PlayStation Communities app launches on iOS and Android tomorrow

Comment, chat with friends and share your content while on the move

A little over a year ago we launched ‘Communities’ on PS4 – a brand-new, on-console feature designed to help bring like-minded players together.

Since its launch as part of System Software 3.0, Communities has spawned thousands of groups populated by millions of players sharing their experiences, joining forces in online play or reposting their best moments as videos or pictures.

We’re excited to announce that as of tomorrow all these features will now be available on the go, via a brand-new smartphone app for iOS and Android. The new Communities App will function exactly as it currently does on your PlayStation 4, allowing you to create, join and interact with groups from wherever you are.

Find new groups based on games you’ve been playing, or check out groups your friends are currently members of. Whenever you join a group you’ll be able to post questions and comments or join ongoing conversations with others.

Communities app

The app will also notify you when others respond to your comments or posts or if you’re tagged in somebody else’s message, and notifications can also be tailored for each community. It also interacts seamlessly with the existing PlayStation and PlayStation Messages apps to keep you fully connected with your gaming world, wherever you are.

The PlayStation Communities app also functions as a handy companion even at home, allowing you to continue group conversations, or hunt down additional party members while you’re still gaming.

Download the PlayStation Communities app tomorrow, along with the latest updates for the PlayStation and PlayStation Messages apps to get the very most from your gaming experience.

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TGBTheGamerBeast 29 November, 2016 @ 17:06

this is cool and i think it’ll make the community more active in groups

Stop releasing seperate apps for each individual social function! This is literally the least intuitive thing you could do. No one else does this.

Of course, because if there are features some of us aren’t interested in, we still want them anyway in a big, massive, slow app that drains our phone’s battery. And it’s true, no one else does this… like, Facebook doesn’t have a separate Messenger app, etc…

While i find it annoying that there are multiple apps this is the reason i have a 256gb memory card in my phone!!!

You’d be surprised…
75% of people on Discord spend their whole day on it…

that’s great and all, but I would much prefer it if the team behind the apps would roll all the seperate PS Apps into one. But fix the messages app beforehand though.

I agree with you guys. Three separate apps for PSN hanging is to much.


If team behind development of this is the same that developed other two apps, I won’t install it. I mean just read App Store reviews.
PS mobile apps would be classified “bad” even if they’d be developed by couple of students, let alone by corporation like Sony and for such popular product like PS4. They so ugly, slow, full of bugs and just unprofessionally made, it doesn’t even funny.

Great but would be good to have a all in one app

Thanks for developing this for Windows Phone users…..

We still exist you know. Develop it for Windows 10 and you get it on Xbox, Desktops and Win 10 mobile devices. Think of the reach.


I would be more worried about the lack of a Youtube App on Windows 10’s Store lol. I think that says it all about support for that.

It would look kinda stupid with Playstation Apps on Xbox right?

Yea Windows phones, perhaps. Yet Microsoft is still their competitor. Not saying that Sony shouldn’t because of the competition. It’s just it would look rather weird with Playstation related things on devices that are owned by a company in direct competition.
I’m not even sure if Microsoft would let Playstation apps slip on their products. Not as a negative thing towards Microsoft. However it wouldn’t make much sense to show “We have our own product but here please see we also offer you apps and stuff for competition so go buy that one instead”


Well Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft, and is essentially a Microsoft game on PlayStation now.

A playstation app on a competitor’s products???? Surrrre!!

It’s so great ????????????

How many PlayStation apps do you need to replace a lightbulb?

So far we have three of them, and none of them are really useful.

Well it’s just like your comment then eh not really that useful to point out anything that’s pretty narrow minded and doesn’t really make any sense
Let’s just say you either have no friends or are a bit of a loner when it comes to socialising with friends when playing online.. I need the apps as I am a gamer and think the community one tops the lot…

itslancetrevor 30 November, 2016 @ 06:22

Any idea if it’s release already ?

Yup, it is. I downloaded it from the Play Store now just.

I agree with others that having seperate apps are perhaps better. While annoying at first it gives you choice. So instead of having one big,slow app with features you don’t use. This gives you the option of uninstalling the bits you don’t want.

Now in terms of the app I wish Sony would push for their 1st party devs to create pages on there so that it gives devs & customers a place to chat/give information. Sort of like a Gaming version of Twitter.

Also could we have something similar to a news feed where we can reply to what the owner has written. Instead of popping into each page, seeing what they’ve written lately, then backing out and repeating the process on another community.
Even something similar to the “whats new” section where you can comment on someones trophy they earned.

Great but the goodness sake stop making every feature into a separate app!!!

Thank you :)

Remote play iOS – get it done!

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