An early Christmas gift: Gravity Rush 2 demo launches tomorrow

Try the gravity-defying adventure before its 2017 release, and watch the anime tie-in from 26th December

Greetings and Happy Holidays Gravity Rush fans! We’re less than one month away from the release of Gravity Rush 2, and I’m thrilled to bring you an update on some of the high-falling action that’s headed your way before launch.

First and foremost, we have an original anime production ‘Gravity Rush Overture’ created by the famed anime studio Studio Khara that bridges the gap in story that takes place between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. I’m happy to announce that the anime will be available for all to see on our PlayStation YouTube Channel on 26th December from 4pm. Please take a look at the teaser to below for a quick glimpse of what’s to come:

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to leave you with a special surprise leading into the holidays. Our PlayStation fans have been itching to get a taste of Kat’s new adventure before the New Year, so I’m happy to announce that the Gravity Rush 2 Demo will be available to download on PlayStation Store tomorrow, 22nd December from 6pm GMT.

There are two paths through this demo – one for those who are new to Gravity Rush, and another for those that are more familiar with Kat’s powers – so no matter your level of gravity-defying experience please be sure to give it a shot!

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2Gravity Rush 2

We’ll have more about Gravity Rush 2 as we fall into 2017, so please stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog and have a wonderful holiday season.

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Is the demo also available in EU (germany)?


Hi Jinjo92,
Of course it is. Enjoy!

Amazing! I can’t wait. :)

Any idea when it’ll drop?
Just been on the UK (and US) stores and nothing.


Thank you for brining us all this awesome news. Can we expect this to be the same demo that was available at PSX this year?


Hi BigBadLanTerN,
The PSN demo is based on this year’s E3 demo, with 2 scenarios: one for beginners and one for advanced players.

That’s an awesome little surprise! Also that small animation film looks awesome. Nice to see Studio Khara doing it. You should totally turn both games into actual Anime or a movies :p

I don’t like anime much but i would watch that. As long as they kept true to the style

BonhartDraconi 21 December, 2016 @ 16:43

Is it just the demo that was available in jap psn store before? hopefully, it’s an improved version because it was way too easy to tank the frame rate :P

Between this and Nier: Automata, I’m going to be in demo heaven! Merry Xmas, and thanks to the gaming gods…


22 of december is gonna be a good day !

It is school holidays and my wife is sick. To top it off my girls are sleeping downstairs until we get an air conditioner installed (their bedroom gets real hot) . All in all i don’t get much time with the tv. Fortunately after adjusting this and that i have remote play working perfectly. Are the vita controls the same as they were are on the first game? It would make sense plusi could convince myself that i am playing a bespoke vita game. Either way i am REALLY looking forward to this demo and this game. I could even go against my strong distaste for preordering. I wont though. The price cycle nowadays is ridiculously short these days. A matter of weeks in the case of some recent AAA releases. I canwait a little while. This game will be mine.


This is the same demo that was available in the Japanese psn store a while ago, so can you tell us if its the same or an updated build of the game? Also will the demo have ps4 pro support? Btw thanks you so much for bringing the demo for eu

6pm gmt! Thats 2am in perth. It will have to wait a little bit because i am not going Christmas shopping in a sleep deprived state. Everyone walks too slowly. Write a list make a plan. In an out like clockwork. Effecient and precise. Shopping is not fun. Then… Gravity dish finishes downloading by the time I get home and all is good.


Immensely looking forward to this game, the first is one of my all time favourites. A demo release AND Overture so close to Christmas is amazing. Looks great.


AWESOME, thanks for this. This game needs a Collector’s or at least some sort of Special Edition. :)

Coooool, the US get extensive sales, discounts and $10 vouchers and wow… we’re SO lucky to get promotional material. I feel like Sony hardly ever package promotional material as a gift. So thanks, it’s a Christmas miracle!


The extensive sales in Europe will start within three days if past years are any indication. They just have the tradition of the 12 deals of Christmas sales and after that, a bigger sale usually starts.

A voucher would have been nice as well though, but who knows, maybe they’ll still surprise us with a Christmas gift. ;)

Does this demo work with PS4 Pro?


Please , answer us ! PS4 Pro support for the demo ? ( Better graphics ? )




Yes since everything that plays on a ps4 also plays on the pro. May not be pro enhanced if that’s what you mean though?

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No Gravity Rush 2 for PS Vita??


Yes since everything that plays on a ps4 also plays on the pro. May not be pro enhanced if that’s what you mean though?


He said Vita, not Pro. Try reading.


Will the anime also be on the disc? Read yesterday that the Japanse get a “day-one” edition with it on disc, so wondering if that’ll also be the case in EU/NA.

How does it feel to be sell-outs?

How could you give up on the Vita like this?

Carnivius_Prime 22 December, 2016 @ 08:58

Cos bills have gotta be paid?

I’m more mad at Square-Enix for giving up on the NES, the first Final Fantasy was released for it, why not Final Fantasy XV too? Freaking sell-outs indeed.

Will the anime on the PlayStation YouTube Channel have subtitles for those with poor hearing? And I don’t mean the auto-generated subtitles, those sucks.


It will indeed! Captions will be available in multiple European languages including English and Swedish as soon as the animation launches on our channel.

Really great to see you guys are doing that. Might be a small thing, but it’s a huge deal to some people!


Happy days! I wondered about this too. Glad to hear it will have them. :D

Yes! I know what I am doing tonight! :)

Barrierfreeman 22 December, 2016 @ 15:42

Guessing it’s not on the store yet?

You don’t have to guess… :-)
“…so I’m happy to announce that the Gravity Rush 2 Demo will be available to download on PlayStation Store tomorrow, 22nd December from 6pm GMT.”


Excited to try this! Any chance of a gravity rush 1 and 2 bundle for ps4?

Ta muito bonito serio Hmm pena Que nunca joguei nenhum jogo desse mais não Vou dar pause no meu Game vou dar um play e continuar tentando ate jogar esse jogo Magnifico!! :3

I’m disappointed

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