Today’s massive Battleborn update ushers in new modes, PS4 Pro support

New ways to train, draft rosters, level up, and more in Gearbox’s hero shooter

The Battleborn Winter Update is here, and boy is it massive! Players will experience brand new training modes, pick/ban draft mode, a user interface overhaul, player Command Rank cap increases, and of course, PS4 Pro support!

With so many additions, improvements, and adjustments, no part of Battleborn was left untouched by this update. In the words of Gearbox Software Producer Chris Brock, “I’ve been at Gearbox for 10 years and this is the craziest update we’ve ever done!”


Performance enhancements & PS4 Pro support

Like many of you, we are technophiles who love to support new hardware and technology when it benefits our players. With this update, you will experience performance enhancements across the board. Every map, mission, and mode has been touched to improve optimisation, with a particular focus on the 4K capabilities of PS4 Pro. On PS4 Pro, Battleborn can now run at 1080p at 30 frames per second, 1080p at up to 60 frames per second, or gorgeous 4K at 30 frames per second. Needless to say, this update is an absolute game changer.

The performance and visual improvements aren’t just for PS4 Pro. Improvements and optimisation all around means PS4 players now have a new option to run Battleborn at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second. The universe may be disappearing into the void, but it has never looked this good!

Battleborn winter update

What else is new in Battleborn with this update? Tons! If you haven’t played Battleborn in a while, or just picked it up during a holiday sale, now is a great time to get back into the game. Keep reading to see what else is coming in this massive update and everything else that’s been released since Battleborn launched in May.

The Battleborn Winter Update begins rolling out from tonight.


Beatrix early access

Early access to the 30th Battleborn hero begins today for all Season Pass and Digital Deluxe holders! Precise, deadly, and obsessively hygienic, Beatrix wields a massive syringe arm to spread debilitating debuffs and disease. A master at manipulating life, her prowess for science combined with her Jennerit ruthlessness makes her one extremely qualified, and extremely dangerous physician. Beatrix officially launches for all Battleborn players on 26th January.

DLC story operation 3

Be advised: Battle School is not for chumps! Fall in line with the Battleborn as Oscar Mike takes you through the ringer in the third Story Operation, “Oscar Mike vs The Battle School.” Dodge death, complete objectives, and fight your way through rigorous combat. Each DLC Story Operation comes with the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe edition, or can be purchased individually in the Battleborn in-game Marketplace.

All 25 core characters unlocked!

That’s right, 25 badass playable characters, no waiting! With this update, the core 25 characters will be unlocked for all players after completing the Prologue.

Two new training modes

Build up your skills before hitting the battlefield in two new training modes: Incursion Tutorial and the Dojo!

  • Incursion Tutorial: Hone your PVP skills and learn the key elements of competitive play in Battleborn. Your first play-through is solo, but this practice mode can be repeated with groups of up to three players.
  • Dojo: Take each and every Battleborn hero for a test drive! Learn how to slice, dice, blast, smash, and rocket your way through waves of minions.

Draft Mode

This is one of the most exciting new additions! On top of a whole new character select experience, Battleborn will also offer pick/ban drafting in public and private matches. Players and teams can now take turns picking and banning characters to create an excellent competitive roster based on what the other team is choosing.

  • Normal Draft: Normal draft mode will be available in both public and private matches, allowing each team to take turns voting for their banned characters and creating their roster.
  • Captain’s Draft: Private matches have an additional draft mode called Captain’s Draft. In these private matches, each team has a captain, so choose wisely! Not only will the captain be directing the team in battle, they also have final say over which characters their team will ban.

Introducing Quests

New challenges await with the quest system in Battleborn! Players can now take on new objectives through Main and Daily Quests for a variety of different rewards.

  • Main Quests: Main quests lets you explore different aspects of the modes and missions in Battleborn.
  • Daily Quests: Unlock a new quest every day! The reward varies depending on the difficulty of the quest, with the hardest quests also having the biggest rewards.


User interface overhaul

Battleborn’s user interface has a whole new look! It’s now cleaner, more vibrant, and much easier to find the information you need most. There are UI changes throughout Battleborn, from the starting screen, to the Command center, character select, and even in the menu system.

Command rank and character rank increase

Are you the best of the best of the best? Climb the ranks in Battleborn with higher level caps for Command Rank and Character Rank! We pushed the cap to 150 for Command Rank, and rank 20 for each character. Don’t be fooled, this will not be an easy climb, but you will get all-new awesome rewards along the way!

Recap: what’s new in battleborn since launch?

Since Battleborn launched back in May, we’ve been cranking away at new content. So far we’ve released new heroes, more PVP maps, in-game events, and all sorts of hot fixes and adjustments. Below is a quick recap of what’s already been released:

  • Five free new heroes — Alani, Pendles, Ernest, and Kid Ultra are already here and Beatrix early access today! That brings the total to 30 playable heroes for everyone who bought Battleborn.
  • Three DLC Story Operations — “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” and “Toby’s Friendship Raid” are out now, “Oscar Mike vs The Battle School” releases today, and two more on the way!
  • A fourth Competitive Multiplayer mode: Face-Off!
  • Special experiences like Hardcore Spotlight and Chaos Rumble
  • Broadcaster tools
  • 3 new PVP maps, one for each mode: Monuments (Incursion), Outskirts (Meltdown) and Snowblind (Capture)
  • Lore Challenge updates
  • Ongoing hero balancing
  • Weekly hot fixes
  • Ongoing matchmaking adjustments
  • Double XP, Double Credits, and Play with the Devs events
  • Shift Codes for skins and loot packs
  • Lots of skins and taunts are now available for Platinum in the Battleborn Marketplace, including a brand new set of medieval skins.

Join the fight to save the universe

If you already own Battleborn, snag the Season Pass to get access to the first two DLC Story Operations today, “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” and “Toby’s Friendship Raid,” as well as the next three Story Operations upon release.

New to Battleborn? Dive in with the Battleborn Digital Deluxe edition to get access to “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion,” “Toby’s Friendship Raid,” the next three Story Operations, hero keys to unlock Battleborn 26 – 30, and of course the base game and all of the free content available to everyone who owns Battleborn.

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Is anybody still playing this? Will probably rock up on plus in next few months.


It would actually be very good for this game to come out on PS+, because it’s one of those games that are pretty boring if you play on your own, but which are actually pretty good if you play with other people. Unfortunately, finding people to play with is hard (particularly in PvE…not so bad in PvP, actually).

Putting this game on PS+ could add to the online population and make the game better for everyone.

People need to give this a chance. I got this recently in a sale as I knew there was a PS4 Pro patch coming. I gave it ago and it was decent. Sure I don’t think I would of gotten £40 worth of enjoyment if I got this when it released. But now the price for this game is low. I hope players give it a chance as it’s a decent game.

Today’s Battleborn prices:
PSN: € 69,99
Amazon: € 11,53

This is sooo ridiculous! :)


In some places, you can get the game for even cheaper.
That’s an Irish toy shop chain:

A friend also found it in a shop in France for 2.99€!

It’s a shame, because the game really isn’t that bad, but I’m not sure how they can get more people on board.

GAME UK – 2.99

Actually the edition with season pass just went on sale for less than 18 dollars australian. That should be a little less than 13 euros.

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Hm yes, guess if any game would really benefit from PS+, it would be Battleborn. Nice and fun game, sadly totally underrated and up against the likes of Overwatch.

I appreciate the post launch support this game is getting despite weak launch. I did not buy this just because I do not have time to play everything I have bought already. As somebody said, this WOULD be a great proposition for PS+. Then again, we would have gotten Evolve in PS+ already.

In some ways, this is prolonging the misery for the developers and authors.
They released a game that went head to head with Overwatch. Nothing could’ve survived that battle.
I commend their commitment but it’s time to look to the future.
Let Battleborn go.

That would be a bad move. If they support this game then people will know that any future purchases from them will receive full support come hell or highwater.

HereComesTrouble 20 January, 2017 @ 12:33

Currently £7.99 on the PSN store, or £11.99 for Deluxe. Got to be worth ago.


I’m jumping in, at that price! Have played before it is a great way game, weird but in a good way, love an underdog anyway, I’ll support them… Deluxe erosion for just over a tenner?… go on then! ;)


Deluxe edition… meant to be????

My biggest complaint with the beta was that the fonts are so tiny that it’s impossible to play this game sitting down on the couch. Sadly a UI overhaul hasn’t changed anything, or so it seems. Still unplayable..


Overwatch stole this games lunch money.

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