Persona 5 PS4 pre-orders are now live, free PS4 theme available Monday for 24 hours

Digital pre-orders come with exclusive Theme, Avatars and DLC item

PlayStation & PSX fans; we have some exciting Persona 5 news to share with you today!

We’ve already talked about the fact that we’re now adding Dual Audio to the full Persona 5 release for free…so let’s get to the juicy stuff!

Firstly, that Ryuji Theme & Avatar set that Atlus launched the other week? We did initially intend for a 24 November release, but due to some last-minute issues, the theme didn’t go live on PlayStation Network. But! We’ve rectified that problem, and can now fully confirm the theme is live and free for 24 hours from the 5th December at 10am GMT / 11am CET in Europe! Grab it for free before it’s too late!

Persona 5

For those wondering about who the Phantom Thieves are – and the dual lives they lead as high-schoolers by day – dive headfirst into their world of adventures in this newly released Story Trailer! Their mission? To rip off the protective masks society forces people to wear and expose society for what it really is… Marking the return of the award-winning series on home consoles, we can’t wait for you to take on the world as the Phantom Thieves!

Persona 5

That’s not all! Today also marks the start of Persona 5 digital pre-orders on PlayStation Network. All digital pre-orders will receive bonus digital content, including the “Protagonist Special Theme & Avatar Set,” which includes a dynamic theme AND 3 protagonist avatars. It also includes an in-game DLC item – the “Izanagi & Izanagi Picaro Set,” which gives players the ability to summon Izanagi from Persona 4 into the picaresque world of Persona 5! It includes 2 Izanagi designs – the original & a special Picaro variant that reflects Persona 5’s aesthetic!

Brace yourselves, we’ve got tons more news to share soon (If the Phantom Thieves don’t steal it first!) Persona 5 launches on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 on 4th April 2017!

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YAY. Was afraid you had forgotten us with the theme. Good to see you got it sorted!

Just like Persona 4 for PS2. History repeats again for PS3 :) One last legendary game for my beloved PS3

Only sad part is that now we can’t have fun jokes about Anime fans on Valentines :D

“Who do you love more video game fans? Your other half… or your other self?”

So many jokes lost.

ManikwithaNine 03 December, 2016 @ 22:19

Glad I get a second chance. I completely forgot about it last time.

what about Vita??

Good good very good.

Does anyone have the link to the PS3 pre-order? I have looked on the store but I have only found PS4.

Where is the theme and Avatar set that was promised at 10am i checked the store and there is nothing.


Yeah, same here, it’s almost 12 and no theme/avatar set yet… :(

It seems to be online now. It is marked as an avatar instead of a theme.
Persona 5 Ryuji Sakamoto Special Theme & Avatar Set

Im glad we have it but the way you uploaded it is so bizarre, still excited for the P5 release!

ste_the_legend 06 December, 2016 @ 11:01

Agreed. I think a lot of people won’t have got it. Especially since the blog was filled with loads of updated stories from PSX 2016 so this story got pushed off the first page very quickly. Definitely could have been handled a whole lot better but the theme is cool and the avatars are ok, even though more would have been better (Morgana?)

ManikwithaNine 05 December, 2016 @ 17:25

Theme looks good, but I was hoping it would have all the characters in it instead of just one


Tch…I missed it. The only place it was announced was here? There’s no way people would’ve known it was in store yesterday unless they check here or the store by coincidence.


Yup, I missed it as well. The way they released it really sucks :(

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