Bomberman-style battler Ruckus Rumble is latest PS4 title from PlayStation First programme

Game created by student group releases this week, supported by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s academic program

This week sees the release of Ruckus Rumble on the PlayStation Network. In this local PvP brawler, 2 – 4 players engage in quick and quirky combat. With colourful visuals and playful combat this game may seem innocent enough, but honour and honesty have no place in the game’s many trap-riddled battle arenas. Dirty tricks and back-stabbing are the hallmarks of Ruckus Rumble champions.

At its core Ruckus Rumble is a melee brawler in which the combined use of sword and shield is the primary way of battling opponents. However, each player’s arsenal is also amplified with a set of versatile abilities. Toss fireballs around to ignite opponents and landscape alike. Slam into the ground to create a shockwave and push enemies away. Use the Hookshot to traverse the arena quickly – or pull an unsuspecting enemy into one of many deadly level hazards.

Ruckus Rumble

Ruckus Rumble’s development originates as a game project created at game development school PlaygroundSquad in Falun, Sweden.

A combined student group of game designers, artists and programmers were given development hardware, software tools and nine weeks to create a game for the PlayStation 4.

Nine weeks may sound like a long time, but when making video games – not so much.

Linus Larsson, the original creator and lead game designer, remembers that despite its light-hearted style, the foundation of Ruckus Rumble was actually built on pragmatism. The team wanted a game that could be prototyped quickly, and then polished for as long as possible. With that in mind, the idea for a couch PvP game was born. By giving all players the same actions and abilities there would be fewer balancing issues, and instead of trying to smooth out the flurry and hectic combat rounds, the team decided to embrace the chaos.

Ruckus Rumble

Early on Ruckus Rumble was intended to have a far more realistic and gritty visual theme, but as the gameplay began to take shape the team discovered that realism didn’t fit well with the jovial combat. In the end, most of the art assets were recreated to fit the gameplay, rather than the other way around.

At the end of the game project the students had the opportunity to present their games to representatives of Sony, thanks to the PlayStation First initiative. PlayStation First supports universities and technical colleges with knowledge, know-how and PlayStation hardware, and in this case with PlaygroundSquad and Ruckus Rumble it even went further – the game is to be released on PlayStation Network. You’ll be able to play it yourself on 18th January!

Ruckus Rumble

So invite some friends round and get ready to rumble!

For more about PlayStation First, look here.

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0 Author replies
ziggy-mandias 16 January, 2017 @ 15:31

Certainly looks like it was inspired by Bomberman.. even so this looks like it can be really good fun… Hopefully they will add the option to play over psn as well since I am probably not the only one that doesn’t have someone to couch-co-op with.

Definatly going to be keeping my eye on this!

I hope so too. I’d like an online feature. I mean, you could at least try share-play if there won’t be online.

Didn’t Sony have a developer program called PlayStation C.A.M.P originally, then close it down?


A real Bomberman game will be out on the Switch in two months time.

Would love a Theme Park/Theme Hospital styled game if they are taking suggestions for their next game. With the exact same humour, graphic style and gameplay. etc

Nothing like Bomerman? port ps3 version of bomerman that would be a good idea! There’s some other good games what would be worth porting over to ps4 from other generations(remakes), like Bomerman jack, rainbow island, bubble bubble, volfeld. There all classic games. pang was remade for ps4 and that’s it?!.

Carnivius_Prime 17 January, 2017 @ 12:09

Most of the remakes are pale imitations of the originals. We have original Bubble Bobble on PS4 already. The Pang remake was lacking.


Get a switch and get Bomberman. It’s the new Vita… except actually supported by the people that made it.

Carnivius_Prime 17 January, 2017 @ 12:12

Looks decent though am a lil annoyed cos the words ‘Ruckus’ and ‘Rumble’ were both on my list when trying to come up with a name for a small retro game project I been making for the last few days. :P

Jag gratulerar studenterna till ett lyckat spelprojekt!

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