9 cool things you didn’t know you could do in Sniper Elite 4, but totally should

Complete the sniper’s bucket list with the WWII shooter, out on PS4 today

We can’t quite believe it, but Sniper Elite 4 is finally here. From Rebellion to your PlayStation 4 via the magic of hard work, game dev, servers and game boxes!

You may have seen the trailers, chatted to us in the Twitch streams and even read our posts on the PlayStation Blog, but there are still lots of cool new things to try now the game is out in the wild. Here are some highlights:

  1. Get a Gold Medal in the Shooting Range
  2. Before you head out to punish those Nazi patrols, why not head to the shooting range for some practice? Not only can you try any of the weapons available in the game but you can challenge yourself to get gold medals, with one per weapon.

  3. Stick a grenade to an enemy
  4. All your items have an alternative function and the common Stick Grenade is no exception. Changing its standard use from ‘Normal’ to ‘Sticky’ will cause the grenade to stick to the first thing it touches. Enemy troopers can run all they like, but if it hits them first there’s no escape!

  5. Snipe a grenade
  6. Sniper Elite 4

    Speaking of which, try aiming for the grenades hanging on enemy fatigues for an incredibly satisfying (and skillful) multi-kill. Wait for a patrol with lots of colleagues nearby for maximum effect!

  7. Get a “Longshot” at the highest rank
  8. Every level has an extreme longshot distance to try and get a kill with, with different distances per for each difficulty level. Shots are ranked C, B, A, and S in ascending order – S ranks are some of the longest possible shots in the level, maybe even the game series!

  9. Take on a challenge
  10. Sniper Elite 4

    After completing a mission for the first time a list of five new challenges will appear for any subsequent playthroughs. Be warned, these aren’t really designed to all be completed in a single playthrough so they can be pretty tough and require serious planning and skill!

  11. Takedown a tank
  12. Doesn’t matter how – timed TNT, Panzerfaust, Satchel Charge … just as long as you stand well back from the explosions! Works especially nicely in Survival mode when you have friends to lay explosive traps in under their tracks … if they have the guts!

  13. Get to Wave 12 in “Survival”
  14. Sniper Elite 4

    Which brings us onto … Survival mode! This allows up 4 players to team up online for the first time ever in a Sniper Elite game. The enemy keep coming, wave after wave, trying to wipe you out. Wave 12 is the last wave, and it’s tough enough just getting there, never mind surviving it!

  15. Kill-cam your mates
  16. Sniper Elite has six multiplayer modes and maps to play on (and more coming free after launch) and nothing beats the satisfaction of putting a virtual bullet through another player’s head, especially if they are your friend! If you get VERY lucky you might even get a quick X-ray cam…

  17. Witness a testicular kill with your partner

Because it’s Valentine’s day!

Enjoy the game and see you online!

3 Author replies

Is rory cellan jones in this game then?


Sadly, Rory couldn’t be in the final game, probably due to contractual reasons, although, I didn’t deal with this personally.

TheLordPegasus 15 February, 2017 @ 05:19

“…and even read our posts on the PlayStation Blog.”


So soon after Valentines day :(

I just realize that the Sniper Elite series always has an option to play the game in stereoscopic 3D mode.
Does this mean that we can play Sniper Elite 4 in 3D mode on PSVR with the PS4 system software beta version 4.50?
I don’t own a 3D tv but do own a PSVR so this would be a big plus :)


Sorry to say but Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t support PSVR. Our other title, Battlezone VR, definitely does!

davidliggins50 02 March, 2017 @ 13:15

Big fan of all Sniper Elite games. This is an excellent game & enjoying it loads..thanks..more dlc please!????????????????????????

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