PlayStation Plus open multiplayer event starts next week

Play online for free between 22nd and 26th February

With PlayStation Plus, you can unlock the full potential of some of the biggest games on your PS4 by taking them online. Not a subscriber? Well, now’s your chance to give it a try.

From 10.00am on 22nd February until 23.59pm on 26th February we’re opening up the world of online multiplayer to everyone. That’s right – between those dates you don’t have to be a PlayStation Plus member to get online and play the games you love with your friends, family and the rest of the world.

All you need to do is get comfy, pick out your favourite games from your collection, pop them in your PS4 and you’ll find all the online modes unlocked and ready to play!

So you don’t really have anything to lose by trying it out and you never know you might find that PlayStation Plus takes you to places you never thought possible where you can meet likeminded gamers all looking for people to play with.

You don’t need to sign up for anything – just get online and play. If you really enjoy the experience, don’t forget that if you sign up to a full PS Plus membership you also get access to two PS4 games every month, as well as exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store!

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That’s cool, unless you already have PlayStation Plus… like most of us do.

You know what would be nice? And event where, let’s say for a weekend, PlayStation Plus subscribers get to try any game’s multiplayer (or any game in a given list). It would be a nice for people to try out some multiplayer games they haven’t tried yet, and possibly get hooked up…

    dazzler619 16 February, 2017 @ 9:51 pm    

    “That’s cool, unless you already have PlayStation Plus… like most of us do.”

    Don’t know where you’re getting your facts. Last count PlayStation Plus subscribers were around 20 million. PS4 sales are over 50 millon. So even if all 20 million Plus subscribers have a PS4 the majority of PS4 owners DO NOT subscribe to Plus.

    As for your suggestion, how does Sony get all those developers on board to give their multiplayer component away for free for a weekend? Plus it’s it kinda of redundant when there’s alreay an open weekend for Overwatch, Doom etc. If all those games are free for a weekend they’re competing with each other. Devs would rather have an open weekend wherein only their game was free. Not everyone is going to download and try every game even if it’s free.


I’ve been a plus subber years before it’d become necessary to play online, I personally prefer the ps3 era it was optional… just because I’ve many friends who don’t play nightly so the monthly fee seems excessive. Even though my own pov its amazing value

    Stonesthrow 16 February, 2017 @ 6:34 pm    

    It would be amazing value if you got to keep the games as if you’ve purchased them, not just for the duration of your sub. Basically you’re paying a fee and get absolutely nothing out of it but the momentary experience of the rental game. Most PS+ enthusiasts don’t seem to understand the difference between buying/owning and renting. You’re going to feel like fools once this horrendous subscription is finally discontinued and your entire ‘momentary library’ is gone (not that there’s anything in it worth keepingOo).

    Kinky_Friedman 17 February, 2017 @ 7:52 am    

    @Stonesthrow “You’re going to feel like fools once this horrendous subscription is finally discontinued and your entire ‘momentary library’ is gone (not that there’s anything in it worth keepingOo).”

    So there’s absolutely nothing in the entire 6+ year PS+ catalogue worth keeping then? Really?


    You don’t “keep” anything with PS+. You rent it, 50 euros every year.

    The only value I got from PS+ was Yakuza 5 in English (I already got the physical game in Japanese). If I want to play it for the next six years, I’ll have to shell out 300 euros.

    And remember that once you add something “free” to your PS+ catalogue, you can NOT buy it separately anymore. Which means the only way to access it is to renew your 50 euros subscription. That’s how Sony is making a truckload of money out of the service.

    Stonesthrow 17 February, 2017 @ 4:32 pm    

    @Kinky If I’m perfectly honest there were 2 games for me. Puppeteer is one I wanted and would’ve gotten either way. Rocket League was better than expected. That’s it. Since ps4 as I didn’t sub before.
    I buy the games I want and have no need to try out things outside my comfort zone. There might be that one hidden gem in half a decade you might miss out on but that’s not worth the fee for me.


What would be nice is Mr Sony refunding 4 days subs to the folk who have paid for the period in question. It’s not fair to charge some people for the service and then give it for free to those who haven’t paid.


    You do realise that you’re complaining about someone else getting, at most, 80p worth of free stuff? (minus most of the PS+ benefits)

    Have some dignity man!

RustyM1982 16 February, 2017 @ 4:36 pm   4

I don’t play online. I’m a single player man. I just have plus for the free games and discounts and it soon pays for itself. I think giving non plus users a free weekend is a good idea.


    It doesn’t pay for itself. YOU pay for it.

    RustyM1982 17 February, 2017 @ 1:57 pm    

    The money you save on discounted games and games you get to try for free means it pays for itself. But you continue to be miserable


The whole concept behind PS+ just sucks, games are good sometimes, but most of the time are just series Z Indies, online should be free like on PC and not pay service wich beside loosing some weight off your wallet l, grants you nothing useful.

Stonesthrow 16 February, 2017 @ 6:18 pm   6

Oh, how very generous. Giving us a 4 day glimpse of how it should be in the first place. And I bet it doesn’t add to our sub like those lousy 2 week trials that only work if you’ve never been subscribed. So more shameless marketing as opposed to just wanting to hand out a favour to your loyal customers for a change.

I hate PS+ with a passion. Even before it was mandatory for ps4 online I thought it was a shameless cash cow, now I’ve basically been forced to sub myself for years. Facepalm. It has single handedly put my regard for the once great Sony company on the same level as Microsoft. Who at least came up with the lousy idea as opposed to copying it. Oh how I miss the days when I was proud to be a Playstation gamer…

    Cataplexy-Pop 17 February, 2017 @ 9:12 am    

    It costs money to maintain the servers which handle the online capabilities of the games we play. Somewhere along the line, it has to be paid for.

    Stonesthrow 17 February, 2017 @ 4:40 pm    

    PS3, their very own predecessor, is proof that it was possible.
    In a way they shot themselves in the foot twice, by first doing it right and giving us a taste of it, and then subsequently doing it wrong after seeing it from the competition. Either they should’ve gone paid online from the start so we never knew any better, or they should’ve done the right thing and kept it free, so the competition had to make changes in their strategy and online console gaming could’ve been free for all.
    These companies make plenty of money to finance their own servers, this way they can just make a bunch extra easily, on our backs.

Still waiting for optional membership, Just for online multiplayer! PlayStation i don’t want yor rubbish free game, I’ll buy the game I want thanks, I like to choose them my self. Who would ever want someone else to choose there games!.!!!

dieselakita 16 February, 2017 @ 7:55 pm   8

I’m not sure how 4 days is going to convince anyone who doesn’t already subscribe to join up its like your dangling a rotten carrot top instead of a fresh carrot in front of a donkey


    Well, it depends on how hungry the donkey is. I’m sure most donkeys would eat the rotten carrot aswell. They’d probably eat a poisoned carrot. Or a carrot with sharp blades in it.

WhiteCactus69 16 February, 2017 @ 8:14 pm   9

I’m sad to move to PC but this PSPlus fee every month is horrible.Back in the day I had a PS1,PS2 and a PS3 which I was so happy with but ever since I tried to keep up with current gen I feel like I’ve been betrayed by Sony, I know they’re a company but I’m sure that keeping your fans content with your service is goal number 1.Anyhow, this is most likely my last comment as a PlayStation owner and I’m so torn as I really wanted that platinum on FFXV.

    CluckNuggets 17 February, 2017 @ 4:34 am    

    Yeah man, If you keep going for the humble bundles, and the monthly bundles, you’ll have the games they give away on Plus at least a month or two earlier… and within a year you’ll probably have gotten 200 games.

ST33SH87UK 16 February, 2017 @ 10:39 pm   10

Il be expecting my money back for the days that ps plus is free! [DELETED] joke us paying for a service then they give it to players who havnt paid for free! Servers and games will be slow with everyone online!

bigtexgoon 17 February, 2017 @ 3:20 am   11

U should give long time sub. Real games for free & no down time maintenance for days on end (JUST SAYING)!!!!

CluckNuggets 17 February, 2017 @ 4:38 am   12

Oh wow.. four days. No free games. Who the fudge is going to want to play multiplayer for four days… anyone that wants to play multiplayer was already stupid enough to pay for it.

waynezendo 17 February, 2017 @ 8:44 am   13

This is going to lose paying customers now coz the servers are going to be chock o block for days and its going to pee me off hope the games servers can handle it


I’m always wondering what the difference between PC and PS4 games is that owners of the former ones don’t have to play for online multiplayer. Don’t PC games require servers maintenance too?

fps_d0minat0r 17 February, 2017 @ 7:36 pm   15

Thanks but I’ll be busy playing project cars from games with gold and star wars the force unleashed which is backwards compatible, and if I want to play online I know i’m not competing against someone playing the game with a better frame rate and higher resolution.


When the service was down in Christmas, I received an extra day on my suscription. Will I receive four extra days on my suscription like all of the people without suscription?

basil-lan 17 February, 2017 @ 9:51 pm   17

Вауууу !!! Та то є файнооо!!!

basil-lan 17 February, 2017 @ 9:52 pm   18

Вау крутооо!

melissajao 18 February, 2017 @ 7:23 am   19

It should be free to play online all the time, like in ps3 🙂


That’s so cool! You’re too generous guys, you’ll let people “experience” what should have always been free for two whole days! Wow! I might be crazy though but I’ve been playing online games for free since about 20 years ago on PC, but whatever you say Sony.


Just 2 month and my subscription stops.
I’m so happy, no disappointing “free” games anymore.
This service was great on the PS3, but it went down the drain on the PS4.


    You should get those free games and let other people pay you to let them play. Or ask your friends and family to pay you to get to play the PS Plus games.

RyanAVFC87 19 February, 2017 @ 6:53 pm   22

Good game