Classic 2000 AD PS2 shooter Rogue Trooper is being remastered for PS4

Meet the blue-skinned comic book icon starring in upcoming third-person action adventure

Today we’re very excited to announce Rebellion‘s first new release since we launched Sniper Elite 4 on Valentine’s Day!

If you follow Rebellion you might already know that we don’t just make games, we also publish legendary British comic 2000 AD, famous for characters like Judge Dredd, Sláine, Nemesis and of course Rogue Trooper!

Coming soon to PlayStation 4, Rogue Trooper Redux is a loving remaster of the acclaimed 2006 PS2 third-person shooter based on the comic book of the same name.

This year 2000 AD celebrates its 40th birthday and we can’t wait to bring one of its most memorable figures to a whole new generation of PlayStation players.

New to 2000 AD? Never played the original game? Here’s a little intro to our blue-skinned soldier…

Who is Rogue Trooper?


Created by beloved writer Gerry Finley-Day and groundbreaking artist Dave Gibbons, Rogue Trooper has been a comic book mainstay since 1981 and has even included contributions from Alan Moore, writer of Watchmen and V for Vendetta.

Rogue Trooper tells the tale of the sole-surviving Genetic Infantryman (or “GI”), a blue-skinned, bio-engineered solider on a mission to avenge his fallen comrades across the blasted, chemical-poisoned planet of Nu Earth in a remote corner of the galaxy.

Why does he fight?


Bred for war by the Southers in their endless conflict with the colonial Nort regime, the GIs were the only troops that could fight on Nu Earth’s surface without respirators or sealed HAZMAT suits, giving them a huge advantage in combat.

Aware of this threat, the Norts conspired with the Traitor General to set a deadly trap for the GIs which later became known as the infamous “Quartz Zone Massacre”.

Of the hundreds of GIs who made the drop, Rogue was the only survivor, taking the bio-chips from the bodies of his three closest comrades so they might survive to be implanted in new GI bodies.

From that day on he had one mission – hunt down the Traitor General!

What makes Nu Earth so special?

A planet-wide conflict across petrified forests and polluted plains, a yawning black hole that dominates every skyline … I’m not sure there have been many more dramatic stages for a war story!

What makes the set-up unique though, is Rogue himself.


While Rogue walks alone, he fights as a team. With the sentient bio-chips of his fallen buddies Gunnar, Bagman and Helm inserted into his rifle, pack and helmet respectively, Rogue has access to a huge variety of unique upgrades and abilities that not only drive the game’s tactical shooting, but pays homage to the essence of the comic.

All this makes for a unique action game that feels as good now as it did in 2006. We can’t wait to show you more of Rogue Trooper Redux and maybe even covert a few more of you into GIs!

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Shut up and take my money!

That game was so good! Buying this again day 1 with 0 regrets :D


wasnt there a Rogue Trooper on the Spectrum in the olden days


Yeah there was. There was also a Strontium Dog one called The Killing.
I’m sure I have copies in a box somewhere…


Also Dredd,Nemesis the Warlock and Slaine.
A Slaine God of War type game would be great.


That was the best trailer so far this year, it showed me absolutely nothing at all.

RogueTrooper211 28 February, 2017 @ 22:54


Megatrons_Fury 01 March, 2017 @ 02:01

This is fantastic news. As a massive fan of the 2000 A.D. comic and huge lover of the PS2 & Xbox version of the game this has made me do the happy pants dance! Surely this means that the equally brilliant 128-Bit era Judge Dredd game will get a sexy re-master at some point as well yeah?

I guess what I’m trying to say is stop reading this and go make both those games magically appear for my PS4 console. A special edition retail boxed version would be real nice for those who want to sit it next to the original… Jus Sayin’

Now if you will kindly excuse me, I got to get back to happy dancing… cue those phat beats!!!

Carnivius_Prime 01 March, 2017 @ 07:26

Weird. I remember the 8-bit game but somehow missed that there was a 2006 game. And that teaser trailer did nothing to show me what that game was. :P

Carnivius_Prime 01 March, 2017 @ 07:29

Ok after having viewed actual videos on youtube of the PS2 game I’ll say yeah it looks pretty good and I’ll keen an eye out for the PS4 remaster. :P
I actually like it when relatively obscure decent games get a second chance. I’m often looking at 8 and 16 bit games I somehow missed buried under all the usual Mario, Sonic, Mega Man stuff.

Remember this game very well, ran out of budget so no real bosses or story but what a game, look forward to the remaster!

ziggy-mandias 01 March, 2017 @ 10:12

This was an awesome game back in the day… Its also one of a few games I didn’t get to finish.

When they said Classic Rogue Trooper I was thinking the Amiga game, god I’m old :(

Awsome news,love the 2000AD universe lots of great stories that would be perfect for games.
I would also love for a new judge dredd game set in an open world mega city 1.Make it so rebellion.

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