesHyde 29 November, 2016 @ 13:54

Well, technically four if you count Crimsonland (2+ years old and never fixed!!). Possibly more?


Is a ps1 section to much to ask of sony? Fred wont even respond.

The last time that a member of the Blog team replied –

43 Days ago, coincidentally – when Frannifer was still part of the team.

I’m guessing Sony haven’t bothered to replace her – either that or they are copying Hello Games and just going silent.

According to LinkedIn she no longer works on the Blog. She’s now Product Manager at Ninja Theory. Looks as though they didn’t bother replacing her. You can see by the sheer lack of comments more and more every week that people have stopped caring. If you’re not going to get a response why bother.

I know – I wished her well on Twitter when she announced she was moving to Ninja Theory, Sony’s loss, NT’s gain. I’m just pointing out that it’s pretty ridiculous and disrespectful that a company that claims they are ‘For the Players’ have a team that refuse to help the people that need it.

It’s a shame to see that none of the Blog team care about their readers or are bothered enough to help.

Well, but Hello Games recently returned speaking after the ****storm from the last few months, and released a major update for their game.

Well, at least we FINALLY got all the remaining exports for Rock Ban….. oh, wait.

We didn’t.

Woohoo! Neon Chrome is out on Vita tomorrow! Highly recommended for Vita fans. Top game :)

Remaining rock band entitlements and exports?! ????

anyone tried asking fred on twitter what the ell is going on 6 weeks and no response to even the sensible questions???


Hey, Rock Band exports. Whats going on? SERIOUSLY!

How about them missing Rock Band exports, Fred? Anything to share?


Nah, thought not. Knew I was kidding myself, but had to try…

Where did Mutant Mudds Deluxe Double Pack go??
It was showing as being released last week but then never appeared on the store?
Any news on where and when this is??
Been waiting for this on the Vita for years!!!
Had given up until I saw it on the Blog last week?
Never got an answer last week about it!

CoolRichy007UK 29 November, 2016 @ 18:04

Was that a poem :)

CoolRichy007UK 29 November, 2016 @ 18:03

Pre ordered steep gold edition 4 the moonlight pack and with lego worlds / City undercover out in 2017 il be 1 happy gamer Woohoo

Where are the missing Rock Band exports and entitlements??

It’s already been OVER A YEAR since Rock Band 4 was released and we still don’t have them.

Ive asked fred whats happening on twitter, may or may not get a response but will see?

@SIEE, can someone look into the following problem: I bought Neon Chrome on PS4 a few month ago, now I am trying to download Neon Chrome on PS Vita but there is no download button on the store page of Neon Chrome. Thx in advance.

I can’t find HOW WE SOAR in the Italy psn store . In really upset I don’t understand why? Can somebody explain me why ? Thanks I really appreciate any suggestion

No replies and now charging for free DLC. Could you actually get any lower?

Where is How We Soar in ps store? (link is broken)

to al tinking you are abel to play steep offline = no
ubisoft = helping miself ( next jear no pre orders to ubisoft )
1 watch dogs 2 ( good game but them spoild to many story by giving the game to some gamers )
steep = want very bad a snowbord game ( them destroy i real nice looking game by only online )
i do not want to play against other players online in al games ( watch dogs 2 = very good = option to put off )

same whith sony blackfriday deals = next jear i buy 0 games untile black friday ( games out 1 – 3 weeks ath 50 -60 % = puting midelfinger to consumers of first hour of a game)

to squire enix
good job whith ff15
first combat way i like after part 12
if i can give 2 tip = openworld = only way ( no linair )
more love to magick ( do not like 1 bit ) = recharge points = ok but make magick under r2 not in weapon slot+ no cool down.
replay monsterhunt 50% of coins ?

Can’t find Industry Giant 2 in Store. Last minute delay?


I want this too! Played this to death on the PC, but it stopped working with my new graphics card and have never managed to get it working since. Where is it?


Can someone explain why are a few of the newer Square-Enix games not being released in the Saudi Arabian PSN Store, even though we have a lot of products from the company like I Am Setsuna and DQ Heroes? DQ Builders and FFXV are nowhere to be found in the Saudi PSN Store and there’s no reason for that.

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