Harmonix to bring remaining Rock Band DLC exports to PS4 from January

Developer releases roadmap for the arrival of tracks to Rock Band 4 in 2017

Hey friends, as many of you are aware, it’s taken us much longer than we expected to bring DLC entitlements to our European PlayStation 4 players on a handful of products, most notably some of the disc and track pack exports, including Rock Band 2.

We won’t bore you with all the technical challenges involved in carrying forward ownership entitlements across different console generations, but it goes without saying moving those challenges have been substantial.


We’re continuing to work with the teams at SIEE to iron out any issues we encounter, as well as the submission of the content. We also wanted to give everyone a rough schedule so you know when to expect each outstanding pack and export.

  • Rock Band 2: January 2017
  • AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack: February 2017
  • Lego Rock Band: March 2017
  • Green Day: Rock Band: April 2017
  • Rock Band Blitz: April 2017
  • Rock Band 2 – 20 Free Songs: May 2017
  • Rock Band™ Track Pack Vol. 2: May 2017

Thanks again for your long and continued support.


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Awesome news! Looks like 2017 is going to ROCK!

It’s good this is happening. Any chance Sony will save SingStar in the same way, or is that just abandoned?

Game-Sammich_Dan 22 December, 2016 @ 17:14

Woohoo! A year and a half is far too long, but better late than never. Thanks for not giving up, HMX.

Is this just for content that’s already available in America that’s now being brought to the EU? Or does it also include individual DLC tracks from previous Rock Band games that’ll be re-released for Rock Band 4?

This is the best news, THE BEST!

Well that was a poor apology.

Can we get more information re: Non-Export DLC entitlements? I’m sitting on quite a few songs that are still PS3 only, like the 2112 pack, Ozzy 8 pack, nirvana pack 02, new fang etc.

Yeah, where does that leave things like the February Heartache Duets Pack, Ozzy 8 Pack and others that don’t have PS4 versions or the entitlements haven’t been fixed?

What about the delisted content? (songs that were removed due to expired licensing, but owned on the PS3)

Are these exports only availlable if if you own the original games on disc?
Or can i purchase these songs as a DLC pack if i only own Rock Band 4?


Nooooooo, the offer to buy most of the exports expired a loooooooong time ago. The only ones that are still available are Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz

Thanks Josh.

We’ve been waiting a long time for these, but glad it’s been finally recognised on the PS Blog after many many months of comments etc. Hopefully Sony/HMX can stick to the “rough schedule”.

With the remaining exports, Rivals expansion, recent updates and of course the upcoming online mode, Rock Band 4 will be the epic game that we always wanted!

Finally an answer about export. Whats about the individual songs still missing? And SEE/harmonix please…. Be more Quick about this, same happened on RB3, And the other console users in europe haven t waiting so much time like us

GET IN!!! Can’t wait!!!!


It’s a Christmas miracle!

This is good as I own all export licences except Rockband Blitz.

I am confused. My lego rock band already imported (I had bought the export way back).

Does this mean they are making purchasing export available again for these? Because I didn’t get the export for RB2 before it expired and would get that (if eye of the tiger is still included).

StevenJamesHyde 03 January, 2017 @ 23:44

You have a US account, this doesn’t concern you. It is only Sony Europe who still haven’t got around to providing the exports a year and a bit later

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