VR Ping Pong, out today, lets you perfect your top spin in PlayStation VR

Enjoy voxel-style arcade action across multiple modes

Hello fellow PlayStation fans! My name is Andrea Bechini of Reddoll Games and I am the developer of the newly-released VR Ping Pong. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the game.

With a PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Move controller equipped, you will now be able to experience this great traditional sport from the comfort of your home, without the need of a bulky ping pong table! VR Ping Pong has a single player experience that offers multiple game modes, including practise modes that will allow you to brush up on the basics before entering a tournament!

VR Ping Pong

VR Ping Pong has a precision physics engine offering realistic feedback on each serve and rebound shot by using precise values for force and material. This makes VR Ping Pong feel like a natural ping pong experience.

VR Ping Pong offers multiple game modes: Wall Mode – test your reflexes as you play against yourself as your serves rebound back at you; Hit The Target Mode – As the name suggests, you’re challenged to strike a moving target at the table’s opposite end; Broken Table Mode – The ping pong table disintegrates with every bounce on its surface, making this a great test of precision; Serve Mode – hit the target back into the opposite player’s area after serving; TT Machine – After a machine serves the ball to you, you’ve got to return it to the target area in the opponent’s area.

You will also be able to brush up on your ping pong skills at your own pace with the practise mode. Here you can practise the perfect backhand or hit that top-spin you’ve always wanted to get just right!

VR Ping Pong

When you’re ready for a challenge, you can head into the tournament with a tough AI – make sure not to take your eyes off the ball. The tournament’s location changes between multiple arena environments, all stylised in the same voxel style that makes VR Ping Pong the most cubic VR experience you will have! The game is available on PlayStation Store from today.

VR Ping Pong

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Was so excited to play this. Massively disappointed. No point going into detail, would take too long. Pretty much everything about it just doesn’t feel right. Worst VR game I’ve played to date. That’ll teach me not to impulse buy again. Had such high hopes too.

Did you play table tennis from PS3 Sports Champions? It was marvelous. I remember this whole game set (maybe besides the beach volleyball) and Sorcery to be the best Move implementations ever. So if you didn’t play them and have a Move and PS3 buy at least Sports Champions for a few euros just for the table tennis. You really won’t regret.


I can definitely second table tennis in Sports Champions on ps3! (And Sorcery, for that matter). I’ve had tons of fun with it both playing against the AI and against others, and I believe the game is quite cheap on PSN. Of course, it’s on PS3, and not in VR (obviously), but if you’re in the mood for a motion-controlled table tennis game, Sports Champions is a great choice! :D


PS: The other games in Sports Champions are very good as well. Sports Champions is just a great game overall. As is its sequel Sports Champions 2 :)

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Yeah loved Sports Champions. I’d love a VR port of all them games.

Yeah right? They were perfect for VR cause they were already in first person. Just simulate left stick with the actual VR and that’s it (again maybe besides beach volley). But every other game is VR designed.

The screenshots were enough to make me not to buy it. Just looks terrible.

@Andrea Bechini: When will we have some serious discounts (like what happened in the US) for VR games? There are 0 discounts at the moment (at least in Portugal).

Bad graphics, You must think kids are stupid! Who’s this suppose to appeal to adults! Why why why!?. Is it fashionable to play about with graphics like this,? a good game like ping pong should have good graphics. ????

This game should be 10€ tops, like it is in Steam. Why do we have to pay more for it?

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