New additions to PlayStation Store’s January Sale

A range of new titles join our biggest sale ever

We’re halfway through our January Sale and we’ve got a host of new titles joining the offer today for you to enjoy!

We’re adding favourites such as The Last Guardian, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Star Wars Battlefront, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition and Battlefield 4, plus some amazing VR titles such as Robinson: The Journey, Eagle Flight, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes*. You can find the full list of the new PS4 additions below.

Just a reminder that some offers end tonight at midnight (06/01/17), the full list of which you can also find below.

The entire January sale list is so long, it’s too big to fit in this blog post. Instead we’ve listed just a small selection of the titles on sale until the promotion’s end. There’s up to 60% off a huge catalogue of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games, so head to the January Sale page on PlayStation Store to see the hundreds of offers available! Remember, the sale finishes on 20th January, so don’t miss out on some amazing deals!

January Sale – PS4 new additions

January Sale – PS4 ending 06/01/17

January Sale – PS4 ending 20/01/17

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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Still no Alienation….


So… is there going to be any new additions for Vita?

Great that you guy’s added some VR titles to the sale!
Finally some love for the early adapters of PSVR :)

How to buy PSVR titles? I don’t see any of them in the store at all.


When you’re in the main menu of the PSN store website, choose ‘PlayStation VR’ in the ‘Platform’ section on the left side. Or just click on a VR title hyperlink in the main article to take you there.


Yeah sale


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for £9!! Yassss!


Pixel Gear is missing from the norwegian psn. Along with Ace banana.

Indeed this catched my eyes too…But it is good? I remember first and it wasn’t bad. Actually quite good

When is Kingdom Hearts 2.8 going to be able to be pre-ordered on the UK PS store?

The game is out in 18 days and it’s still missing from the store. Every other region has it.

Eagle Flight thank you very much


What’s about the Ps Vita????????
We want it back! Support it please! we want Sales, New games and u should revive it! :(
The PS VITA community it so huge but u are just destroying it!
we really really want it back!


Just holding up a vita on the show floor at PS Experience does not equal support.

totaldirkness 09 January, 2017 @ 12:17

The Vita Community isn’t huge. If it was, Sony wouldn’t pull the plug. Vita is Dead. Sorry.


are you aware you can’t actually purchase “Hand of Fate” it amused me since the price looked okay along with a few others but you can’t purchase a game that you put in the sale.

“we don’t want your money”

Why did hitman jump up to £45? I just went to by it but not at that price….. because I already have it on pc


It’s sale ended on the 6th of Jan (like many games did). Resident evils, etc. You just missed it.

How about complete title Sony ? Like a lot more has left the sale ….

Don’t know what’s going on but I bought the battlefield 4 premium bundle for £11.99 and clicked the download link as usual, I went out and came back expecting it to be done and it hadn’t even started downloading, looked in my library and clicked on it their and it sends me to the pan store to buy the version with no Adonis for £5.79?

And I see the premium bundle I already purchased is now showing as £15.99? What’s going on, I have it sitting in my library I have an email confirmation confirming I bought it but I can’t download it…..


Can some one help me my PS4 pro will not play a music cd is this normal

suresh_thangaraj 08 January, 2017 @ 16:48

PS4 doesn’t support Compact Disc

Sands_of_Time500 08 January, 2017 @ 20:25

Please,please,please add god of war 3 remastered to sale 50%,please.


It was just on sale for that not long ago at the end of the November. In fact I think just before the current list of sales went up.




game is most broken expierence what i had there are sound sync problems which is just anoying

Sands_of_Time500 09 January, 2017 @ 11:24

When Going on Sale Again?!


hey um i’m new , why is there no jan sale for the usa? is it only in the uk?

Sands_of_Time500 09 January, 2017 @ 22:09

When God of War Remastered Going on Sale?! I Can’t Wait No More!


When is Yakuza 0 going to be available for pre order on the psn store?

Sands_of_Time500 12 January, 2017 @ 20:21

I just have one request, please add god of war remastered to sale 50%!

Loading Human was supposed to enter the sale on 6th Jan, initially I was sure I saw it at £19.99 but now it is still showing in the sale but is the only game listed at its full price of £34.99. What’s going on, should it be in the sale or not?


Anyone know what you have to do to get one of the discount codes Sony have been sending? Seems a bit random to me.
Shame the bogof games from before Christmas were such a ripoff would have been better to put up them in the sale at previous sale prices


Got one via email… due to expire end of tonight but the store refuses it as expired… waste of time… will try later but if not i’ll buy games on PC instead.

Is there any games that will get a discount after the 20


Does it include the 20th. I mean if I want to buy something on the 20th can I get the discounts. I beg someone to reply because there’s a really tasty offer I don’t wanna miss and I can take it only on the 20th( tomorrow).

jasonmajie_sg 31 January, 2017 @ 02:37

nice, was waiting for some games to be on sale

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