Surreal futuristic action game Let It Die is available now on PS4

Expert tips on how to survive in the PS4 action game

Let It Die is available NOW, and if you want to survive in a world where your biggest mistakes literally come back to haunt you, you might just need a helping hand. Today’s blog will focus on the little tips and tricks that make the difference between life or death in Let It Die.

1. Context matters (STOP MASHING BUTTONS)

The first time you get in a fight and start mashing buttons, you’ll probably realise you’ve made a huge mistake when your heart starts pounding so hard you need to take a breather. While that situation will likely end in a violently unpleasant death, there are other less obvious reasons to avoid mindlessly hammering away at your controller. Though triangle and X are not direct attack buttons, they can lead to some of the most devastating and effective manoeuvres a Fighter can perform.


If you manage to sneak up on an opponent undetected (by crouching with L3 and slowly approaching from behind) you can perform a powerful suplex. While this may not be news to fans who’ve seen our ‘Let It Talk’ video series, you might not have noticed that once an enemy is prone, you can actually walk over to their body and press X again to perform a rather unsportsmanlike stomp attack. Finally, if you run for long enough, you may notice a button prompt that allows you to perform a high-risk, hilarious drop kick. Use at your own peril and remember you’ve got more tricks up your sleeve.


During a typical round of fisticuffs with a Fighter character, you may notice your opponent getting a bit groggy. If you keep mashing away, you’ll miss the opportunity to perform the almighty Goretastic finishing move, which renders foes noticeably dead. Unlike your typical “Triangle + attack button” Rage moves, these don’t consume your Rage. With these techniques in mind, be sure to keep a cool head and watch for opportunities to overwhelm your enemies.


Frogs, mushrooms, pants, barbed-wire baseball bats, and… cotton? There’s no denying it, when you’re climbing up the Tower of Barbs, you’re going to find a lot of weird stuff, and some of it may not seem useful. Rest assured, each item has its purpose, and each one can help keep you not dead just a little longer.

3. Keep an eye on your gear

That old expression about things not lasting forever holds just as true in Let It Die. It’s important to watch durability as well as ammo because if you don’t, you’re going to have a bad time. Having your hammer shatter in the middle of a combo renders your follow-up attacks far less effective.

Similarly, having your armour shatter at the beginning of an enemy’s combo means you’re about to take a whole lot more punishment. If you can see you are about to enter a violent melee, it’s probably wise to switch to your freshest gear for maximum efficiency. And remember, gear crafted via the Chokufunsha Shop at your Waiting Room will always be more durable than gear looted from your fallen foes.


4. Understand when it’s time to leave

If you’ve been grabbing everything and keeping an eye on your gear (as recommended above), this final tip should come as a natural conclusion: When you find a new elevator, take it back to your Waiting Room to prevent losing most of the progress you’ve made since your last visit. When you return to your Waiting Room, your precious Kill Coins and SPLithium your Fighter gathered are sucked up into the Mingo head and deposited into their respective banks and tanks for safe keeping.

Kill Coins have various uses, and SPLithium is the only way you’ll be able to research and upgrade gear. You should also stop by the Chokufunsha shop to drop off any blueprints you’ve collected and start researching something if you haven’t already. We cannot emphasise how important crafting is to adding to a Fighter’s overall strength and survivability in the tower.


You can also use the Mingo Head to actively (not automatically) distribute levels and boost specific parameters of your Fighter character, but keep in mind that each stat will eventually max out. When this happens, your current Fighter has reached its full potential and you should start keeping an eye out for a better one to show up for purchase at the Fighter Depot. Over time and progression through the tower, higher-grade fighters with higher level caps and base stats, along with a variety of specialties, will become available.

Finally, since you’ve only got so many slots to hold new stuff, you may want to drop off extra gear in your item storage locker. And with that, you’re ready to start your next romp through the tower. You can even pay some Kill Coins or use the VIP elevator to start from higher up in the Tower to minimise backtracking.

While returning to your base may throw off your groove, just keep in mind that dying means you lose everything you’ve accumulated on your current run. And with that heartwarming reassurance, it’s time to download Let It Die and start your climb to glory!

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I was just saying to a friend of mine “I hope we get a release date for Let It Die at PSX” and within a minute I had one. I can’t wait to play. C’mon PlayStation, press the button and get it on the store!

Finally. Now just waiting for it to be on the store. Hurry up, please. I really want to play it already.

Still waiting! Come on! Bring it!

Am pretty sure that our store will be the last one to update like ever.

NL-WhySoSerious 04 December, 2016 @ 10:34

Yeah US Store already has it. EU still not :(

Portuguese Store as always is lacking update on Let it die…
Good work pffff

Still not on the store here. I get that it can’t be on it the very second they say “it’s out today”, but I was hoping it would be there by now.
Germany has it, but Austria doesn’t. Right…

Aaaaaaand still nothing.
You know, Europe isn’t just UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Emperor_Mordred 04 December, 2016 @ 15:10

It’s also not on the Belgian store (nl-BE)…

Still no “let it die”
Few more hours and its 24 hour since the announcement

Shame! On a Saturday and a Sunday with some free time, and the game is nowhere near the Portuguese Store!

When is this getting released for the rest of the EU?

Still nothing in store in Netherlands. All other stuff announced at PSX is there though. Whats happening


I live in Denmark and Let It Die is not available on the danish PSN at this moment. I found this post on their official website:
If you scroll down to the bottom there is a post about which countries Let It Die is currently available in. Unfortunately Denmark and many other countries are not on the list. Very disappointing. :-(


So, even by the end of the first working day, there is still no sign of Let It Die on Portuguese store. It’s a disgrace as always. It’s that too difficult to put the English version of the game online for us? Don’t try to convince us that we have to wait for its localization, when we certanly will not have it.

When will it be available in the dutch PSN store??

Still nothing. What’s taking so long? We don’t need a dutch translation, especially not for Mature games.

The Dutch are waiting….!

Come on man, it still isn’t officially released in The Netherlands. I mean, I had to do it through an US PSN account, but in-game it still allows you to pick ‘The Netherlands’ as the raid group/country. So I don’t get why it wouldn’t be released.

Austria still waiting. I now tweet them weekly facts about Austria to teach them that we are neither Germany nor Australia and that they forgot about us.
6 out of 7 neighbouring countries (swiss is the one who didn’t get it too) already have access, but Austria is forgotten, even though they could just give us the germany version.

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