WipEout Antigrav Anthems – a Spotify playlist inspired by the iconic PlayStation series

Tracks from and inspired by the futuristic anti-grav racing league, including seminal artists that helped define the franchise

We have been overwhelmed with the response from the community since the announcement of WipEout Omega Collection at PSX. To celebrate the debut of the iconic anti-gravity racer series on PS4, we have put together a PlayStation Music playlist taken from and inspired by the PlayStation series. The playlist features music tracks from over two decades of WipEout, letting you listen to some blistering classics from seminal artists – including The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Underworld – who helped define the style of the racing series.

It’s the perfect way to ready yourself for the weekend. Follow our playlist in the link below and enjoy… remember the high speeds of the future anti-grav racing world need high volume.

Thank you once again for your support and keep checking back for more WipEout Omega Collection news in the coming months.

In case you missed the our PSX announce trailer, here it is again.

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For goodness sake.

Just make a new game already. Yes yes, remaster, blah blah

Make it VR.. and I’ll get a headset.

Wipeout VR would need to come with a bucket.

Nac_zr everyone loves collector’s editions :D

ultravioletblade 12 December, 2016 @ 14:13

if Redout can do it so can wipEout

agreed, remasters are becoming a bit of joke now.

I think Wipeout VR could be done. I would try it with long straight A to B style tracks which have minor turns that require a bit of skill but aren’t insane. Drops and climbs could be there I believe (rush of blood works). Even loops potentially.

I don’t mind the “roller coaster” VR feeling. I do mind the “car sick” VR feeling you seem to get with strafing and turning too fast.

And where exactly would be The Wipeout in this old granny driving test? Wipeout is three turns per second while targeting enemy with weapons. It is not long straights at low speed chatting with enemy drivers bout supper.

ultravioletblade 12 December, 2016 @ 14:16

look up ‘Redout’ (coming to PS4 next year) on YouTube to see VR done wipEout style

Definitely a day one purchase for me this! Wipeout defined what playstation was all about 20 years ago and I’ve enjoyed every iteration ever since. Just a real shame studio Liverpool is no more to make a true next gen version.

This is great! But I hope you’ll be updating that playlist by adding new tracks.


I hope the AI is easier because I really sucked at the last game. I really can’t wait but there aren’t any release dates? I guess this is one of those games that’s done when it’s done.

VR or nothing at all.


Not sure that they’ll want people using VR against people that don’t yet use or care about VR.

WipEout: it is difficult like hell. Change te diffculy to very easy, because in early stages the games get to hard.

Blur did it awesome, your game with cars.

ShovelFighter_89 11 December, 2016 @ 13:25

For the people askihg for true sequel, if you want one you better purchase this, im sure the wipeout devs got disbanded after 2048, and this is a way for them to see how successful the franchise is, poor sales = no sequel…. So get your wallets out people

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