Steep is deal of the week on PlayStation Store

Pick up Ubisoft’s open-world winter sport extravaganza at a discounted price

Ski and snowboard your way across a massive open world across the Alps in the new PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Steep. You can save big on both the standard and gold editions on PS4, just head to PlayStation Store today!

  • Buy Steep now on PlayStation Store.


Just a reminder…

Not only that, but we also still have our amazing Games Under €20, Digital Discounts and PS3 and PS Vita Savings promotions live on PlayStation Store until 8th February so don’t miss out on a host of great titles at discounted prices!

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I enjoyed the beta, but don’t think I enjoyed it enough to get it, even at this price. Might wait for one of the bigger sales

Worth it at this price. Same price I paid for it physical. Disappointed the ps plus update still hasn’t been announced. It’s getting beyond a joke now. It was supposed to be announced yesterday and quite frankly whoever is in control of the decisions regarding ps plus should be looking for another job.


It’s usually the Wednesday before they go live. Which will be today… I’m expecting it any time now


I thought it was supposed to be the Tuesday before?

But don’t expect anything stellar on ps+. My bet is on Godzilla , I am Bread, The Park or Goosebumps the game and i’m not even joking.

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Any chance the seasons pass is going to be discounted?


Waiting for the PS+ games to be announced…

That’s a Steep discount



It starts off ok but it’s all downhill from there.

Still too steep for me. It was this price on disc from Game of all places before Christmas.

Is this game online only like the crew? why don’t they state this if it is!. The crew was a rip-off, big mistake buying that same with destiny, online only? Makes no sense. if I wanted a game like that I would of got star trek or warfram( story driven?) because there free! Games are becoming a rip-off, promoting demo as bata and saleing beta as complete game, and saleing online games and not stating it, I thought they were called moba and you pay to speed up your upgrade progress (not story driven),battle ground games,but this is an option and they are basically free game platform like mobile game . It just shows how bad dicision making is getting with games, how can it be so difficult to state the type of game you are buying!? I mean selling, but that’s the point are you really gamers or is it just a job!


Online only and ps plus required. None of the trophies require other people either so it’s a little shady requirement.

There is also a 42% discount on the Last Guardian

I’ll pass.

Not a game that would hold mentor long enough based in the beta.
To Hell with this anyway, where’s the IGC announcement Sony?

I can only see normal price of £25 that everywhere charges for the game since launch – where’s the discount here?

This is [DELETED] found this sale on Facebook but when I go and buy it it tells me it still $80 how about what’s update our store before we start telling people it’s already out!!!

you went to wrong site man there are no us deals here

will it have a VR update?


It’s a good game, funny thing though I’ve been a gamer for many many years, yes Im old, and this is the first game ever to make me feel dizzy whilst playing, every time, after about half an hour of playing.


Dear PlayStation Staff,

Can the video game series The Getaway [PS2 Classic] be released on PS3 and PS4 digital content on the PS Store for purchase. This game series is legendary.

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