LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not A Hero are your PlayStation Plus games this February

Starwhal, Anna- Extended Edition, Ninja Senki DX and TorqueL also up for download

As we bid a not-so-found farewell to January’s fad diets, failed gym memberships and freezing ground frosts (congrats, if you’re keeping up with the resolutions, by the way!), it’s time once again to welcome in a new month and, as always, a fresh new package of games for PlayStation Plus.

Leading this charge in February, it’s PlayStation’s unofficial mascot and all-round cosplay aficionado Sackboy – and he’s brought some chums…

LittleBigPlanet 3

The mysterious planet Bunkum requires the keen eyes of a master investigator – so why not send someone whose peepers are actually plastic buttons? Yes, loveable craft creation Sackboy is taking on a new adventure and he’s brought some friends along to keep him company.

Building on the super-creative style of series predecessors, outside of the main story campaign you’ll be free to create and edit your own levels using bits and pieces you collect along the way, and then share your creations online.

Check out our forthcoming post on the best user-created levels already out there if you need a little inspiration!

Not A Hero

Right, okay, we know politics is the proverbial blue touch paper of the moment – but bear with us: we’ve got a giant purple time-travelling rabbit here who wants to run for city mayor – he just needs a little help on the campaign trail. Interested?

In bold contrast to the family-friendly environs of LBP’s Imagisphere, Not A Hero enjoins you to aid the foul-mouthed BunnyLord in a campaign of unprecedented violence, irresponsible use of explosives and general disregard for due process.

A lightning-fast side-scrolling shoot ’em up featuring an absolute rogues’ gallery of playable characters, Not A Hero is unlike anything you’ve played before. It thoroughly deserves your patronage when it hits the service on 7th February.

On top of these two delightful gems, PS4 players will also net a couple of extra nuggets of gold via the magic of Cross-Buy: Starwhal, which will be coming to PS3 can also be downloaded on PS4, along with Ninja Senki DX and TorqueL from PS Vita’s selection.

Here’s the full line-up, available to download on 7th February:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4)
  • Not a Hero (PS4)
  • Starwhal (PS3, Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Anna: Extended Edition (PS3)
  • Ninja Senki DX (PS Vita, Cross Buy with PS4)
  • TorqueL (PS Vita, Cross Buy with PS4)

Last call for January

February’s titles will be available to download on PlayStation Store from 7th February (next Tuesday), until then, you still have a chance to grab any titles you might have missed from January:

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Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.


>> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.


>> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

Come on, at least they gave an AAA game

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decent enough

Good one!


Good for me.


ha, been wanting to try Not a Hero for a while, so it’s good!

Get rid of the PS3 games already and release proper PS4 titles. I never comment since I’m usually content with the games but seriously – who cares about PS3 games? Scrap them and give us some ass-kicking games.


If you’re so unhappy with the PS4 line-up, buy the remaining consoles. I have PS2/3/4/P/Vita so I’m happy with any PS+ addition, even PSP-only or PSX classics. I also have quite a few PS3-only or Vita-only friends so there are still many people caring for those games.

Not so long ago we got Yakuza 5 and Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest – notable PS3 exclusives. Get your facts straight.

If you want ass-kicking games, try actually playing those PS4-PS+ games. Or throw your money at full-priced AAA titles and be… well, I hope you won’t be disappointed but it’s not that rare with AAA titles recently.


Where does this weird idea come from that if they drop the PS3 or Vita games they’ll put more PS4 games in?

There’s minimal logic there, the more likely answer is two things we’ll happen.

1) We’ll get less games.
2) Everyone with a PS3 or Vita will complain about having things taken away fro no good reason.

Tazman-Baaring 01 February, 2017 @ 17:59

“Who cares about PS3 games?”
Well, I do!!! ;D Even though I have a PS4, I still have (and use!!) my old trusty PS3. Plus, I have a PS Vita too. ;)
And I doubt that I’m the only one, who still enjoys playing Last Gen games. ;)
Anyway, not all people can afford a PS4. Why should they be left out??

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More like pixelstation plus


dont say that, my most powerful console in the universe and uhd tv are gonna love those pixels

Seeing Starwahl popping up in the Norwegian store yesterday, two years late, I knew it would be coming to the IGC.


2 of 6 are KINDA…just barely kinda interesting…the other 4 are just total and pure utter garbage…awesome, just…awesome.

How is it possible that Sony is the best when it comes to games, exclusives and content..but manages to shoot themselves in the foot month after month with PS+

The last 4 games…you would have to pay me a lot…to play those…that’s how bad they are


Did you play all of them or are you just basing this on graphics?

Brilpoetsdoekje 04 February, 2017 @ 11:31

@MoFoMedia Torquel and ninja whatever are not the kinds of games I bought a PS4 for.


The problem is that they don’t shoot themselves in the foot… It is no problem at all for Sony that we don’t like the linup, we keep paying for our PS+ anyway….

X_Blood_Curse_X 01 February, 2017 @ 16:44

Pretty rubbish. As someone who owns and plays all three platforms its disappointing that Vita and PS3 are just used for cross-buy padding. Torquel, yay?


Torquel is fun, try it

Sammy______Snake 03 February, 2017 @ 17:01

exactly this… I want some games that are PS3 games in their own right.

Ni No Kuni, Heavy Rain, Beyond

Any of the old exclusives I never had time to pick up

Maybe you guys should show some appreciation this month, then Sony may continue giving free AAA games.
On the other hand, I wonder if they are doing this because it’s not doing well.



They should give away Ultra Street Fighter IV to spite Nintendo for remastering Street Fighter II.

blacksheepwall_ 01 February, 2017 @ 16:46

Another month with nothing worth the download.and an envious look over the road.

Maybe update the link on the front page? Just for laughs? It’s WordPress, can’t be that hard.

LBP3 and maybe TorqueL and Anna…

Bought LBP3 almost a year ago for the price of 1 month of PS+ and it’s not even cross-buy for the trophies on PS3, available on the service a year too late considering the level of its success and that it’s directly from Sony. If you like the series, then it may be worth your time. Quickly reviewed everything else and… thank you, but no. Nothing to download for another month. (Un)fortunately, I don’t think I’ll be renewing PS+ in the future, as my interest in using the service has been declining for many months (years?), and is now gone entirely, it’s no longer of any use to me, and limited storage cloud saves could also be free. I don’t play online on PS4 (it should be free to begin with and available to every player), lottery rental has been hitting rock bottom for too long.

Carnivius_Prime 01 February, 2017 @ 16:56

I’m cool with this lot even though I already have LBP3 and Ninja Senki. Also means my friends who recently got a PS4 can have LBP3 for free & we can play it together. :)

LBP3 is cool, but why even bother with PS3 and Vita games? So many to choose from on the Vita and yet you release awful game after awful game, since everything has to be cross buy for some reason…

they are probably tryng to match xbox but problem is that some console doesnt have backwards compability

Bit weak considering that Asian PS Plus got God of War Remaster 3 and Tales of Zesteria last month due to the chinese new year…

Oh, even better, this month the asian PS Plus gets Until Dawn.



God of war 3 is broken mess sound syncs are awful.


People moan that we don’t get AAA games and when we do…. They moan that its not good enough. We’re not getting AAA games on release day, get over yourselves [DELETED]


Littlebigplanet 3 is not a AAA game. It’s a niche title (which I want myself!) that’s only included in the hope people will buy the DLC. Do wish people would stop confusing a big name game with a AAA game – and that’s both the pro and anti PS Plus crowds!

SySar 1 February, 2017 @ 4:59 pm 15 Report
Not a hero is in the 60% off sale at the moment. So the plan is encourage as many people to buy it then boom give it away free! Not cool! NOT COOL!


That’s what happend to me: bought NAH last weekend in the sale and now it’s on PS+. But I’m not complaining; sometimes these things happen.

damienmcnugget 06 February, 2017 @ 12:59

I think it used to be Sony’s official policy that they would not include games in the Instant Game Collection that had recently been on sale.

Much like Phil Collins, they just don’t care anymore.


Lbp3 might be worth a download, loved 1 and 2.


I’ve already got it unfortunately but yeah, it’s worth a download if you liked the first two.

Hopefully one day we see The Order 1886 on the PS Plus games collection


You could probably get it pre-owned for £10 now.


Buy some paint, stick it on the wall, watch it dry and you’ll have more fun. If you’re that desperate to try it then I saw it in Game, second hand, for £4 the other day. That’s £3.99 too much.


But it, platinum it, sell it 5 hours later. Visually pleasing but that’s about it.

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Nothing I’d really enjoy playing but this is a fair month for PS4 gamers.

I don’t care for LBP, but at least it’s objectively decent series. The rest looks like a complete shovelware. I like good indie games, I paid full price for many, but I’m definitely not interested in bargain bin reject indie games. I have been disappointed with PS+ content for many months now, but there was always something that would at least justify the price. LBP aside, I wouldn’t pay one quid to own those, let alone lease them. Just stop giving PS3 stuff monthly if this is the best you can do – go down to one game a quarter, but at least make it a worthwhile game. We once got Deus Ex: HR and Darksiders in a single month and then Red Dead Redemption, the co-op Lara Croft, Saints Row 2 and Machinarium within the next two. To go from that to this is not even funny anymore. Step up your game.


Thx Sony! <3

You guys are marketing this all wrong.


(and you don’t even bother to whisper over in the corner- psst there’s 4 other games here too . Your video only mentions two of the six and you only have descriptions for two on the blog too)

I came to find out what the PS+ games are and I only know two out of the six!


Because 4 out of 6 aren’t worth mentioning (considering the PS4 ones are even worth mentioning…)
2 of them are for their last-gen console (which, by now, PS4 will soon be replacing), and 2 for their dead portable that they couldn’t bother to support properly to begin with.
They’re pretty much just there to add to the numbers, not to use for promotion :)


You can click the titles in their description to check the games on the website (and probably confirm that you won’t be needing them :p)


Maybe they think not talking about them will make it will be less noticeable when they stop giving away PS3/Vita games next year?

My 4k TV its ready to play this pixels games… ????

men with ps pro 8 bit game will look beatiful 4k upscaled

Waste of hard drive space yet again !!!!

CoolRichy007UK 01 February, 2017 @ 21:40



I already own LBP3, so this month isn’t too exciting for me. Anna – Extended Edition looks somewhat interesting, so I’ll probably give that a go. However, I’m not too sure I can be bothered to even try any of the other games. I could maybe see myself messing around with Starwhal for about 15 minutes, but nothing else even remotely piques my interest.

Oh well… I’ve got plenty of games on my backlog as it is.

This years subscription cost: justified.
What an awesome selection of games.
Get ’em down yer neck, you whingeing buffoons.


Anybody who disagrees with you is wrong? Are you three years old?

Is this trolling? I can’t tell.

I’m happy happy that i have Xbox Live also :) Have Plus because my friends have PS4, have Live for better giveaway games. Win every month.

Great, continuing the tradition of disappointment.

LittleBigPlanet is a trash platformer, it was never a good series, controls like floaty garbage and now we get the worst one out of all of them.

Not A Hero is a PC game that came out almost 2 years ago and I played it many times, keep putting on old PC games guys!

Starwhal is also an old PC game that released over 2 years ago.

Anna is one of the worst horror games I had the misfortune to play, a walking simulator with a terrible ending.

Ninja Senki DX is not a good game at all, mediocre at best.

TorqueL is again, guess what?! A 3 year old PC game!

Every once in a while we’ll get a real treat like FURI but it’s been unbelievably trash recently…

so 2 games are good torquel and not a hero. Not everyone pays for indies we have them on ps plus every month

Absolutely terrible again! Woooo we got a a AAA game that’s for 12 year olds….. And the rest indie games! I’m sick of it. I use to play plus games all the time… I hardly ever play them now… An why do we not get proper PS3 games anymore!? All the good games you could put on before the PS3 dies and you give us rubbish… Ridiculous. PS plus before PS4 was awesome now it just sucks.

Tazman-Baaring 01 February, 2017 @ 19:00

Even before PS4, people were whining. “Waaaah…… Crappy games….. We want…….. Meeeeeh…..”
So nothing has really changed.


At least it was optional before PS4 :)

It’s still optional. You don’t need it to play your games, now do you? (except for some multiplayer only games).

I understand people don’t like games with pixel graphics (btw LBP are good games, I don’t see why they are for 12 year olds. I am 32 and I still enjoy them, although the first 2 were better imo), but complaining about it every single month is not going to solve anything.

If you don’t like PS+, why do you keep paying for it? You can vote with your wallet if you don’t agree with it.

If you do need it for multiplayer, you get your money out of it as you use it for multiplayer (I hardly ever play MP and I don’t really mind paying for PS+ (and Xbox Live Gold)).

If you really want to play MP for free, buy a PC for those titles and get rid of PS+. It’s not that hard.

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Other than Starwhal, which is kind of like Nidhogg on a single screen with space dolphins, this doesn’t seem a bad month.

Dont get why anyone moans at free games. What I do is look at what they are, if I would like to play ill try it, if not I wont play any and it dont bother me, I dont mind buying games I want to play, and if next month the list of games that comes out is game Im not bothered about, guess what, I just wont play them and wont be bothered. There free games, play them or dont, simple.


I don’t get why people think PS plus games are free lol…


That Xbot mentality where they foolishly believe the online component covers most of the cost :) They actually believe they’re paying for online and are getting the games for free instead of the other way around :)

It’s not free if you’re paying for them, is it?

I really wish people would stop bagging on the IGC every month.

The best reason to cut off your subs to Sony is their terrible customer service, the games are decent enough.


Their IGC for all consoles over the last 4 years makes their terrible customer service look like something heaven sent.


Awful as literally always, for me at least. Figures the first decent (good in general, but my least favourite of the LBP’s) AAA in a very short list for PS4 (for which it’s mandatory, no less) should be an exclusive that I already own..
Might have given Not a Hero a try on Vita but it’s the smartphone games that get the cross-buy option. Of which none are of interest again.
Seems clear to me now I’m going to have to sub for shorter periods (of course, in typical modern Sony fashion, those are the subs that got more expensive), only when I plan on playing a multiplayer game in that period.
It’s a real shame you guys refuse to offer a subscription for online capabilities only because I would prefer being online all year around without all the hassle, but not like this anymore. Not with this monthly disappointment that we get to pay for extra. If it has to be all or nothing with you corporate fat cats, so be it.

I’m looking forward to LBP again. I played it at launch and thought it was the weakest of them. It’s the community content that has always made LBP games though and that was a little thin when I played it.

Tazman-Baaring 01 February, 2017 @ 19:34

And yet again, I sit and think to myself, how demanding and unthankful (some) people are.
Look at it this way :
The money we pay for PS+, is used to continuously maintain, and further develope and improve on the Playstation Network, which is ESSENTIAL to play online.
This means upgrading hardware and software – and paying salaries to the people who do the work.
Or do you really think, that running an extensive network is free?? ;)
*For those of you, who don’t yet understand the concept of earning money for the work you do : It’s what makes adults able to pay rent (and other bills), buy food, buy clothes, and buy “fun stuff” like GAMES!!! ;) Or would you rather work for free?? I thought not… ;) *
Anyway, the monthly games is Sony’s way to give a little extra bonus back to the people, who support them.
It may not be much. But it’s something – and something is better than nothing, right? ;)

Ofcourse, if you’re not satisfied, you are free to unsubscribe, right?! ;)

Maybe you would have a point if it had improved at all since PS3


And yet again, I sit and.. well, write on this gameblog of how I think to myself, how undemanding and naively thankful (lowering the bar for everyone involved) (some) people are.

SOME money we pay for PS+ (highly likely a very small sum, if, like an adult, you can do the math that PS+ cost just as much in the past as an optional subscription as it does now) is used to maintain PSN. Eventhough PS3 proved perfectly capable of this without extra costs.

And even so, what’s your fanboyish excuse for them combining the online costs with a subscription like PS+? So that, on top of suddenly having to pay for online, we HAVE TO also pay for some completely unrelated digital rental service to actually get our online. Yea, that’s a good thing, right? They’re so good to us, the people who support them! Jezus Christ people, wake up already!

What Tazman said….nicely put! :-)

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Yay more 2d crap.Screw off too. I paid for PS plus and keep getting games I don’t like. Sorry my kind of games are GOOD and not this old crap noone wants. Take 2 seconds Sony. Find a game people actually want that has a good hour value and the rest could be crap for all I care.

I just have to say this. sony. Stop it.

Great! Suits me fine! :)

CoolRichy007UK 01 February, 2017 @ 21:36

I VOTE Sony adds a voting system to ps store each month with 10 good games for each month and the 3 most popular games that are chosen out of the 10 gets added to ps plus ps4 games that month insted of sony picking the worst games for ps plus each month im starting to think sony are deliberately adding bad games to ps plus so SONY ADD A VOTING SYSTEM TO PS STORE EACH MONTH and let the real gamers vote 4 what we want


I actually would like that a lot less than what we currently have. I mean, I like that I get a bundle of games that I’ve heard of but I probably wouldn’t otherwise buy.

I don’t want the popular choice, or it’s just going to be “whatever game on the list had the biggest marketing budget when it launched”, and that’s a bit boring, and more likely to contain stuff I already owned.

I understand the logic of that but I reckon that psv and ps3 games would be a voting minority so those that do appreciate games on those two consoles would never get any so I also see the logic of how it is currently done.


This would work for me if you had to vote for a AAA and a separate vote for Psn /indie games, as I do like the odd psn game.
I think otherwise people would vote for AAA alllllllllll the time.

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Have just got ps plus. Can you use the ps3 games etc on ps4? Thanks

No, you can only play them on their respective consoles. You can still add them to your download list if they are ‘cross buy’ or by using the web playstation store too.

CoolRichy007UK 01 February, 2017 @ 21:39

Forgot to add,, how bout sony scraps ps plus games and lets us pick 3 games from a selection of 10 each month like when psn was down for months and we had to pick 2 free games from the 5 from sony

Comparing this to this month’s Xbox gold (Project cars, Star Wars) I am starting to regret buying PS4.

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