Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare are coming to PlayStation Now

Rockstar’s critically acclaimed western double bill available on PS4 next week

Red Dead Redemption comes to PS4 and Windows PC for the first time ever next week through the magical streaming powers of PlayStation Now. The aforementioned multi-award-winning super hit from Rockstar is joined by its spooky spin-off Undead Nightmare and will hit our ever-expanding library on Tuesday 6th December.

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare are coming to PS Now

To save you from twiddling your thumbs impatiently for a whole six days, grab yourself a DS4 and start your free trial today – we’ve got another 329 PS3 games including The Last of Us and Uncharted to keep you occupied in the meantime!

See you on the flipside.

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Nice…oh wait….I can’t even make a psn account with my region…..Surely ps now is available for me…

Another two reasons why PlayStation Now is continually improving. When I used the service (TV and DualShock 4) it worked very well, with no issues or lag. I would like Sony to scrap PS3 and Vita games from the Plus service and have PS Now instead

This! Do this, and watch the PS+ subscription sales soar!


Completely agree with this. OR i think they should offer access to say four picked games a month via PSnow, which will get everyone used to the service and people will therefore be more inclined to make other purchases on there.


And give me access to all my ps3 games

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Please ditch Playstation Now.
I won’t pay to stream games.
It’s a rubbish solution.
Your backwards compatibilty solutions are rubbish and a rip off.
I use my xbox 360 to play the older games.
Sony’s solution for playing older games is useless and a rip off.


oh yeah, lets ditch this service because YOU dont like it, lol…

Callums_Corner1 04 December, 2016 @ 14:52

So you think it’s good that we have to pay to play old games? On my PS3 I can play both PS2 and PS3 games for free. I also don’t have to pay to play online…

I find it better just to play PS3 games on a PS3. If Sony cut PS Now prices by 50% then it might be worthwhile for people… but I assume people must be paying for it otherwise it wouldn’t have survived this long.

It’s more than year since it’s available in UK, but not in rest of Europe…

We need real backward compatible!


It’s never going to happen, it’s technically impossible on the PS4, hell I doubt it’ll be possible for a very long time on PC with an emulator either.


Great news for the one country that can actually use it. Everyone else in Europe can go and [DELETED], right Sony?

warensembler83 30 November, 2016 @ 16:24

That would be decent news if anyone outside the UK had access to PS Now…

Yes, we have. I’m using it just fine!

Brill News! Are these two titles the December update too? With them coming out on the 6th it makes me wonder if you are trying to line up with the US updates. Just need to get the library up to their level now

alice_push_lara2 30 November, 2016 @ 16:29

lol i can replay these two games on my xbox 1, for free, and for as long as i want


You also get the better versions of both games and not the inferior PS3 versions.

I don’t have a problem with streaming per se, but you have to expand PS Now to other countries. Those crying for a Xbox One-like backwards compatibility solution are out of their minds. They have no idea what it takes to properly emulate the Cell processor on a PC, let alone in a console. Although I ‘d like to have a remaster of RDR and other great last gen games such as MGS4 and the Ratchet and Clank Future games.


Sony could still be looking at other methods besides PS Now. It doesn’t look good for PS4 when Xbox One has both The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3 but PS4 only gets the third game. They should also be looking at PS2 games being made available on PlayStation Store more frequently. There are only 35 at the moment and the games I would play just aren’t there.

Nice and all, but is SONY aware this service is mostly unavailable in Europe?

“You can play these games right away!

Except no, you, you and you can’t. See that guy over there? He can. Rejoice!”

Why do people say it’s mostly unavailable in EU?! I’m using it just fine with my UK account. Why are people so stupid as to create an account different from UK? Were you not aware that a UK account has the most and best content from all the EU countries?!

This is the November update or have we skipped a month and this will be considered December’s PS Now update because it goes live on the 6th?

Please communicate with us, I love the service but the lack of communication outside of the blog post has become really frustrating because we’ve never had a single response. There’s no proper update schedule, a few times this year there’s been a 40+/50+ day wait for an update, the longest being 55 days, for a subscription based service, that’s way too long. I’m talking to a brick wall aren’t I.

Having to rent AND stream the worst version!


When can we have silent hill collection

Live in the EU… checked
Have the money for the service… checked
Want to spend the money on it… checked

No service in my country… checked
Got everything second hand, no cent for Sony… checked


We all have a lot to praise Playstation for, but this scam you have to make ppl pay twice for the same game instead of giving backwards compatibility is the most shamelesss thing! It’s bad and it’s a big middle finger to almost all Europeans!

Still no PS Now in Ireland.

I would rather a remaster anyway.

Would rather have a remaster

What are you talking about? PS4 already has backwards compatibilty, but it’s called “Remastered Games”….

GabeLogan232323 01 December, 2016 @ 07:26

backward compatibility is availble for Xbox Fans, while PS Fans sufferd from sony polcy, my respect to sony decreasing day by day.

GabeLogan232323 01 December, 2016 @ 07:28

I am considering buying xbox scorbio instead of pro so i can enjoy backward compatibility service.

The problem with backwards compatibility of the PS3 games simply is that the PS3 architecture is so complicated (the cell cpu) that a decent emulation is at least a decade off. The XBOX 360 architecture however was relatively straight foward and this pays off now.

“To save you from twiddling your thumbs impatiently for a whole six days, grab yourself a DS4 and start your free trial today ”

Why in the world would you say that?! Why start the free trial *TODAY*? That would mean only 2 days left out of the free trial by the time it’s released.


Lineup is getting better but more than I’d be prepared to pay each month. Why no discount for PS+ members?

Still not available in Scandinavia Sony… Why arent you working on getting Ps Now working for the European countries that have the fastest connections?
UK is fine, now make sure Scandinavia gets it and youll see a big leap forward in users.

Hurry up!!!! And dont forget the vita app too!

Hell Yes!!! I’ll just log into Psnow… Oh that’s right we don’t have it in NZ.. Lame.

Why is it so expensive in the UK? You can get a years subscription in the US for $100, that works out at about £6.50 a month here! I’d probably get it at that price.


so on top of paying £40 a year for ps plus we should pay £12.99 a month for now what a rip off
its a slippery slope sony don’t get like the bloodsuckers sky who’s only thing they care about is making money

Sony needs to rethink it’s strategy in 2017.. PS Now is too expensive and not a service everyone wants nor needs – PS Plus is ridiculously poor when compared to Xbox Live.

yesssss but i think PS should make ps now cheaper e.g. at most £7.99 per month//

xR0LLIN_ST0N3x 06 December, 2016 @ 15:47

Is this up in the UK yet?

When I click to play it comes up this game has left ps now anyone know why?


Same here. Not happy


I’ve been waiting ages for this.

Won’t let me play in the UK. The message said the game has left ps now. [DELETED] Sony get your act together.

Is it working now? Don’t won’t to start my free trial until it is


Quand on pourra télécharger le jeu en France sur ps4?….

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