Dance through 220 songs in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone, out today

Don alternate costumes inspired by the likes of Space Channel 5, Virtua Fighter, Persona and more

Can you feel the electricity in the air? It can only mean one thing…the latest rhythm game featuring the world’s foremost virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, releases today on PlayStation Store! That’s right, the pure arcade experience of the Hatsune Miku rhythm games, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone is now available with all of its 220+ songs.

*record scratch* “Wait, did he just say 220+ songs?” Yep, that’s right dear PlayStation Blog reader, Future Tone comes divided into two massive expansion packs: Colorful Tone and Future Sound, each with over 100 songs. You can buy them separately or in a bundle. And when I say it’s a pure arcade experience, that’s exactly what it is: A giant list of songs, up to five difficulty levels per song (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and ­- wait for it – Extra Extreme), and a ton of modules to unlock.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

And there’s some new arcade controls, too! The traditional rhythm game format of “press the right input at the right time” is still there, but the arcade style of Project Diva includes new multi-button presses (i.e hitting Triangle and Square at the same time), slides (hitting R1 or L1 at the right time for the right length), and other stark differences to previous Project Diva games.

To highlight these differences, look no further than the song “Decorator” by kz. Project Diva super fans might recognize this song as the title track to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for PS3 and PS Vita. It’s made a return in Future Tone (available in the Future Sound expansion pack) but with new arcade controls, and another big difference.

The ensemble song features Miku and all of her friends, and now in Future Tone, you can actually customize every individual (in Diva F 2nd, you could only change the main singer’s appearance, everyone else was standard). Does that mean you can have Miku singing along with five different Mikudayos? Yes, yes it absolutely does. Not only is your lead singer fully customisable with different costume and accessory modules, but so are the partners for any given song. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

As you complete the songs in Future Tone, you’ll be earning VP, a currency you can exchange to unlock the costume modules and accessories for Miku and her friends. You’re going to want to check back often, as there are tons of them to choose from, and even some Sega throwback modules. What exactly do I mean? Well, aside from Miku versions of songs from classic Sega Arcade games, like Afterburner, Power Drift and OutRun, Miku and her friends can don costumes inspired by old Sega properties. Virtua Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles, Space Channel 5, and more! There’s even the Miku costume from Atlus’ Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

Speaking of Project Diva super fans, let’s talk for a second too: A couple of things you may not have realized. First, the western version releasing today features ALL of the updates already applied to the Japanese version – all those tweaks and fixes are currently in place. Second, and this is probably more important, we’re going to be supporting ALL the DLC released in Japan.

All three Encore Packs will be released at the beginning of February, March and April respectively and there will also be a season pass option for all three DLC packs available in February. Each Encore Pack contains a mixture of songs and modules to contribute to the overall Future Tone catalogue. (And yes, for those wanting a shortcut in unlocking modules, the Unlock Everything DLC will be available today as well!)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

Good luck to those digging into the 220+ songs waiting for you in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone, available RIGHT NOW exclusively on PlayStation Store!

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Is there any plans for further VR support for this series? I’m not a great fan of rhythm action games in general but the VR verion I tried made it a lot more fun, was this just a bit of fun demonstration or is this where the series will be headed?

SO HAPPY this is actually out in English here so we don’t need to go through the trouble of using a Japan/US account. Definitely buying it as soon as I’m physically able to

I’m kinda hoping that one day a jRPG will be created using Hatsune as the main heroine.

TheLegendaryN 10 January, 2017 @ 18:37

I’m really excited for this! This is basically the ultimate Miku game! :D

I was wondering if anyone knows if we are able to transfer our Japanese Save File? I bought this on the JP store early last year. My own fault and I’m not complaining, I just didn’t think they’d port the Arcade version here. But I’d love to take my progress with me if it’s possible.


Thank you so much for bringing this game out over here! I’ve literally been counting down the days until release since the announcement trailer came out! I’m also glad the DLC is being released over here too. I think this will still be my game of the year by the end of December.

Wait, does this mean there will be three MORE DLC packs after the 224 songs we already have?!

Also, this game is stupidly difficult. I hate multi-inputs.

same, especially when I have to press four at once, its hard to notice all icons fast enough in a big screen, (especially if you only played the psp/vita versions like me)

Honestly the hardest ones are when you have to press 3, because pressing all 4 will make it an Awful instead…. by the time you know which one NOT to press you’re already too late :/ And Extreme throws several of those 3-button-press notes at you in a row with different combinations too :(

Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Forever in love with Miku <3

Finka_Karfein 11 January, 2017 @ 09:59

This game is so much better than Project Diva X in terms of gameplay! I also like the fact that the rhythm games are so fresh, yet they are so familiar at the same time. But I must admit that even easy is not so easy as before – good thing the clearing border is so close :)

all the random drops and removal of rooms ruined PD X a lot, its the the first PD for VITA I didn’t try for the platinum, it felt like a chore, even though the mechanics and song where great

already bought and currently downloading!
Thank you SEGA for bringing it to europe!
I bet It will give me some hard time since this will be my first big screen diva game, I played all the others in PSP and VITA, and its a little hard to follow the icons in a 32 ince tv

DoYouLikeMyID 11 January, 2017 @ 19:46

I already mentioned this in the store update post, but I just wanted to say thanks for bringing this to Europe, and at such a great price as well! :D

I don’t often buy games digitally on release day, since I’m always just waiting for sales on digital content, but making an exception for this game was a no-brainer for me, given the insane amount of content included.

Actually, come to think of it, I think this may be the first game I’ve bought digitally on day 1 since Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty in 2008… Wow.

AlucardTepes_DE 11 January, 2017 @ 20:08

I really liked the PSP version of the original game, but has the improvements came along the game just got more confusing and less enjoyable…

Can’t seem to get in to the rhythm of the musics and there is no way to adjust the notes speed and that’s unbearable for me, since I can’t play musics to slow. Really love the franchise but game wise I’m not enjoy it anymore has it uses to be. I don’t even get any satisfaction in playing the highest difficulties, like I do in other games like DJ MAX and XONIC do.

reggyx3clover 13 January, 2017 @ 14:05

Thank you for localising this game :D

SweetMaknae21 15 January, 2017 @ 13:05

Enjoying the demo. This seems like a really fun experience :)

Welp, this is the main reason why I wanted a PS4 in the first place. I even bought the game within the first 10 minutes of the game’s release time.

says ALL DLC wonder if we be getting the avatars as well

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