New on PlayStation Store this week: Stardew Valley, DriveDriveDrive, more

Plus, Don Bradman Cricket 17, The Little Acre, Batman: The Telltale Series - Ep. 5

PlayStation Store’s penultimate week of new releases for 2016 brings with it a clutch of interesting titles. Retro farming sim phenomenon Stardew Valley makes its PS4 debut, there’s a new episode of Telltale Games’ Batman saga, oddball racer DriveDriveDrive leaves the grid, and sports fans have Don Bradman Cricket 17 to get stuck into. See below for the full list of new arrivals…

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12th December

13th December

14th December

16th December

  • World of Tanks
  • Legion 59-Patton Ultimate

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Still no How We Soar on the Austrian PS Store. And LET IT DIE also missing.


Just make a usa account and make it a primary account. That way you can also play the games on your good account. (also the trophys works)

Some answers would be very appreciated, not only in this specific case, but in general. Fred you do know that there is a reply function, right?


Same for Belgium, Netherlands, Danmark, Norway, …
Let’s say every store that requires localised store text instead of English.

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I am actually wondering when marvel vs Capcom will be available on the au store as it is already available on the us store since psx

Steve_Of_The_O 13 December, 2016 @ 13:31

Hoping the Vita version gets re released digitally, too.

RetroDaddySlim 13 December, 2016 @ 12:51

When can we expect Witch and the hundred Knight ps3 game free 30 day trial for plus subscribers to get fixed on European stores?
Game shows free trial for plus, but when you add it to cart the price changes to 100 euros.
Regular game is 19.99 euros, so its obvious the price is broken.
This offer expires in couple of days, yet it has been broken since the day 1 for last two weeks now.
Please fix it before the offer is expires. Thanks.

When is the pre-order for Yakuza 0 going up?

What about “We expect you to die”? Devs said it’s bound to release today, but it’s not mentioned in your post…

Emperor_Mordred 13 December, 2016 @ 17:15

According to a post on their Facebook page: “There are a few more steps we need to take in order to release in UK/EU. Once done, we can release a date.”

Too bad :-(


This isthe worrying thing about being a PSVR owner in this territory. Since the majority of games for it will be indie, there’s no guarantee that all of them will be available here. Playstation Europe doesn’t have the best history when it comes to indie releases, or keeping them up to date. It sucks, but it’s same old SCEE.

Emperor_Mordred 13 December, 2016 @ 23:21

Apparently it has to go through the rating and they have a meeting ‘soon’.
They mentioned that the game will be out in early 2017 over here :-(

I think they’ve started the rating process way too late, it’s not SCEE’s fault…

Hey Fred, So, the last update on rock band 4 was December 2015 a year ago. In Jun/Jul there was a problem identified with the export tool. It has been on the to do list for 6 months.

Look at this from a pr perspective, it’s a disaster. PlayStation Europe have become a running joke to the point where I expect you to get every release wrong somehow.

A lie has been used to sell Rock Band 4, not harmonix fault. They have delivered on their promises in the US. Get it sorted. This is getting old.

CoolRichy007UK 13 December, 2016 @ 14:56

I agree with linky1983 sony eu puts out games late or wrong dates if your gonna do that sony post a update in blog saying its delayed etc


David Wilson, head of Communications at SIEE, replied to my complaint to Jim Ryan. They have apologised and said that the RB2 export is in testing, so it is possible to assume that the mysterious ‘tool’ may finally be fixed. Harmonix will be commenting about this in due course. Hope this helps!

That helps a lot. Hopefully it means lego and green day come through soon after.

Still no let it die in Belgium

So why did a bunch of games like Mother Russia Bleeds and RWBY: Grimm Eclipse vanish from the Au store. Alos why is there still no ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Ugh another days painful wait until I can go do some farming in stardew valley. I want it now!

Emperor_Mordred 13 December, 2016 @ 13:22

Where is I Expect You To Die?
I was really looking forward to that one…


The Yooka-Laylee article mentions that the game is now available to pre-order worldwide?

This includes the EU right? Or will we have to wait an eternity like we always do?

You never know. As we learned with Kerbal, EU releases can be can be canceled even during release day.

CoolRichy007UK 13 December, 2016 @ 21:41

Its on eu ps store since it was blog posted

AussieOutsider 13 December, 2016 @ 13:40

No Rock Band 4 Entitlements and Australia’s Missing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 still and yet we keep on getting ignored. Pathetic excuse for customer service!


David Wilson, head of Communications at SIEE, replied to my complaint to Jim Ryan. They have apologised and said that the RB2 export is in testing, so it is possible to assume that the mysterious ‘tool’ may finally be fixed. Harmonix will be commenting about this in due course. Hope this helps!

You guys are still selling Dante’s Inferno Trials of St. Lucia DLC for PS3 even if it’s online-only and it ceased working months ago. Please tell EA about it, refund new buyers, delist it, just do something please.


Wow, they don’t make them like that any more unfortunately, had some good laughs playing both Trials and main game. I never knew it was online only, just the scoreboard or if you played other people’s arenas, i mean i thought you could play it solo/offline too.. makes sense though.

So… Any news regarding Kerbal in Europe? Is the certification really taking over 5 months? Or was it silently canceled and waiting for fans to forget it ever existed?

Certification most certainly failed. It’s not SCEE’s job to fix KSP nor to resubmit it, but Squad’s (or FTE’s, who did the ports). Not that they are very communicative about it either…


I got in touch with the developers a couple of times and they said they were working on it but given the length of time I wonder whether they cancelled the EU release all together.
I think we had a similar situation with Counterstrike GO which never released on EU PS3

follow me on twitter @mygamingnewz


just before vr launched i recal reading a devs blog about upcoming game i liked sound of, i gone and forget its name and keep reading store games info in case that rings a bell.. in it you were in space and exploring some wrecked space ship, it sounded alright, whatever happened to it or did i imagine reading the blog that day?

Sounds like Adr1ft, which was released for PS4 but didn’t get a PSVR port.


For Adr1t the developers suggested we should email Sony to ask for it.

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Looks like we won’t get Uncharted co-op survival this month either.

Let it die? Rock band 4 exports?


David Wilson, head of Communications at SIEE, replied to my complaint to Jim Ryan. They have apologised and said that the RB2 export is in testing, so it is possible to assume that the mysterious ‘tool’ may finally be fixed. Harmonix will be commenting about this in due course. Hope this helps! (Sorry to copy and paste, it’s just so that everyone affected can read it.)


Why is Batman now on Wednesday when telltale announced it for today…. Xbl seem to be able to release it ontime, why the hell is it so hard for you guys? (I don’t often complain on here but the fact you are constantly the ones releasing stuff like this later)

CoolRichy007UK 13 December, 2016 @ 14:53

Ye wat extemin said

CoolRichy007UK 13 December, 2016 @ 14:53

I hope Crash bandicoot pre order ps store eu uk gets added asap for europe and uk plz dont leave us hanging sony the uk has a Crash bandicoot fanbase as well :) ’ Oh and bridge construction game looks good

warensembler83 13 December, 2016 @ 18:24

You’ll get the same exact thing if you pre-order it the day before the release :)


Can everyone reply to me with issues that you’ve had with the store and blog thanks, only ones I can think of are

– Staff not responding
– When they do they take no responsibility and pass the buck
– CS Go
– Avatars
– Rockband issues

Anything major since say PS4 was launched

Steve_Of_The_O 13 December, 2016 @ 15:39

The store when accessed from a PS Vita is missing games from the alphabetised sections. Some only show up when you search for them directly. The whole thing is a mess, really.

For some reason the names of the majority of them escape me now. At work and can’t access the store from my Vita. But pretty sure infection wars is one of them. There’s plenty more though.


Here are my guesses
– Staff unresponsive: Fred is busy and they have not recruited to replace Francesca
– CS GO: It will never release in EU
– Rockband: someone else posted an update here

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Was asking for other problems, not reasons why.

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samueljackson12 13 December, 2016 @ 16:41

Isn’t Don bradman cricket 17 supposed to be out on the 16th in UK?


Why the hell is Batman Telltale delayed again on UK PSN?! It clearly says 13 Dec on Telltale’s website and everywhere else I checked…

Can someone says why RWBY disappeared from Polish PSS? If it didn’t appeared at Polish PSS in a first place I would get it but why it was in PSS for like two days and then it disappeared. Why and will it come back?

Fred I would love to hear why games never get released in Europe on time i’m legitmally interested as I want to think it isn’t your fault as everyone blames you and I feel sorry for you but you never reply to our questions so your making it look like your doing it on purpose and it makes playstation Eu a joke

warensembler83 13 December, 2016 @ 19:18

I would consider getting Stardew Valley for the VIta.

when can we expect the free2play games like:
3on3 freestyle
big city stories

VR demos
Gary the full
Virzoom arcade

What is the reason that Trove isn’t available in The Netherlands upon release. Is it something Trion decided or that PlayStation decided upon?


Ooooh, Necropolis! Is it actually on the store this time? Wonderful. I love how you guys never actually acknowledged your earlier release announcement for that game (which baffled even the games’ development studio) in any way shape or form.


Interesting in getting Subject 13 which looks pretty good.

Last week people were asking about getting Let It Die up in more countries. You might want to try contacting Suda 51 via Twitter. Explaining the situation and maybe offering to translate what needs to be. He answers people on Twitter in English or Japanese.


One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 for PS3 and all it’s DLC is missing from the store. Has it been removed???

I bought Stardew Valley from Finnish PS Store and now I can’t download it! You took my money and all I get is “(HTTP Status Code : 404) (CE-40852-9) WHAT THE HELL? Fix it!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy Stardew Valley. Game is broken and unplayable. Wish refund would be as simple on PS Store as it is on Steam. I would get refund right now.

Where are all those VR games that were prommised at lounch… I bought my VR headset and all I can play is the demo disc.. Not even Playroom VR isnt available in slovenia..

PSVR isn’t officially out yet in Slovenia, that’s why you can’t access any PSVR games on the online Store.


Hi on YouTube PlayStation release a trailer for perfect VR this was 13th Dec where is it on uk/eu stores please as USA have it.

Hi, i would like to know something: why has “dragon ball z: battle of z” been removed from the store?

Hi, i would like to know something: why has “dragon ball z: battle of z” been removed from the store?

Because i was very interested in the vita version but when i wanted to buy it i wasnt able to find it anymore…

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