Spend €50 on PlayStation Store in March, get a €10 voucher to spend in April

Plus, Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration is deal of the week

We’ve got a great deal for you this month on PlayStation Store! Spend €50 at PlayStation Store between now and 31 March (2017), and get a €10 wallet top-up voucher code in the first half of April, to redeem that month (local currency equivalents apply).

Cash-Back Offer

Whether it’s Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Deluxe Edition, Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare or pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda, there is plenty on Store for you! It doesn’t have to be a full game either, you can buy multiple products that add up to €50 or over (or local currency equivalent).

Only one voucher code will be sent in April to those who are eligible (so you won’t get €20 if you spend €100 and-so-on), and the voucher must be redeemed that same month. For full Terms and Conditions, please visit

Deal of the Week (until 8th March 2017)

The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week this week is the amazing Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. Become more than a survivor and save big on the PS4 version today! Head to PlayStation Store for pricing and don’t miss out on this week long offer.

Deal of the Week

Just a reminder…

Not only that, but don’t forget we also have our EA Offers and Digital Discounts promotions available until 8th March, so head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play.

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Quite salty that I bought Horizon last night…in February…

Don’t suppose I’ll get a voucher cause I was so close to march no? ????

I think you’re in luck:

“Any items available in an Applicable Store (including any pre-order purchases of the Horizon Zero Dawn game completed before the Opening Date).”

This is from the T&Cs.

PlanetJumble 01 March, 2017 @ 12:48

Thought the same thing (though I preordered much earlier), then I checked the T&Cs and found the same sentence (in German for me) as RayG.

Please confirm that to me, blog! If I pre-ordered Horizon Zero Dawn for €59,99 at any time, I am fully qualified for the €10 voucher already? That’s not a mistake? *_*


I’d like to know if it counts too as I pre-ordered Horizon Zero Dawn late afternoon yesterday @ £49.99 so I’ll only need to spend 1p :)

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So it doesn’t have to be one purchase, right? just amount spent throughout the month.
Can you confirm if available in South Africa?

Ok, i see South Africa is included.

Please just confirm if its once off purchase or accumulative value.

It doesn’t have to be a full game either, you can buy multiple products that add up to €50 or over (or local currency equivalent).

That doesnt answer my rather specific question, but dont worry, TheVVolf found it out.

4. Note that the Qualifying Spend need not be performed in a single transaction but may be performed in a number of transactions during the Promotional Period.

Aahh, see now, shot!
Bought N++ this morning, so im about 1/7th in :)


Thanks! I wasn’t really sure before if it needed to be one purchase, but you made it clear.

Does this include pre orders?


It does say it does above.

“Whether it’s Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Deluxe Edition, Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare or pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda, there is plenty on Store for you! It doesn’t have to be a full game either, you can buy multiple products that add up to €50 or over (or local currency equivalent).”

Will this work if I pre-order Persona 5, which is released in April?


That would be a nice bonus. I never buy AAA games day one. Costs too much. But Persona is different beast.

AngryGamer94 02 March, 2017 @ 05:12

yeah it works
It works on everything as long as you spend over 50e before March 31


I’m not conviced. When i look at the pre-order of Star Trek Bridge Crew it states ‘immediate payment required’. But as soon as i put it in my shopping basket it says:
“The amount is expected to be withdrawn between 28/05/2017 – 30/05/2017 from your Sony Entertainment Network-account”

@ Sony
Can you confirm if pre-orders made in march, for games released after macrch will be eligible for this 10 discoun voucher?

willbillbill 01 March, 2017 @ 12:53

If only I’d waited till today to renew my psplus subscription instead of last night

Why is it not available in France ? Prety much ny other country is listed :(


si c’est valable en France , clique sur le, lien tu verra dans l’article en bas
le voici

malcolmkdias 01 March, 2017 @ 13:19

Will it work for the 1 year PS plus subscription in India(rs. 3999). I’ve added it to my cart and I’m about to buy it but I’ve not got any indication in the checkout section that it’ll work. Wanted to confirn on here before I take the plunge


Where Is FRANCE ?????


It’s just a bit below England and to the left of Germany and Italy


Sorry delete my post, it work for France too xD lol i reacted because one stupid person didn’t read the instructions xD


How come the qualifying 50€ become £50 for UK, in what you call “local currency equivalent” ?

Basically, a European costumer who’d buy the Vanilla edition of Horizon Zero Dawn gets the discount, because the game is 60€, well above the 50€ necessary for the promotion, but a UK user does not, because the game is worth £49.99. Ridiculous.


Why dont you just chuck an avatar for 20p, or whatever it costs, and Bob’s your uncle.

HeikeStagBeetle 01 March, 2017 @ 14:44

Well, with the £ at its current rate (€1,17), you can buy Horizon plus a 49p avatar (I recommend Kazuma Kiryu) and qualify for this offer, and still spend less than €-using people.

Also, your £10 bonus will be worth €11,70. So your bonus is bigger.

In recap: you spend less, you receive more digital goods and more bonus money. You win!

You should buy an avatar too :)

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So it’s not enough to pay a PS+ membership to benefit from occasional discounts. Now you have to blindly cough up 50 bucks to get a miserable voucher.


A £10 is not what I’d call miserable!


You don’t “have” to do anything. This is an offer regardless to whether you have PS Plus or not.

Why do people *always* have to find complaints in everything?


Hmmmmm……..Sony giving something away. Why do I suspect an increase in plus subscription coming next month too???

Sweet. At about 10 am in Perth I bought garden warfare 2 for the kids. That is 2am GMT so i am halfway there. Or is that a third. Are we talking 50 aud or converting from euro to aud which is, at this moment, 69 aussie dollars.


Equivalent to 50€ so for example you will need around 10 trillion Zimbabwean Dollars for qualify

Looking at the web store there is a banner add that says spend $75 and get back $15.


As predictable as the dawn, Sony announces a nice special offer; almost a free gift really.. and lots of people complain. smh. Anyway, thanks… I expect I’ll take you up on this for Horizon. :D

ShadowhunterrX 01 March, 2017 @ 15:26

I guess it wont count for FFXIV stormblood preorder ? I placed last month… o well too bad.

ceguinhodometro 01 March, 2017 @ 15:31

I’ve pre-ordered Ghost Recon Wildlands on the 27th of February, the game is released on the 7th of March. Will it be like the Horizon Zero Dawn pre orders made in February that qualify, or should I cancel it and do it all over again?

Nice, thanks to this, Horizon will be my first full price game.

FortyTwo_ish 01 March, 2017 @ 17:22

And they wonder why people make accounts in other countries. Because they pull *STUFF* like this when they won’t allow you to benefit from a promotion valid to almost anyone.

F(Thank) YOU from Romania


So I preordered Horizon on 18.02.2017 and yesterday 28.02.2017 preordered Ghost Recon Gold ed.will I get voucher or no?


I purchased horizon zero dawn deluxe edition to on ps store for 69.99 today , I get a voucher code in April right?

jason-bridges 01 March, 2017 @ 18:49

“Any items available in an Applicable Store (including any pre-order purchases of the Horizon Zero Dawn game completed before the Opening Date).” Phew I thought you were having a laugh then! Most of the questions you guys have can be answered by reading the post properly and clicking the terms and conditions link ;)


Does 1-year sub to PS+ count?

Sandeep Dawett 02 March, 2017 @ 15:02

PlayStation Plus membership is included as part of the offer.


That’s awesome. Thanks! :)

What if i have 50 euro on my account since January. And i spend in now. Will i still get the code?
Or do i have to add the money in march ?

jason-bridges 01 March, 2017 @ 20:27

I don’t see why not


Personally, I would definitely check that. The system may not detect your current credit as “new funding” or “new spending”, or however it may be labelled.


To take advantage of this Offer, Eligible Persons must during the Promotional Period:

b. sign into their SEN account and on an Applicable Store add Applicable Products with a combined value of at least the Minimum Spend to their shopping cart and check-out using an Applicable Payment Method; (“Qualifying Spend”).

I think this means you’re good.

THE-PLASTICA-MAN 01 March, 2017 @ 19:59

So you need to “spend” 50 € not just fill your wallet with 50 € right?

jason-bridges 01 March, 2017 @ 20:26


I though the £50 offer was going to be the tin hat on me already having Tearaway and Tomb Raider and having just bought Horizon Zero Dawn on pre order 4 days ago.

BUT, and it’s a big but, Sony are doing the right thing, “including any pre-order purchases of the Horizon Zero Dawn game completed before the Opening Date”. So all pre orders of Horizon count towards this.

Pity I bought Fifa 17 yesterday but I only need to buy a cheap item to get this now, Sony done right by us.

So it says ‘local currency equivalents apply’ which would put €50 at AUD$68.68 so why do the terms and conditions say “Minimum Spend” $80.93?

That’s €61.03

Looking at the web store there is a banner add that says spend $75 and get back $15. I guess they wanted nice round numbers rather than the direct exchange rate equivalent at a given point in time.

Ooooor… spend £0 and keep £50.

‪@AskPS_UK ‬Hi there, does renewing ps+ membership count towards the £50 spend? I can’t see a clear answer that this one.


I’m wondering the same thing. My PS+ subscription is about to expire and if I can get that €10 cashback in April, that’d be awesome. :)

So does it still count if I bought horizon for 49.99? Or I have to make another purchase? Lol

AngryGamer94 02 March, 2017 @ 05:27

I am picking up persona 5 which i was going to buy anyways and i’ll use that €10 to buy dlc costumes for it :)

Atlus deserves

To anyone that pre ordered a game before Mar 1st that come out after isn’t entitled to the 10 pound. I just phoned ps support. I spent 79.99 on pre ordering ghost recon on 24th Feb. Game come out 7th March. I can’t cancel pre order as I paid with psn cards and if I was refunded it wouldnt count. I can’t believe this absolute joke. Won’t be pre ordering again. I think this is totally unfair as horizon pre orders are ok but others arnt. Guess it doesn’t pay to pre order things off psn.

My reply may be too late but their reply sounds wrong…. The only way they can refuse to refund you is if you already begun pre loading the game. Which judging by the date of your post may have been the case.


Great to see that not one question that has been posted here has been answered by the blog team, it used to be that if we asked questions we got answers and help, these days we just get ignored…….

Anyone knows if you have to spend the money in April or you only have to redeem that month and you can spend it later?

Sandeep Dawett 02 March, 2017 @ 16:13

The voucher which will be sent in April (if eligible) will need to be redeemed in April. Once redeemed you can spend the value of the voucher any time!

deanophantasm 02 March, 2017 @ 14:58

Hi guys and gals, I have just got off the phone with one of the PS Stores tech people and they have told me that as long as you top up your wallet with £50 or more in March, you can spend this on whatever you want (Including a yearly PS subscription) and you will qualify for the £10 voucher. I have looked all over to try and find out if a PS plus subsciption counts towards the offer and couldn’t find anything, so I thought I’d go straight to the source, hope this helps as I know a few of you are looking for this info as well.

Did you ask them about Pre orders releasing after March ,. Such as Star Trek Bridge Crew? If so Was it yes?

deanophantasm 02 March, 2017 @ 15:01

Oh, and Aestriom, it says in the Terms and conditions that you have to spend your voucher by the 30th April, so you’ll have roughly 3 weeks to use it :)


No you have to REDEEM it in April .
You can spend the value as and when you wish .

So I ordered Mass Effect Andromeda weeks ago does that count as well? Because I paid for that before March.

Quick, get the coffers full before the end of the financial year to make it look like we’re doing better than we are.

ooohhhyeahhh 02 March, 2017 @ 21:11

Does DLC such as infinite warfare season pass count?

Sandeep Dawett 03 March, 2017 @ 13:35

DLC purchase is included as part of the offer

Sandeep, can you please let the plus people know that lumo is a broken game and should be replaced.

The promotion appears in my local store but my country is not listed in the march-cashback terms and conditions list. Is the offer still valid?

One final push to increase revenue before the end of the tax year eh? Did you not meet your sales forecast for the quarter/year?

vipulpradhan 03 March, 2017 @ 10:27

I read >> “It doesn’t have to be a full game either, you can buy multiple products that add up to €50 or over (or local currency equivalent)”

So, is this offer applicable for India? What’s the currency equivalent for INR? How do we apply the offer?

vipulpradhan 03 March, 2017 @ 13:34

Duh! The offer banner is now showing up on Indian PSN store :)


I don’t see this offer on the Irish store? ie the spend 50€ in March and get 10€ back in April?


Just to clarify a few things for folk .

1 ) Horizon ZD , pre orders qualify .

2 ) Still 1 penny off £50 spend – just by a cheap avatar to push it over £50

3 ) The free £10 voucher code needs to be redeemed in April , but once redeemed you can spend it at any time not just in April .

AnimusAeternus 03 March, 2017 @ 20:09

So i was wondering, how do you actually get the code? Do you get an email or is it being shipped?


Is PlayStation plus membership include?


Why did I now get my 10 then I spent 59.99 on horizon on the 2nd march.

Does it also count if you buy a Psn plus voucher in a local store and redeem it on the playstation store?


Not sure if anyone has asked this yet (cannot say i read it in the comments here though) is this just for 50 pounds you get 10 credit or does it also mean that if you spend 100 you get 20 ? (haven’t been on my PS4 in a while quite a few discounts on games i want now)

No one asked because Sony answered that and it sadly is NOPE.

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