See a tantalising glimpse of Horizon Zero Dawn’s story in new cinematic trailer

Guerrilla Games focuses on some of the key figures that’ll appear in its futuristic adventure

To date, Horizon’s trailers have offered glimpses of the game’s majestic post-post-apocalyptic world and awe-inspiring machines. There’s a lot we’ve yet to show, but we’re starting the New Year with a big new trailer that focuses on yet another threat for Aloy to face.

The video likewise affords glimpses of some of the allies who may join Aloy’s cause, from the mighty to the mysterious.

Who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloy’s side on the field of battle? The answers to these and other questions will be revealed on 1st March, 2017, when Horizon Zero Dawn releases exclusively for PlayStation 4. For everything Horizon Zero Dawn, keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook channels for new updates.

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Can we get a wallpaper of the imagine above. Its gorgeous


That’s way too low res though. They must have high res versions

Jeroen Roding 11 January, 2017 @ 18:31

Keep an eye on our channels, we might release something later this week ;)

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I’m asking this everywhere I get chance…
Is there any possibility of a Horizon special edition PS4 Pro console? :)

“Who are these masked warriors, and what is blabla?”

I suppose it would matter in a serious action-RPG game, but Horizon looks like a basic TPS with a filler story.


What do you mean by a serious action rpg?


Horizon its basically the definition of action rpg. Less deep rpg than Witcher 3 but more deep than a far cry or assassins creed


Why is the EU version of the trailer edited differently than the US again? Its weird


Classic Playstation..!US is always different than other Regions!Especially on the Playstation Store!

I feel like I’m the only one in the world has zero hype for zero dawn


I feel you mate… same here.


Nope. You sold me at the E3 2015 cinematic followed by seamless blend to gameplay showcase. Don’t need to see this until after I play the game. :)
This also happened with The Last Guardian too where Sony showed a new story trailer that gave away too much literally 3 days before its launch at the PSX Event. There is simply no need for it.


I can’t wait for this game!Let’s hope that it won’t disappoint us!

TheLordPegasus 12 January, 2017 @ 09:23

I’m gonna start telling people i’m not available until 6th right now.

Not related to this game, but related to Guerrilla.

Sad that Guerrilla Cambridge was closed by the ever worsening Sony. RIGS development and promised updates will never come now.

Thanks for helping kill PlayStation.

No way you can push up the release-date a week earlier? Suddenly this game is crashing with something else


Damn you spil a lot. Watched half of the video. This is last thing I watched about this game. I can’t wait to play this game.

Have been waiting impatiently for this for nearly 2 long years ! I pray that I’m not left feeling disappointed by OTT. From what I’ve seen and read, I’m thinking I’m gonna be loving it large ! LoL. 1st March cannot arrive quick enough. Hopefully there’s plenty of ‘side’ missions along side the main objectives. Something like Fallout 4, where you can complete it in months as opposed to days. I’m level 119 and am still choosing to not progress to far near ‘The End’ so it’s not over yet. (Sad but true, LoL) I like to feel I’m getting my money’s worth ; )

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