New game ‘Toy Wars’ joins The Playroom VR today, and it’s free

Japan Studio adds four-player tower defence game to its VR collection this week

Konnichiwa. This is Nicolas Doucet from Japan Studio. How are you all doing? First things first: Japan Studio and Team ASOBI! would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year; one of happiness, harmony, well-being and a good dose of gaming.

To get off to a great start to 2017, we have a little gift for you! We added a brand new game to The Playroom VR and it is available for download from today, 1st February. Best of all, it is 100% free to all PS VR owners, so do make sure you grab it and give it a try.

The name is ‘Toy Wars’. It’s a four-player co-op tower defense-style game set in an underground base under the bedroom of our hero. You must shoot and smash waves of enemies coming at you without the VR player getting hit a single time. And as with other games in The Playroom VR, it has asynchronous gameplay – you can play Toy Wars alone in VR or with up to three extra friends helping you on the television. The player wearing the VR headset has different goals and objectives to those playing on the TV.

Playroom VR

In Toy Wars, the main VR character is a classic action hero mounted on a swivel chair. The Dualshock 4 turns into a Gatling gun so you can shoot the soft plastic bullets like crazy.

Playroom VR

The TV heroes are big chunky mechs, piloted by our classic VR Bots. Using the DualShock 4 controller, you can punch enemies to prevent them from reaching the VR player. Each TV hero has a unique devastating charge attack so you can find a playstyle that suits you best.

Playroom VR

The game begins in the heroes’ underground base located under the bedroom. As the mission begins, all heroes ride a cool elevator to ascend to the surface. We took inspiration from classic Japanese anime for this.

Playroom VRPlayroom VR

That’s all from me! I shall leave and let you discover by yourself more about Toy Wars. All you need to do is go get it from PlayStation Store!

We hope you enjoy this new addition to The Playroom VR and hope to read your comments in the forum below! Sayonara, friends!

Playroom VR Playroom VRPlayroom VR
Playroom VRPlayroom VR
Playroom VRPlayroom VR


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I’d rather know which games are on PS+ this month.

Yeah, something is up, and it isn’t the blog post. Just noticed that the link to the Plus post is still the December one on the front.

jamie-sixtyfour 01 February, 2017 @ 14:56

This looks very cool. I wish I could buy a headset so I can enjoy some of games!


The modes in The Playroom VR weren’t my favourite so I welcome any additions that might change my entire opinion about the game. Still, it’s entirely free so I can’t complain much :)


Sounds good fun with friends! Thanks for giving me another excuse to invite them over again! ;)

PS Plus update please… it’s long overdue and we pay our subs on time!

Lately, I really wonder if there is still staff around here???

Hello “Playstation.Blog”, is somebody out there???

Hi Thanks i love playroom VR and will take any free or Paid dlc day 1, have this downloaded to my PS4 can’t wait to play when it get home. Also for everyone asking about PS+ is always 4-6pm (GMT) the Wednesday before they come out (1st Tuesday of the month) so still likely very soon but totally on schedule.

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:20

Thank you for your kind comment! We hope you enjoy it!

Looking forward to checking this addition out. My nephew and I had a great time playing Playroom VR around the PSVR launch, it’s good news to have something new to jump into into.

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:21

Great to hear. Hope you and your nephew have a blast with this one too!

Awesome stuff. I got the platinum on Playroom vr all by myself :).
I wish you guys would expand the concepts and make the games better for single player. So much good stuff in there and it looks gorgeous on a Pro

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:21

Thanks! Your comments and ideas are welcome!:)


PlayRoom VR already is just about the best showcase and party game for PSVR, more of the same great stuff is always welcome. Thanks a lot and hopefully more to come! :]

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:22

That’s really kind, thank you! We hope we can continue entertaining you :)

Loading times are atrocious. A retry takes over 45, most of that unskippable cut scenes. What year is it?

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:23

Really? Mmm.There are no loading times per se in PLAYROOM VR so I’m confused. You mean you wish you could skip the intros into each game?


I really hope for a 4- 8 Player Brawler mini game like ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ with the AR bots dresses up as many Sony mascots from PS1 to PS4 from Parappa the Rapper to Aloy Horizon Zero dawn :-)

me and 7 of my friends play 8 player Brawler, we chosen our AR bots to become

Me> Sackboy (LittleBig Planet)
Player 2 > Iota (Tearaway)
Player 3 > Knack (Knack)
Player 4 > Kat (Gravity Rush)
Player 5 > Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank)
Player 6 > Parappa (PaRappa The Rapper)
Player 7 > Toro Inoue
Player 8 > Kratos (God Of War)

Like Super Smash Bros, we try bash each other off the stage until 1 of us is the winner :-)

Picture link >> & >>

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:23

Haha. Saw that one elsewhere before! ^^

Playroom vr is one of the best when it comes to proof of concept. I have a lot of love for the work they put into it.

Nicolas Doucet 06 February, 2017 @ 01:24

Awww thanks!!

Great news. This is a fantastic game and free. It has some of the best experiences in VR available right now. Congrats and thank you. Shame PSVR isn’t suitable for under 12’s my niece and nephew are really jealous only being able to play standard ninja bots ???? do you guys plan on releasing the game on other platforms? It’s a shame it is exclusive (I can see why) but it deserves to be a VR industry benchmark that the future VR games can build upon. VR gaming will become the standard when all competing developers work together to reduce costs and improve experienced. Thanks again and keep sending us dlc!!!

Playroom vr really shows what can be done in VR in the future, graphics are awesome and there is some really cool ideias in there. This new game is cool and fun, but my favourite is still the “robot rescue” one… I would love for a full platformer like that.

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