PS4 action RPG sequel Dragon Quest Heroes II releases 28th April 2017

Fantasy adventure returns with 4 player co-op multiplayer mode

You guys keep asking for more Dragon Quest in the West so here you are – Dragon Quest Heroes II is coming out in Europe on 28th April for PlayStation 4!

Before you read any further, check out the announcement trailer for the game right here!

For those of you new to Dragon Quest – don’t fret! Dragon Quest Heroes II is set in its own world, with brand new characters and does not assume you have any knowledge of any previous Dragon Quest game, so you can go into it as a brand new, standalone game and have lots of fun! It’s a hack-and-slash, field roaming action RPG, and even includes a 4 player co-op multiplayer mode!

Dragon Quest Heroes IIDragon Quest Heroes II

You can pick from a huge selection of characters – some are from older Dragon Quest games (but again, don’t worry if you haven’t played any other Dragon Quest game – you’ll be introduced to the characters!) Change your vocation, which changes your fighting style, and even control some of the famous Dragon Quest monsters designed by veteran illustrator Akira Toriyama!

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Here’s a very quick outline of the story in Dragon Quest Heroes II:

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a long and terrible war. When the war finally ended, the people of the world made a solemn pact never to fight again. The world was divided into seven realms and peace reigned for a thousand years.

One day, cousins and fellow knights-in-training Lazarel and Teresa reunite in the Kingdom of Harba, far from their Dunisian home. Little do they suspect that the Dunisian army is about to invade, with their old friend Prince Cesar at the helm.

The long-kept peace is broken and the world descends into chaos. With the aid of High King’s envoy the cousins must travel to Accordia for a meeting with the Supreme Sovereign of the Seven Realms to find a solution and bring back peace to the world!

Dragon Quest Heroes II

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I hope you’re looking forward to the next Dragon Quest game to come to the West – Dragon Quest Heroes II! It’ll be out on out on 28th April for PlayStation 4!

Dragon Quest Heroes II

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Yes! Now if we could get 1-9 on ps4 before XI hits that would be great. I freaking love this series.


That’s a tall order! Thanks for supporting the series though :)

Is it? All 9 games are already localised. 1-6 and 8 are on Google play and I tunes. 7 and 9 maybe the hardest because I have no idea whether Nintendo licenced them from yourselves. Speaking of multiformat, and I know I’m getting lynched for this but these games need to be on everything that can play them. I have friends who own an xbox or pc and would have loved Dragon Quest Builders. As you can probably tell I’m really passionate about the series and would love everyone to get the chance to experience it. I feel it’s not something that should be format specific.

And once again Vita version is not being localized. For shame, Sony. For shame.

Without the vita version I can only see this announcement as the most disappointing and pointless spit in the face of many and many fans. Shame on Square Enix for such a hideous behavior, you can be sure that we won’t forget it.


Sorry you feel that way but unfortunately, the Vita version just isn’t a viable option for us to localise and bring over. Hopefully, you’ll still give the PS4 version a chance and enjoy it all the same.


Yet Koei Tecmo can find it viable to bring over Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers on PS4/PSV. That’s a game they’re so confident in that’s it’s launching PSN-only not just on Vita, but on PS4 as well.

No Vita, no buy. Now and ever.

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Rough year for me supporting Vita. Buy Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Next 0rder comes over PS4-only. Buy Dragon Quest Builders, Heroes II comes over PS4-only. If Romancing SaGa 2 does come out on Vita in the west, I’m tempted to just not buy it so I don’t jinx SaGa: Scarlet Grace to the same fate.


Release the Vita version too!

Did kinda see this coming, but so happy to see it confirmed officially now. Didn’t buy the first one day 1, as I wasn’t sure how much I was gonna enjoy it, being a musou game but was so suprised. Somehow has the charm of DQ at the same. This is absolutely a day 1 for me this time!

Now we just need more main titles as well! :D


That’s great to hear! DQ Heroes I and II are still important games in the Dragon Quest franchise so it wouldn’t be right if they lacked the charm the series is known for. We’ll see what we can do about bringing more DQ games out in the west!

To Daniel Seto.. did you check Vita monthly sales in EU? It’s 2016!! Not viable?? What are you talking about?

Katkaisu, where are you getting those sales numbers from?

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Let it die

Grab your popcorn….

… I only came here for the comments :P

So DQVIII next month a

Sorry so DQVIII next month and DQ Heroes 2 in spring,next is DQ XI please

I love DQ Heroess, as well as DQ in general, so I’m super hyped for this game!!!!!!

So, what’s the reason for skipping the Vita version?


Nice, i got platinum on the first game, looking forward to this!

Will the game be playable/enjoyable solo?


Of course! DQ Heroes II has online multiplayer but we made sure it has a substantial single player mode and story too. It wouldn’t be a Dragon Quest game without one

I’m 100% sure this will goto PC too eventually this isn’t exclusive.

Like how the first one happened ported to PC after or other SE games that get ported to PC now, no longer a day 1 buy unfortunately.

Inherentdragon 08 December, 2016 @ 17:24

Fantastic news!I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan and bought the day one edition of Dragon Quest Heroes not even knowing if I’d like the Dynasty Warrior type gameplay but loved it so much I’m now really hyped for the sequel..who knows,by the time it comes out I may of finished the fantastic Dragon Quest Builders :)

mellloyellow06 08 December, 2016 @ 18:02

Did DQ builders not sell well enough on vita?

Completely sure it’s not a decision that’s made a month before the announcement so DQB sales couldn’t ever affect it in any way.

Just got around to ordering the first one today for PS4. Looking forward to playing it.

Played part1 and loved it!!! So really looking forward and happy it is translated for outside Japan.. thank you!!

RustyTachikoma 08 December, 2016 @ 20:49

It’s anecdotal but the amount of people who are importing your games from Asia either because you won’t localize them or won’t release them in a physical format is huge.
I thought you guys wanted to expand Dragon Quest in the west? Then why not bring one of the most technically impressive games on the Vita to a hungry audience? You are just destroying good will toward the franchise at this point.


I really hope for an asían release with english subs, like gundam ggg

Finally! Been expecting it :D

Also Torneko is looking great as usual. He’s probably my favourite merchant ever and get’s way to little love here in the west :)

Wow, no Vita version, eh?
I simply can’t support a publisher that disregards it’s userbase like this.
Guess I’ll buy a used japanese copy then.


Not even digitally on Vita? What a rude treatment for Vita fans, and here I was overjoyed that Vita version of Dragon Quest Builders were made. Check out the PS4 version? Yea right no thank you, that will only be considered as a mere spaces that’s in the store when it came out.

In terms of story and gameplay does playing this make it imperative to play the first one?

I´m playing Dragon Quest Builders and enjoying it but Ive never played any other game from the Dragon Quest series…

No need to play the first. This sequel is an entirely new story. The main characters from the first one are present only as guests on the online multiplayer. Besides that, this game has new protagonists and no relation with the previous one.

You can choose either one, but I must say that after playing both, the sequel is much, much better than the original. More action RPG, less musou.

Come on, you got a very high quality vita port, and you decide to ignore it again?

I have to say I am very disappointed that it is not coming to vita. However the are many great vita games out right now and I am glad that DQ builders and World of FF released over here. Maybe there will be enough fan support. But I was really looking forward to play it on my vita….

Absolutely ridiculous when a developer says a game is coming to Vita and then doesn’t deliver.

So, so frustrating. The vita version didn’t even get totally cancelled, it’s just not coming to the West.

It boggles my mind that it’s ‘not viable to localise’. This is a musou game and the only text/dialogue you have to translate is grunting.

Totally unfair, we want to give you the money and play your game.

Shame. But totally expected, which is why I imported the Vita version (collector’s edition) when it came out. Still a shame. The sequel is incredibly better than the original and the Vita version is amazing. Best way to play this game, no doubt about it. Plus, this being DQ anniversary, it would have been nice to get a Vita version in english.

Since you would like us to support just the PS4 version here in the west and import the Vita version from Japan/Asia, I expect you will be supporting your fans who are supporting you by pushing out an English translation patch for the Asia version or will we have to resort to getting a petition going to try and get this to happen?

sonicheroes15826 12 December, 2016 @ 11:05

And yet again PS3 owners are left in the lurch. I wish Dragon Quest would get it’s PS3 debut in Europe too. But then again, Dragon Quest Heroes II could come on Steam like Dragon Quest Heroes I did.

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