All the announcements from PlayStation Experience 2016

Your first look at The Last of Us pt.2, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Nex Machina, more

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And that’s a wrap on the PlayStation Experience 2016 showcase. Did you see something you liked? If you missed the show, you can re-watch the stream above. Alternatively see below for a comprehensive rundown of all the breaking news from the event, including news of a sequel to Naughty Dog’s classic The Last of Us, a new entry in the Marvel vs Capcom series and your first look at a new Uncharted 4 single player campaign.

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Couple of great announcements. Nice to see vita love!!!!

Where do You see Vita love? Sony doesn’t even bother to bring PSP remasters to their own handheld console. All the content we are getting is done by third party developers so it’s great that we have them but Sony treatment of little console is very disappointing.

You can buy almost all the PSP games in the store and play them in the VITA…


I am so happy I have a PS4! Just finished watching the live stream. The last of us panel was amazing I can’t wait although like death stranding it is a good few years out but I have plenty to play in the mean time! Poor microsoft.


I don’t care how long they take with The Last Of Us, i’m just glad that they announced it…and it’s real now not just hope :D…for sure they will release it in 2018 maybe 2019…^^

Amazing announcements, 2017 will be an amazing year for gamers!

ps. Missed the Lara Croft GO announcement ;)

counterUAVbaby 04 December, 2016 @ 08:01

I’m really not happy with those announcements. Things that would made me buy a PS4 is SOCOM series remastered and The Getaway PS2 Classics remaster or a new game for the franchise. Do Iots of things, Sony?

counterUAVbaby 04 December, 2016 @ 08:01

*Do I ask?

And no word for Gran Turismo Sport :( Sad.


GT Sport got a brand new trailer especially for PSX. It isn’t featured on the blog as we’re focusing on new announcements, but you can watch the trailer here:

All about the ps4 pro and 4k support….. Any vr in there, or have as just bought a £350 doorstop to go with my vita?


The show featured a whole montage of PlayStation VR content and some GT Sport PSVR details were discussed, but the big reveal was the announcement of Starblood Arena:

Some great stuff in there. Kojima and Hulst, two of my absolute favourites including their studios, joining hands together had me really excited. On top of that I’ve had this feeling that Japanese development has finally come out of its slumber to introduce itself with a bang this generation. I’m totally hooked on FF15 (quite unexpectedly), the much anticipated Last Guardian is finally about to drop in, there’s Ni No Kuni 2 and Gravity Rush 2…
And of course more Uncharted and the Last of Us part 2 announcement, for which I was initially sceptic as I feared a sequel wouldn’t be right for the series, but after seeing the panel I’m confident these guys will do it right.
Not the best show ever, lost some momentum after the start, but not the worst ever by any means.

So that “Download Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 today” was only for americans?

VenomousAlbino 04 December, 2016 @ 17:19

It’s on the EU store.


Still not there for Australia

Any update on this for Australia (or anyone else who is unable to purchase it)?


Where the hell is SuckerPunchProd, its been a few years they went silent. Hope next E3 they come back with a BANG.

I glad we now got a Wipeout for this console and joins RDR2 and Gran Turimso sport on my list of games to get next year

CoolRichy007UK 04 December, 2016 @ 23:55

Knack 2 crash bandicoot wipeout all day 1s forme the day i bought my ps4 knack was 1st game i bought

Hey When can i digitally pre order Kingdom Hearts 2.8HD? its on the US and Japanese store but not AU store

madmanwithabox12 05 December, 2016 @ 11:36

What about Ys? Not coming to Europe?


Ps4 pro not compatable with my new lg tv any comments


Thanks bye the way it is a 4k tv

Ребят,а как dc universe online на пс4 скачать?или в россии тип нельзя?

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