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Take to the courts with 2K’s fantastic basketball sim

Legends live on in PlayStation Store’s deal of the week, NBA 2K17! Take to the courts with either the Standard, Kobe Bryant Legend or Kobe Bryant Legend Gold Editions on PS4, with massive discounts across all editions.


Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Promotion (15/02/17 – 22/02/17)

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Final Fantasy series, we’ve got a host of amazing Final Fantasy content available on offer across PS4, PS3 and Vita.

Head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing. Here’s a look at what’s on offer.

Just a reminder…

Not only do we have our Deal of the Week Promotion this week, but we still have our amazing February Savings, Digital Discounts and PS3 and Vita Savings promotions on until the 22nd February. Head to PlayStation Store to save, download and play!

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Timberman80 15 February, 2017 @ 1:07 pm   1

Just to add, there are Final Fantasies on sale as well! Just got FF7 -ps4 50%discount.

VenomousAlbino 15 February, 2017 @ 1:31 pm   2

I’m glad you cleared that up, because the “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Promotion” section of the blog post was a little cryptic.


no discount for Stormblood, even 10-15%, as it happens for some pre-orders with PS+ price. sad


Great time to dip in to the FF franchise! I wish I did 20 years ago when I was in school. Just had my first slice of Japanese games recently – SAO and Persona and now about to dive into Final Fantasy but where to start!

Chronological? 1 through to 15? Or is there a particular game I should just go straight for (like 7)? I’ve never played any FF game before.

    DoYouLikeMyID 15 February, 2017 @ 4:20 pm    

    As someone who first jumped into the franchise starting with XIII, I hope I can give some pointers from what I’ve played/heard.

    The Final Fantasy games are not chronological in any sense, as each numbered entry is an entirely different story from the rest (except for direct sequels, like X-2 or XIII-2), so you can play them in any order you like.

    Since you were asking specifically about 7: You should definitely play FF VII, but I’d say wait for the remake. FF VII has an immensely interesting world and iconic characters (albeit they’re a bit one-dimensional for most of the game), but the weird chibi-looking characters have not aged well at all, and the story is quite frankly a mess in its current form. Hopefully they’ll sort that out in the remake, so I’d recommend waiting.

    My personal favorites:
    – FF IX (Best storyline and characters in the series in my opinion. Incredible game if you can get past the PS1-graphics)
    – FF XIII (Not everyone’s cup of tea. The first ~40 hours are completely linear. But after that, the world opens up, and strategy starts playing a big factor in battles. And I honestly find the world of this game incredibly interesting as well. I love this game, but that being said, it’s my first one, so I may be kind of biased)
    – FF XIII-2 (Unlike its predecessor, this is completely open from the start, although it has more of a level-structure than an overworld. I definitely like the story and the characters better in this one than in XIII)
    – FF XV (A gorgeous action-based RPG with a heavy focus on exploration)
    – DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (A great fully 3D brawler with Final Fantasy characters. What’s not to love – Although I’d recommend waiting with this one until you’ve played a good deal of the games first)
    – FF X-2 (I just love it because it’s stupid and doesn’t take itself seriously. But you’d probably need to play FF X first, which is probably the most linear game in the series. X isn’t bad at all, but I honestly think it takes itself way too seriously, which kind of hurt the experience in my opinion.)

    I’ve also heard great things about 3 games in the series that I still haven’t gotten around to playing yet. Many fans are claiming these to be some of the best games in the series:
    – FF VI
    – FF XII (Wait for the remaster in July, like I am)
    – FF Tactics: War of the Lions

    DoYouLikeMyID 15 February, 2017 @ 4:29 pm    

    Also, a couple of extra notes:

    – A lot of people seem to really dislike FF II. I haven’t personally played it. Just thought I’d mention it.
    – FF 1 to 6 are 2D games. FF 7 to 9 are PS1 games, so their graphics haven’t aged all that well.
    – I personally really don’t like FF 8. The way magic and stats works is so incredibly grindy, and there are massive difficulty spikes a couple of places in the game. But it does have one of the best mini-games, probably of any game ever – Triple Triad.
    – FF XI and FF XIV are MMORPGs with paid subscriptions.
    – There are plenty of good (and bad) spinoff games in the series. Dissidia, VII: Crisis Core, and Crystal Chronicles come to mind as good spinoffs. Crystal Defenders would be an example of a rubbish one.

Matt_Toms9 15 February, 2017 @ 3:11 pm   5

Having played all of the final fantasy games you don’t need to play them in any particular order. Personally FF8 is my favourite although most would say FF7 and the ps4 version now has trophy support (if that bothers you). FF10 is cheap to get now and is remastered and has a great storyline and visuals (but don’t bother with FFX-2).
Wait until July for FF12 to be re-released before being that one.
FF1 to FF6 are all old-skool style graphics but still good storylines and gameplay.
Hope that helps a bit.

I’ll always love the fact that they’re called “final” fantasies, and where that name came from.

QuietlyWrong 15 February, 2017 @ 10:54 pm   7

To BluSpykz and anyone else who is new to the franchise, you should note a couple of things.

First, these games are spread across a bunch of formats – PS1 classics, PS2 remasters, PS3 games, PSP games, PS Vita games, PS4 games. If you only have a PS4 you won’t be able to play the majority of these (you only get the FFVII conversion, FFXIV, FFXV, FF-Type0, FFX/X-2 remaster and World of FF). Vita (or even PSP) owners get most choice.

Secondly, FFXIII (for PS3) is inexplicably not on the store. Dunno why. Steam has it. “Lightning Returns” is actually the third of the FFXIII trilogy. Was FFXIII ever there?

RyanAVFC87 19 February, 2017 @ 6:52 pm   8

I played it it isn’t a bad game at all