RIGS Mechanized Combat League winter season update out tomorrow

Multiple content drops in the weeks ahead including upgraded RIGs, weekly trials and more

Exciting news for all you RIGS pilots out there: tomorrow (20th December), we’ll be kicking off the Winter Season Update!

Our plan is to drop content throughout the winter, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of mechanized combat action to keep you warm through the holidays!

  • The Winter Season starts on 20th December with the opening of the first European stadium in the Mechanized Combat League, located in Zurich, Switzerland.


This new arena draws a lot of inspiration from skate parks, and focuses around four sunken bowls that flow into the surrounding structures to allow the RIGS to achieve big air jumps. The new arena can be played in single player as well as multiplayer mode, and will come with its own set of Trials to complete for credits and fame.



  • On the 27th December, you’ll be able to pilot the first batch of APX RIGS. These upgraded versions of the original RIGS will feature an enhanced boost system, giving them a much higher top speed in addition to new air-dodge and back-dodge abilities.

There’s a trade-off, though: to achieve a much higher boost, APX RIGS are outfitted with a lighter form of armor that does not offer the same level of protection as the armor on the original RIGS. The first RIGS groups to receive the APX treatment will be the Test Rigs and the Vampire RIGS, with the Nuke RIGS to follow on 10th January.



  • Every week we will share new Weekly Trials, which will consist of high-risk, high-reward skill challenges. In order to obtain the reward, which consists of a unique pilot customisation item and a very large amount of credits, you will be required to pass through all six Trials consecutively and at increasing difficulty, without failing.
  • The winter season update will also introduce a Customisation Store. Here, you’ll be able buy new customisation options for your pilot using the credits you earned playing the game. The best thing about the customisation Store is that we’ll be updating it on a regular basis with new and even limited items.

This is only the start of the season, and we plan to roll out additional updates in the coming months, so make sure you stay tuned to our official Twitter and Facebook channels for the latest news. For now, please mark 20th December in your calendars as the official start of the RIGS Mechanized Combat League winter season. Game on, Pilots!

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European_Gamer 19 December, 2016 @ 17:24

How many are playing RIGS online multiplayer?

Many players ! Check here to find some mates

I would be if the price was cheaper! £19.99 and I’ll buy it. I think it’s shocking how expensive VR games are, especially when most of them are glorified demos.

European_Gamer 20 December, 2016 @ 09:17

The prices most likely reflect the risk and smaller number of players. A AAA game on PS4 will sell millions while a successful game on VR will sell a 100k and an indie game who would have sold 100k copies on PS4 may only sell 10k on VR.


As you may well see that by rolling out free updates for the game, we are committed to support the title even after launch. This is just the first batch of extra content we are rolling out for free and at the same time we are updating the title with the help of a very active community.

To be fair, RIGS is one of the few full price vr games that is absolutely worth the money. It’s a proper sports game with a meaty single player career IMO.


Which is made even better by the free content already made by this great studio, this new season themed content not even included. Seriously some people just like to mouth off without actually knowing anything about the game they are talking about.

I guess Star Wars Battlefront with its online only design, but still lack of much content, last year is considered even worse than a glorified demo too eh Bobsam? Or let me guess, even with its lack of content, it gets a free pass and was indeed a full game (I nearly threw up jokingly saying that lol).


Please give an update to where the private 1v1 matches with bots could be played offline as well for people like me who has bad internet connection and just wanna enjoy RIGS playing with bots.Please & Thank You ????

this is awesome news :) best psvr game by miles love this game :), keep up the good work guys great game sooo fun and immersive , and i agree with “beardybrave” this game is by far the only vr game thats actually worth the full price so much replay value and sooo fun :)

Merry Christmas

While I would love to play this, psvr sold out in my area before I could get my hands on it and has never been restocked since.

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